I was running through a meadow.My heart was throbbing.I looked back.The strange person was still chasing me.I finally made it away from him.But I ran into someone. Who do I run into?Who chased me?Do I get kidnapped?


3. A Date with Liam

I sat my by myself for awhile.Cameron asked if I needed anything,but I would just yell at him to get out.He has gotten used to the anger I have.Everything was quiet up until my phone made a noise because I got a text.It was Liam:



Liam:Not much you?

Me:Just sitting be myself...Cameron keeps bugging me..

Liam:Who's that?

Me:My friend,but he is more like a brother to me...

Liam:Oh...Nice...I am bored..

Me:I am not...I am talking to you..

Liam: :)

Me:Glad you care...I am still scared from today..

Liam:Don't worry.I will protect you.

Me:Thanks Liam.

Liam:Your welcome sweetie..

Me:I have to go...Bye


I just dropped me phone.Cameron's dad was here.Cameron came running to me.He picked me up.We hid in a closet.I was going to cry but Cameron covered my mouth.He was terrified by his dad.After awhile his dad left.I thought about my parents.They died last year.They committed suicide from what happened to my little brother.He was physically bullied and cyber bullied.So he drowned himself in the river.I cried for days.My phone buzzed again.Liam asked me to come to the park to meet him.I changed my clothes.I walked outside.Cameron walked with me so no one would hurt me.Once I got to the park he left.I seen Liam by a tree.I walked over to him.He smiled.

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