Come into my life one direction fanfic

Mckinley meets Niall Horan because shes best friends with Perrie. But Mckinley has a baby girl named emma.... She hopes Niall wont leave because she has a baby. But hey who knows


8. Em meet the boys

Nialls Prov:

I woke up to a text from liam.

Liam; 'Hey Ni come over today everyone is here'

Me;' Okay im bringing someone with me'

liam'okay see you soon'

I get up go to Emmas room get her dressed. When I finish and turn around there is Kinley... "Uhm Niall where are you going with my daughter" I look at her and say "Uhm I was gonna take her to Liam's with me give you a day off" She nods and comes to kiss Emma and I. We walk down stairs and Emma and I leave. When we get to Liam's I get Emma out of her car seat and go in. Once I go in I hear "NIALL LEPPY BLONDIE" I laugh Emma is holding on to my legs and hiding They all walk over and hug me. "Daddy who they?" Liam looks at me 'Niall my room now" We all go in there I leave Emma with El. "Shes not my kis shes my girlfriends but she calls my daddy because she wants one and everyone she has called that has left her im not gonna do that to her.  I mean just look at her." They nod so they actually understand woahhhhhh ! We go back out and Emma comes running up to me "Daddy I a weal princess! see i got a crown!" I smile and say "You're a beautiful princess just like your mum" I kiss her head. Gosh I never thought I could love a little girl like I love her.

*6 hours later*

It was already 8 so we had to leave. Emma and I get in the car go home and go inside. Emma was tired so i took her upstairs and put her down. "Daddy do you wuv momma?' I kiss her head and say "yes I do" she smiles and says "Night daddy" I kiss her head again and say 'Night princess" and leave the room and go down stairs to kinleys she was sleeping I take off my shoes and claw in beside her. She cuddles up to me. I smile and kiss her head.



kay sorry this sucks my notebook is at my dads and i fogot it ! ughhh but yeah enjoy ! sorry i havent been updatiing i have been in toruble and ive been out of town and sick so yeah i still love you guyssssss !

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