Come into my life one direction fanfic

Mckinley meets Niall Horan because shes best friends with Perrie. But Mckinley has a baby girl named emma.... She hopes Niall wont leave because she has a baby. But hey who knows


5. 4 Months later

Niall's Prov:

Its March now... Kinley and I are so cute together I think I love her.... I get to her house and go inside. I see a lot of baby toys which was odd. I see a picture of her and a little girl.... Mckinley comes around the corner and says "Oh hey babe" I kiss her cheek lightly. I turn to the picture and point to the little girl "Who is this?" She looks at me and says "My sister Emma" I smile and say "she's adorable" She laughs and says "I guess but come over tomorrow for our movie date just come at 1 and walk in" I nod kiss her then leave.... I think she's lying to me but I dont know. I get in my car and drive off.

Kinleys Prov

Once he leaves I grab my purse phone and keys then go out to my car and drive off. Emma was at day care. I get there go in get her put her in the car and go back home. Once we get home we get inside I put Emma down. "Mummy i missed to mcuh" I smile and give her a kiss "go upstairs and wait by your bed its bedtime I'll be up in a second to change you into your p.js." She runs upstairs. I walk into my room and change into my pjs then walk back upstairs. "Where daddy" I frown..... she never asked about him before... I grab her pjs and change her... "erm i dont know but go to sleep night baby" I kiss her head then walk back down stairs to my room get in bed and sleep.

I wake up to Emma yelling. I go up stairs and carry her down. I put her in her chair. "So what does mrs.Emma want for breakfast." "nana!" SHe cant say banana.... I get the banana then I hear the door open crap. "Hey kinley he says" I see him come around the corner his eyes got really big.... I hand Emma her nana. "Oh I didnt know your little sister was here..." I smile. "Mummy I want milk" Once Emma said that his eyes were huge. I look at him thern look down. "I though she was your sister...." I look up and say "No she.. she's my daughter..."

HAHAHAHA cliffhanger kinda....

alright byeeeee ill post tomorrow maybe !



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