Does She Love Me?

do you love niall james horan??? does he love you or is it one of the other lads. to find out read this story . hope you enjoi!!!


6. radio and film


kc's P.O.V


"good morning kc how did you sleep?" niall said while smiling, gosh his smiling is AMAZAYN! "great what abou yours?" i said "good" niall said "hello kc." liam said as we were talking all the rest of the boys came out and joined us and  ate cereal.


*5 hours later*


"hey ni wat do you wanna do" i said {still kc p.o.v} "idk wanna go watch a film?" ni said {ni is niall}"ok let me grab my coat."i said.  we listened to the radio for a while until we got there LWWY came on and we sang along

nialls P.O.V


holy crap she has a beautiful voice when i turn off the radio she sang for 5 more seconds until she realized that i turned it off " why did you do that?"she said " because you a have beautiful voice" i said proudly " no i dont i have a horrible voice" "darling you have the nest voice i have ever heard ok your voice is beautiful like you" i said "ni thats the greatest thing someone has said to me " we got to the theater and decided to watch paranomial activity 4. after the film kc was shaking it was adorible "a lil scared love\?" i ask " ya a lil to scary for me." she said we got home and it was 8:00 pm so we decided to go to bed




sorry i havent been posting school has been keeping me really busy with work so im off for 3 weeks so ill be able to write a lot


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