Before I Fade...

Lies, Truths, Secrets and Time. It'll all comes down to one person. Elisa Rivera. This is how she finally accomplishes 10 most important events of her.


2. Setting Back To Reality...again

As I walk into the house, Justin's mom runs up to me and hugs me. 

"Oh! You poor thing!" She says. She keeps hugging me. "Mom, what's wrong?!" Justin asks his mom. She releases me and wipes her tears away. "Elisa, your mom..." Im afraid of the dreadful news. "My mom what?" I ask. She looks at me with pity.

"Your mom, her cancer got the best of her." My world literally fell apart. I want to cry. I can't have no more tears. All I do is glare. Justin hugs me.

"Ellie?" He says.

"I'm an orphan." I manage to say. "Elisa, do you want to stay with us?" Justin's mom asks me. I nod. Justin let go of his grip."No tears?" He says. "They won't come out. Why does my family have to die on me?" I speak. "We're your family Elisa." Justin and his mom tell me. I glare at nothing.

"So now I'm Elisa Bieber?" I whisper. "Yeah, or you can still be Elisa Rivera." Justin replies. "Elisa Rivera." I mumble. Justin's mom is the only one crying. "Ellie, since you're going to live here, we'll go shopping for your room." Justin's mom tells me. "Okay..." I say. Justin walks me to my room. I sit on the edge of the bed. Justin sits next to me.

"Remember when we we're 6 and you were 5 and we ran around your house like little crazy nuts?" Justin finally says. I nod. "Remember when we were at the zoo and Jake cried when he saw the gorrilas...we we're 7 right? Justin says. I nod. So many memories. I sigh. "We all promised friends forever." I whisper. He nods. I sigh again, "And  we will be friends forever." He says softly. I nod. "Justin, tell me a lie." I say with a crack in my voice.

"You're family hates you with all their hearts and you're ugly." His voice is so gentle. "Tell no one what happened. Nothing about my personal life. Not even Chaz." I say in a stern voice. He promises me and leaves my new room. I sigh. Knowing Justin forever, and his health issues, everything. It was me, Jake, and Justin against the world.

I go downstairs to eat. We all eat in silence after we ate me Justin head to his room. "Messy." I say to Justin. I see a picture of me, Jake and Justin when I was 12 and they were 13. I pick it up. "Are you going to cry?" he asks, I nod no, but then I feel salty tears come down. Those tears are for my missing brother, my mom and and dad. Justin hugs me. "It's 9:30" I whisper. He nods, he wipes away my tears. "Night Justin." I say leaving his room. I change into my pj's and get into bed, turning the lights off. I clutch to my father's dog tag necklace, dozing off into a sleep.

I wake up and sit up on my bed. Listening to the cheerful birds. I walk slowly downstairs and look at the clock. It's 6:30 a.m. Reality finally sets in. My mother died. I get a notification on my phone  App Reminder:

1. Close your eyes.

2. Take a deep breath.

3. Say your name.

4. Count up to 10 events that happened in your life.

5. And continue...

I sit on the couch. I could never do the fourth step. It was too hard.

"Up so early?" I jump and turn to Justin. "Oh...yeah. what are you going to do today?" I ask. He sits next to me on the couch. "Probably go hang out with the guys, why?" Silence...I finally reply. "Can I hang with you guys?" He smiles at me. "Of course!" We both get up and make breakfast. As we sit down and eat, I look at the clock. "Justin its 7:49 am after we eat and get dressed, can you take me to the store to get some things for my room?" I ask. He munches on his toast. "Sure, I'll tell my mom I'll take you instead." I nod and we continued to eat. We finished and clean up and. get dressed. I put on black journey shoes, green and black plaid, button shirt, and some black faded Capri.  I wash my face and put my hair in a high pony tail. I walk downstairs with my handbag and see Justin in a disguise.

"I talked to my mom. She said it's alright. We're going to Ikea. The guys are going to meet us there." Justin says. "Seriously? I'm shopping alone then." I say in a stern voice. "C'mon Ellie! I'll give you more money." Justin says smiling. "Nah. I have two hundred dollars from saving up, and that's not even a quarter!" I say laughing. "Are you going to talk today?" Justin asks me. "Maybe..." I say sticking my tongue out. He laughs. We arrive at Ikea and park. I see the same 3 boys and a new one. "Who's the other one?"  I say in a confused voice. "Oh yeah, that's Michael." Justin says. We both walk up to them. "Hey guys!" Justin shouts at them. "Hey." Nolan replies. I text Justin.

me: shopping alone. -.-

Justin: u.u Ellie!

me: what? >.<

Justin: can I pick someone to at least look over you?

me: depends you?

Justin: no, so you can make new friends.

me: who then? o.O

Justin: Nolan, Ryan or Michael.

me: why not Chaz?

Justin: you two are friends -.-

me: who talks least? :D

Justin: I guess Ryan is shy.

me: well, don't expect a word from me.

Justin: fine u.u

me: xD

End of Text Convo

Everyone is staring at us. "You two are texting when your next to each other?" Michael laughs. "Ryan, your looking after Elisa." Justin says. I swear Justin is so pushy when it comes to friends. We all head in the store, and go  in different directions. "Elisa?" Ryan says following me. I ignore him. We continue to look. I had gotten blue curtains, a blue heart rug, a white and blue circle lamp, and a bed set with white and blue zebra stripes.

"Elisa..." Ryan says again. Justin says he's shy. I though shy people didn't talk. "Elisa!" He shouts and I turn around sharply standing face-to-face. "What?" I sneer at him. "Your necklace fell off your neck back over there." He says. My face drains and we run to where my necklace had fallen. A little boy was wearing it. My heart sinks. I walk up to the boy's mom.

"Ma'am, your son has my necklace. May I have it back please?" I ask politely. "Get your own!" She snaps at me. I walk back to Ryan. "What happened?" He asked. He sees a tear drop roll down my face. I sit against the wall, about to sob. I cover my head in my knees. Ryan walks over to the lady. I swear. I never thought someone would defend me like he ever did.

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