Come into my life one direction fanfic

Mckinley meets Niall Horan because shes best friends with Perrie. But Mckinley has a baby girl named emma.... She hopes Niall wont leave because she has a baby. But hey who knows


6. Actually Meeting Emma

Niall's Prov:

'No she's my daughter" I shake my head and say "So you lied to me.... Kinley we cant be in a relationship if all you're gonna do is lie" She looks up with tears running down her face "Yes I did lie but it was to protect Emma from getting hurt again..... I didnt want you to come into her life then leave" She was still crying I felt so bad but she lied to me... "Let's just talk about this tomorrow come meet me at Nandos for lunch bring Emma" She nods then I leave.


I get up shower and get ready. Then go to Nandos.

Mckinley's Prov:

I sit in the parking lot. "Mummy let go I hungry"  I smile get out then get her then walk into Nandos to see Niall smiling at us. "Mummy is that daddy?" i smile and say "No baby but Mummy likes him alot..." We get in the booth and sit down. "So Emma tell me about you?" "Uh will I 3 I like pink I a princess and I 3" Niall laughs and says "Well you can be my princess" She claps and says "Momma I his princess!" I smile but then it fades as I think what if Niall leaves..... "Kinley whats wrong?" I shrug and day "Well you said she was your princess but what if you leave Niall? Do you know how hurt she will be?" He takes my hand kisses it and says "I didnt leave yesterday so Im not going anything you guys are apart of my life now... when I saw you I thought "wow she might be the one' and I was right you are" I blush and say "awe Ni I really like you alot" "I like you to person!" We both laugh. Well maybe we could be a big happy family one day.



HELLLLLLLOOOO ahhhhhhh heyyyy sorry ive been slow at updating but here ya go ! comment like fan ! yeahhhhh my email is and my kik is cel899 so yeah talk to meh sometime ILL UPDATE SOON ! DONT WORRY THERE IS MORE DRAMA JHAHFBAJEBAEmtbr byeee



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