Come into my life one direction fanfic

Mckinley meets Niall Horan because shes best friends with Perrie. But Mckinley has a baby girl named emma.... She hopes Niall wont leave because she has a baby. But hey who knows


4. The Date



Mckinleys Prov

*Beep Beep Beep*

"ugghhh" I roll over and hit my alarm clock. Its so weird not waking up to Emma crying, I get up shower brush my teeth and dry my hair. Its raining thank the lord for my naturally straight hair. I walk over to my closet and get dressed. I pick out skinny jeans my black skull pull over and my pink jeffery cambles. I love them so much. Im finally dont get ready I feel my phone vibrate on the bed I grab it and answer it.


"Hi its Niall erm I'm at your house'

'Okay I'll be right out'

I hang up and grab my purse and sweater I didnt know if it was cold or not. I get in the car and he turns to me and says "You look great by the way" I blush and say "Thanks you dont look so bad yourself" He blushses. "Were here" I get and and he takes my hand and we walk in. He took me to nandos. I love this place. We get in sit down order and eat. After we get done eating we just talk. "Uh so kinley why did you pull away when I kissed your cheek  last night." I look at him then look down "uhm honestley I just havent had a boyfriend in ages and the last one I had beat me" I shouldnt have said that because its been a minute and a half and he has not said anything. He looks at me and takes my hand "I wont ever do that to you I promise but Mckinley Baker will you be my girlfried" I blush and say "Yes I will Niall Horan" He smiles then kisses my lips. They fit perfectly with mine. He pulls away we leave nandos then get in his car and leave. We get to my house I say bye and start to get of the car when he pulls my arm back. "ME and you monday movie day" I smile and kiss his cheek and nod then walk inside and he leaves. I go to my room change then crash on my bed. I wake up the next morning to a text from Niall

'Hey you left your sweater in my car"

'oh sorry just bring it by'

I get up brush my hair and teeth then go wait by the door for him to get here. When he gets here I run out get my sweater kiss him then he leaves.


Authors Note:

Hey ! HAHA Niall meets emma in the next part I think but you'll have to wait until tomorrow !



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