Does She Love Me?

do you love niall james horan??? does he love you or is it one of the other lads. to find out read this story . hope you enjoi!!!


4. why?

" um can i trust you????" yes you can its ok i promise" liam said then niall walked in the room and so did the others " ok so the reason is my mother and father raped and abused my like a toy ever since i was 11 and now im 18 so i had have enough with them soo i saved up and packed a bag and snuck out." i had said "o my im soo sorry kc they shouldn't of had done that to such a girl like you." niall said " wait wat do u mean a girl like me?" i asked niall  " your ...........beautiful." he and i were red like tomatoes. they all laughed at me and niall. " ok thenn im gonna go to bed its 10:00 so ya good night see ya in the morning." " ya guys its late lets go" niall said and fallowed me and went to his room.

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