Come into my life one direction fanfic

Mckinley meets Niall Horan because shes best friends with Perrie. But Mckinley has a baby girl named emma.... She hopes Niall wont leave because she has a baby. But hey who knows


7. daddy?.....

I cant stay mad at Kinley even if she lied. Emma is so cute she's my princess. Mckinley leaves to go to the restroom Emma looks at me and says "wanna come to my house?' I smile and say "yeah sure" "You can sleep there" I laugh and say "You have to ask your mum." as I said thay Kinley sits down and says "ask me what:" Emma gets in her lap "Can he sleep over" Mckinley smiles and looks at me "well do you want to we can have our movie night.." I nod grab her hand she grabs Emma's and we go out to our cars she gets in hers and I get in mine. Then we head to her house once we get there and get in "Im gonna go get changed into something comfy Will you change Emma?" I nod and walk upstairs. WE get into Emmas room she turns to me and says :Daddy I wann wear my onzie!" she called me daddy... ME and mckinley havent been together for that long. ZI get her changed and carry her down stairs. Kinley was laying down on the sofa. I put Emma on one side and I sit on the other side of Kinley Once I sit down Emma says "No daddy you sit with me" Kinley looks at me and then emma and says "hes not daddy" Emma looks at Mckinley and starts to cry "WHY?"Kinley picks her up and says "Its okay you're his princess" and kisses the top of Emma head.


Its half past 10 and Emma was asleep I look at her then pick her up and carry her upstair. I kiss her head then put her in her bed "Night princess" "Night daddy" I smile and turn off the light and walk back down stairs and sit next to Kinley god shes so cute.


Niall comes back and sits nect to me. I look at him and say "Niall I'm cold" He smiles and pulls me close to him. "hey Kinley you know I like you alot right"  I nod lean up and peck his lips. He pulls away and says "When I put her in bed she called me dady" I look at him worried and say :Im sorry she just wants a daddy when she goes to daycare she sees all the other little girls with their daddy's when they get picked up.. whenevber she meets one of my boyfriends she calls them daddy because she wants one but when she does that they end up leaving" HE looks at me and says "I didnt leave when you lied I'm not leaving now I;m not like that I would love to be her daddy. I look at her like she is mine" I nod and smile "Hey Ni I know we have only been together for. four months but do you wanna come to her 4th birthday party on the 23rd of March you can bring the boys" He looks at me nods kisses me softly then we fall alseep.



so sorry its been awhile ! I'm really busy with dance and school blahhhhh loveeeeeeeee you allllllllll !

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