Before I Fade...

Lies, Truths, Secrets and Time. It'll all comes down to one person. Elisa Rivera. This is how she finally accomplishes 10 most important events of her.


1. A Day At The Mall

Hello, my name is Elisa. Most people call me Ellie. I'm 18 years old and father died in the Iraq war just 3 weeks ago. He was promising me that he would never leave us. My mother is in the hospital. Dying of cancer, slowly. And my brother just disappeared one day. We looked for him. Days and Days, yet we never found him. I still wonder where he could possibly be at. Dead or Alive. My father said that I would've live with his friends. And this is my story.

"I love you very much, mom!" I said kissing her cheek.

"I love you too Ellie! Be careful in Canada, love!" My mom says to me as she was holding my hand.

"Let go mom." I tell her as I was trying to pull her hand away.

"Here. I want you to have this," She handed me a dog tag necklace, " It was you father's."

I held onto it tightly, trying to fight back the hard tears.

"Be careful." She whispers in my ear again. I nodded and left the hospital. I went straight home to pack my things. I got in a taxi so he could drive me to the airport. 
"Good morning, my name is Jason. I like you necklace, young lady," he said pointing at my father's dog tag necklace. He tried starting conversations with me, but i would end them real quick.

"Ellie, stay strong. My friend's will help you love." I heard my father say to me. I then awaken, to see my flight has landed in Stratford, Canada. I get off the plane, and go get my bags and luggage  Once I got my stuff, i start searching for my father's friends.

"Ellie! Elisa!" I heard people behind me. He had a disguise on, so I really couldn't tell who he wa. He started walking towards me.

"You're Michael's daughter, aren't you?" he asked. I remembered that voice. That one smile.

"So he asked you to take care of me?" I laughed and hugged him.

"So, you remember me now?" He asked me.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course I do, Justin!" I release hold of him. Justin and he takes me to his car. As we get to his house he asks me a question.

"Remember the old days?"

I nod. We arrived and he helps me with my luggage. I see his mom. She hugged me very tightly. I remember how my brother Jake, Justin and I used to play Hide n' Go Seek.

"Elisa, how's your mother, mija?" Pattie asked me, I stare into her eyes.

"Justin, please go show Ellie the room." She walks into the kitchen.

"You've change a lot!" Justin says, leading me to an empty room. All that's in there is a king bed, a closet, and a small table right next to the bed.

"Ellie, I'm sorry about your loss." He told me. I just looked at him unpacking my things.

"Do you want to come to the mall with me?" I put all of my things in the closet. I turn to Justin and nod.

"Okay then, we'll leave in ten." He says, leaving the room. When i finish putting my clothes away, I take out my cell phone.


"Mom?" I clutch the phone to my ear.

"Ellie? Did you make it safely?" She asked me.

"Yes, be okay. Okay?" I tell her letting a drop fall from my eyes.

"I'll try...I Love You. Never forget that." My mom whispers.

"Ellie! Are you ready?!" I heard Justin call.

"I have to go mom. Bye, I love you."

"I love you too, Elisa dear."

I hang up and Justin leads me to his car. The whole ride to the mall, was really quiet. We arrive at the mall and I see Justin greets a guy.

"Who's this?" asked Nolan.

"This is Elisa." Justin responds for me.

"She can't talk?" Nolan said.

"She can." Justin responds. I see two more boys appear.

"Yo!" One of the boys said. 

"Ryan! Meet Elisa!" I wave.

"Ellie! Talk!" Nolan tells me. I shoot him a look and run off. Justin races after me, taking my wrist.

"Ellie, Nolan is just-" I turn and face Justin. "Just what?" I say. Tears roll down my face. Justin hugs me. "Justin, I miss the old days." I cry in his arms. Both Michael and Jake love you very much." He walks me back to the boys, but I resist. "I need time..." I mouth to Justin, and he nods. Leaving me. I steadily walk, and wipe my tears.

"Help! I need somebody, help, not just anybody help-heelp!" I sing in my head. I see Justin and all three boys. I walk to them.

"Elisa!" Chaz tells me. I smile and hug Chaz and he hugs me back. "You remember me?" Chaz says grining. I nod yes.

"Nolan, you owe Elisa something." Justin says and looks at Nolan.

"Yea, I'm sorry."

"Dude!" Ryan punches Nolan's shoulder.

"Ow!" Nolan yelps.

"What did Nolan do?" Chaz asks. I get on my tip-toes and tell Chaz in his ear

"Nolan! You're a jerk!" Chaz frowns.

Justin outs one arm around me.

"Let's shop!" Justin says. We went into many stores. Justin hugs me. "I wish Jake was still here." I whisper to Justin. He smiles. "Elisa, how's your brother?" Chaz asks me. I frown. "Fine..." I mumble, and he smiles. We all walk back to our cars. Me and Justin get in and drive off.

"You don't like my friends?" Justin looks at me. "They're okay." I reply. He chuckles.

"Remember how I scared you and Jake?" I say laughing.

"Haha, yep. How come you don't talk?" I shrug. He pulls me into the drive through and parks I get out and head back home.

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