Does She Love Me?

do you love niall james horan??? does he love you or is it one of the other lads. to find out read this story . hope you enjoi!!!


5. her



i woke up and i went to the kitchen and saw my lad niall eating "what are you doing?"i asked " im eating what does it look like clean out your eyes geez." niall said "wow ok then what time did you wake up?" i said " at like umm ............ 6:18" niall said " wow thats like crazy you usually wake up at like 10:40 lad why were you up so early?" i asked "i was waiting for kc " niall said "lad do you really have feelings for her we just met her."i said " yes i actually do its just something 'bout her."niall said i just walked to the couch.




kc's P.O.V


i could hear niall and liam talking wait niall likes me well i got to admit he is pretty cute. what am i doing im falling for him even though we just met uhh. "hey guys goodmornin'" i say while walking out.

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