One Love,One Direction!

A girl named Zoe Hastings is abused by her father and she cuts herself twice as much because of her mother who passed away when she was seven years old.Zoe is now 18 going on 19 and very close to making it to the medical field as the note recieved from Stanford hospital,but Zoe's father or "Mike" as zoe calls him doesnt agree.Mike thinks Zoe's too stupid to be a doctor.Zoe only has 2 best friends going through a few similar things but what happens when the girls get discovered by one direction/ Will they fall in love or will they refuse the boy's offer? wait.....What offer? Read to find out:)!!! xx_Kayla_xx


2. Discovered and Screwed


OK so our plan was to keep my packed stuff ready under my bed but only necessary things like money,toothbrush,clothes,etc. but I couldn't pack all my clothes because that would be just a tad obvious don't you think? Well anyways I decided to sit by my window and wait for vanessa like I told her I would.I saw vanessa and nearly fainted I was so nervous that I swung my leg onto the tree by accident and grabbed it. I thought I looked like a complete idiot until vane looked up and said,"Good thinking zo!" I took credit for it and was about to leave my suitcase so I lounged over to grab it and it fell over the window.I forgot how heavy my suitcase really was.It was like 9:15 and just like my unlucky self the suitcase fell onto Mike's car....I was frozen and every cut I gave myself,I felt piercing through my veins and I thought about my mother I began to cry a little....Until vanessa grabbed me and my suitcase she gave me a huge wad of cash,"WHOA!Vanessa how much is this?!" I asked her. I knew vanessa was wealthy but this wealthy....see her parents never wanted her but luckily she had grandparents that wanted to meet her.After Vanessa's grandparents passed away they left vanessa their wealth."it's only 3,000 dollars" 3,000 DOLLARS?!! is she kidding?! I thought to myself."Take it and run as fast,as far,and as careful as you can ok!?" before I could answer I heard Mike yell my name twice and before I could react vanessa yelled in my face and said,"GO RUN" I was worried not just for me but for vanessa. I guess she noticed because she just told me she would be fine and I saw Mike in my room so I did. I ran.


I Iive or lived I guess in Pleasanton,California and it was 10:12pm from 9:17pm I ran to San Francisco,California I saw this train station with chairs out and I was a bit sleepy and really tired from running so I fell into a light sleep so light if you breath near me I would wake up.That's exactly what happened.I was sleeping when I heard heavy breathing right over me,when I opened my eyes it was a homeless man who was running I'm guessing because he reeked of perspiration and garbage.I was so scared i just grabbed my stuff and ran away before he had a chance to say anything.A while later I saw this hotel that looked pretty expensive but I could afford it with what Vanessa has gave me.....I walked into the  hotel and it looked really nice but I was wearing yoga pants that had a pink waistband that said 'love' in bold silver writing.I also wore a tight blue Crop-Top with long sleeves that said 'hipsta please' across the chest and stomach area.My thick Brown hair with blond streaks was loose.After the nice woman checked me into the room at the 6th floor (Room 307) I walked into the room and lied down.The reason I checked into the 6th floor was because you need a room key to get to the 6,7,and 8th floors that way nobody finds me.All I could do was hope for the best.


Hi I'm Anahi and I'm just sitting on my couch eating ice cream....What I've been doing for a week now, because my ex-boyfriend Daniel broke up with me and then.... nevermind I can't talk about it.I am depressed stressed or actually I don't know what I am I just know that I cut.Just like Zoe she tries to hide it from me but I know she does.She always wears long sleeve but, whatever I have a bigger issue.. Daniel's calling! What would I say to the douche bag that I haven't already said to his face? I just wont answer I turned my one direction on and 'I Wish' came on, I slowly ate ice cream and listened to the lyrics then decided to call Vanessa.I want to live with her.I'm sure my alcoholic mother won't mind.

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