Does She Love Me?

do you love niall james horan??? does he love you or is it one of the other lads. to find out read this story . hope you enjoi!!!


2. worst people ever in my life.

  Kc's p.o.v


you had just got done with your dad he had raped you. he has done this ever since you were 11. and know your not a normal 18 year old like others in the world.i sat there laying on my bed frightened . my father rick you know wat im not gonna call him "dad" i will call him rick. he left the room while putting his robe back on and i layed there clothless. i started to get my stuff and put it back on and thats when my mom came in. she had abused and raped me. " hello there baby how have you been ??" she said " i have been way better." i said like i was a snotty brat. she slapped my on my face then unhocked my bra and threw it on the ground. " i havent seen you or been with you all day baby do you want some?" my horrible mother said "no i dont want you i havent wanted you for 7 years but still you guys abuse and rape my like im a some sort of toy!" she had brought out a knife in her robe and came up to my thigh and sliced it i sat there crying and screaming the covered my mouth so the neighbors wouldnt here then she left . know its 8:48  i had been saving up money and had been trying to steel one of there knifes and i finally had. i walked to my room and locked my door grabbed my bag and snuck out my window and ran into the near by hotel.

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