Come into my life one direction fanfic

Mckinley meets Niall Horan because shes best friends with Perrie. But Mckinley has a baby girl named emma.... She hopes Niall wont leave because she has a baby. But hey who knows


2. Perrie meet Emma

*knock knock* "Come in" I yell "Mckinley where are you?" its Perrie "Im in the kitchen". She comes in hugs me tight then looks over my shoulder to see Emma in her high schair. She looks at me then back at Emma and says "W-When did this happen?" I look at Emma then say "Erm about 4 years ago well she will be 4 on the 17th of March" She smiles then says "Why didnt you tell me?" I knew she was going to ask that I mean why wouldnt she... Perrie is like my sister "Kinley can I hold her?" I nod then say "Hey Perrie would you like to be her godmother?" Perrie looks at me and smiles "Actually can i be her aunt because you know she doesnt have one:?" I nod. I am an only child so it was okay. "Hey kinley my boyfriend is having a party friday you should come!" I look at her smile then say "yeah ill come but hey Perrie dont tell anyone about Emma" She nods then she leaves. I pick up Emma and carry her upstairs to change her into her nighty "Mummy where daddy" That hurt me a little bit it really did and I dont know why. "Uhm I dont know baby but come on lets get you to bed" She nods and gets in her bed I tuck her in the kiss her head. I walk back down stairs to my room. I change and go to sleep.

I wake up grab my phone and text my mum.

'Hey can you keep Emma this weekend?- Kinley x'

'Yeah sure just bring her right over!x'

I rush upstairs to find Emma in her play room. "Come on Em you're going to nan's for the weekend lets go get your stuff packed" She gets up and runs to her room. I pack her bag then we go downstairs. I was already, ready for the part. I grab my purse phone and keys grab Emm and her stuff and go to my car. I put Emma in her seat then I get in and drive off. We get to my moms. I get Emma out take her to my mom then leave. I get back in the car to head to Zayn and Perries I get there get out and go in. "KINLEY!!" I wave to Perrie then walk over to her. "Kay were getting you a boyfriend and i already have one in mind he's right over there talking to Zayn." I smile We walk over to Zayn and his friend. I must say his friend was really attractive..... We kinda just stand there until Perrie says "Well this is Mckinley, Mckinley this is Niall" I smile and say "Hi" He smiles and says "Hello love". Oh he's irish I like him already. Perrie and Zayn had already walked off somewhere. "Erm wanna go for a walk we can talk..." I smile and nod.

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