I was running through a meadow.My heart was throbbing.I looked back.The strange person was still chasing me.I finally made it away from him.But I ran into someone. Who do I run into?Who chased me?Do I get kidnapped?


2. Kidnapped

I went out walking threw my favorite meadow.My mistake was going alone.A strange man was chasing me.It was hard to run because I was 4 months pregnant.It felt like forever before I made it to the city.When I wasn't looking,I ran into someone.Liam Payne."Sorry."I said."It's ok love."Liam said.I looked behind me.The man was getting close."Whats wrong?"Liam asked."There is a---"It was to late.The man had me.Liam was running after him."Let her go!"Liam yelled.The man threw me in his car.He drove off.He said if I cried he would kill me.There was a car with 5 boys following us.The man had me tied up so I couldn't escape.He went into a store.That car parked next to us.To my surprise,it was One Direction.Harry had got the door open.To make sure everyone was safe,the police was there.Liam picked me up from the car.The man was arrested."Are you ok?"Liam asked."Yeah."I said."Are you pregnant?" "Yes.My boyfriend said he hated me so he killed himself." "Oh God!I'm sorry."Liam hugged me. "I will drive you home."Liam said.I got in his car.I told him where I lived.I was quiet the rest of the way.Once I got home,Liam put his number in my pocket.I smiled and ran inside.Cameron was on the couch.I told him everything.I started crying.He hugged me.

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