Come into my life one direction fanfic

Mckinley meets Niall Horan because shes best friends with Perrie. But Mckinley has a baby girl named emma.... She hopes Niall wont leave because she has a baby. But hey who knows


3. The Walk

Nialls Prov.


She was really cute with her long broen hair and green eyes. "So tell me about you well I mean what you want me to know" She giggled thank god I didnt just make everything awkward! "Well I'm 19 my birthday is August 17th uhm I live in my own flat in london I have 2 jobs... but if you would like to know anything else just ask!" I smile and say "UHm do you happen to have a boyfriend?" She looked at me and said "Nope" popping the 'p' That made everything so much better. "Oh well how would you like to go to lunch tomorrow with me I'll pick you up" Her face lights up and she blushes "Yeah I'd like that here give me your phone I'll give you my number and heres mine so put your number in then I will text you my address" I nod handing her my phone. She puts her number in then hands it back.... Oh my gosh her cantact is 'Mckinley your lover;)' she is just so cute. "Well Niall I have to go so I can get my beauty sleep I'll see you tomorrow" I hug her then kiss her cheek... But she kind of pulls away. Crap I probably just messed everything up. "Bye lover" She winks then gets in her car.

Mckinley's Prov:


I get home and start to cry... He kissed me on the cheek.. I'm just scared to let another guy come into my life... My last boyfriend beat me then left me when I told him I was prgo. I mean what if Niall leaves how is he going to react when I tell him about Emma. I'm just not gonna tell him he will find out sooner or later. I cant lose Niall he is so sweet to me. I think I really like him like a lot.

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