Before I Fade...

Lies, Truths, Secrets and Time. It'll all comes down to one person. Elisa Rivera. This is how she finally accomplishes 10 most important events of her.


3. Shopping Problems

Ryan walks up to the lady and taps her on the shoulder.

"Ma'am, may I please have the necklace back?" Ryan says sternly. "F*ck off!" She tells Ryan. "I can send you to jail really easy and sue you as well if you don't give back that necklace. I swear, I'll make your life hell." I was so shocked that Ryan had said that. She handed the necklace to Ryan and he walked over to me. I didn't know what to do. I got up and hugged him slightly taking my necklace. We walked to another section. "Oh-oh-oh without you. I am lost. I am vain" I heard Ryan mumble. I giggled in my head. I got a couple more things. We started looking for the other boys.

"Elisa, why was that necklace so important?" Ryan asked me. I really didn't want to tell him. "Forget it..." I mumble. Ryan grabs my wrist. "Tell me." He cocks his head at me. I pull my hand away and nod no. I walk away and bump into Nolan. "Hey gorgeous." Nolan tells me softly. I give him a look. "Am I the 600th girl you've said that to today?" I fiercely push him aside and up to Justin. I nudge him, he knows I want to go. "Lets-" Justin was interrupted. "YOU EVIL TRAMP!" Nolan yells at me. I stick my tongue out. "Nolan! What do you have against Ellie?" Chaz asks Nolan. "Sh*t against me." I mumble under my breath. "She's rude! I hope her family dies!" Nolan tells us all. I clutch my hands and grip my teeth. "YOU DON'T KNOW HER, NOLAN!" Justin says. "Oh, I do, her family hates her." Nolan replies. Anger rises upon me. "Nolan stop!" Ryan says. "Her family doesn't want to see her, so they sent her to Justin." Nolan smiles. I go up to Nolan and punch him really hard, looks like boxing really paid off. Nolan attempts to punch me, but I catch his punch before it hits me. I punch him again. Chaz, Justin and Ryan try to pull us apart. I kick Nolan. I then see Jake behind my head nodding no. I run out of the store leaving my things. I run into an ally and cry.

Nolan, my family is dead. Happy? I punch the  brick wall and scream. Rick, Chaz and Ryan see me and run over to me.

"Elisa! Nolan didn't mean it!" Rick tells me. Chaz gives me a cloth to wipe my tears away. "Ellie, your hand." Chaz tells me pointing at my bruised hand. "Are you okay?" Ryan asks me. I look to see Nolan and Justin walk up towards us. I lift up my fist, and Rick grabs my fist putting it down. "Calm" Chaz says. "Elisa, I'm sorry!" Nolan tries to apologize, but I flip him off instead. Justin grabs my arm and drags me to the car. "He tried to apologize, Elisa!" Justin looks at me. " I need to buy my stuff." I mumble. "I already did." He replies. I get into the car. I give Justin a look ask i saw Rick and Ryan get into the car. "Elisa, you like to party?" Rick asks me. I shrug. The song "Back In Time" plays. I hear Ryan sing and giggle.

"Awh, that 5 year old laugh." Justin says laughing. I shoot him a look. "Scarlet we're going to a club. Wanna come with?" The song "Live While We're Young" comes on. "I think Harry is cute." I say. "You mean One Direction Harry?" Rick asks. I nod. "Eww!" Ryan screams out the window. I look at him with disbelief and laugh. Justin pulls up into a club. I see a sign that says couples only. I nudge Justin. He points  to the other side, and I sigh of relief. We all get out of the car and go inside. A song by Maroon  plays. It's so crowded. I got pushed into a boy. "Hey gorgeous." I see Rick and walk fastly towards him, but I see another guy about to beat him up. I rush over to him and punch the guy. "You wanna fight, b*tch?" The guy  tells me. I nod. Rick gets behind me.

"This is for Jake." I yell over the loud music. He kicks my leg and I punch his pretty-boy face. "B*tch, you broke my nose!" He screams. I smile. Rick punches the guy's head, knocking him out. He grabs my hand and we go look for Justin. I pull my hand away. I see Ryan, Justin, and Chaz sitting down. Rick and I head to them. "Why are you guys at a club if you don't dance?" Rick says. I sit down next to Ryan. A drunken girl comes up to us. She sits next to Justin and starts to kiss his hair. I stare at her. I get up and look at them.

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