Does She Love Me?

do you love niall james horan??? does he love you or is it one of the other lads. to find out read this story . hope you enjoi!!!


3. the room G158

 when i got there it was a fancy hotel luckily  i saved money i had $800 . it cost me $80 so i still had money left . the lady gave me the room key and told me room G158 . i walked to the 4th floor and opened the door and stood there 5 guys. "why and how are you here?" the blonde/brunette said "they told me room G158 and this is room G158 so this isnt my fault." i said "guys calm down they might of messed up we have like 7 rooms its not a problem." the one in plad said. " hii:) my name is niall niall horan" niall said . " hii im kc" "im louis " " im harry " "hii im zayn " "hii im liam" . they all said i have heard those names before i think there in a band called called ............ o ya one direction. i asked " arent you guys in a band called one direction?" they all looked at each other and smiled "yes in deed" niall said then he walked off to the kitchen and ate the rest of his chicken. " soooooo tell us your story or umm life noo i trying to say tell us about you." liam said. " well my name is kc clarck and i live in california and i ran away from home thats why im here." i said " why did you run away from home? umm but you dont have to tell if you dont want to." liam said.

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