Your My Prince Charming

"Who are you? Are you like my Prince Charming or something?" I asked the stranger who just saved my life. "Maybe, I can be someday." This strange and mysterious person asked me. "How may I repay you?" I asked in my thick British accent. "No need, princess." He said. Oh only if he knew that I was a princess. "Well, thank you Prince Charming." I said with a curtesy at the end. "Anything for you princess. "Anything for you, princess." He said with a bow at the end. "Wouldn't you like to know my name?" He asked. "I think Carming suits you." I smirked. "Well, I must be on my way. Thank you again." I said before running off.
What 'Prince Charming' and Princess Lillian didn't know, is that they won't be able to forget about each other. They'll look high and low for each other. But one coffee stop will change that.


3. The Evil Witch

Emily and I went our separate ways. I ran as fast as I could, pushing past people, and running through streets of traffic. I finally made it to the gate. Tony was working. "Tony, it Lily. Let me in. Amanda doesn't know I'm gone and will be back in minute now." I said. "Good luck." Tony said opening the gates. I ran as fast as I would to the doors. Before I could open them the lights from the car were seen. I can't go through now. I thought. I ran to the side door unnoticed. I pushed it open and slammed it shut. "Thank god, I was getting worried. Now hurry along." Rosie rushed me up the stairs. I got to my room and swung the door open. I threw my shoes in my closet and took off my shirt. I threw on a night gown and then fell taking off my jeans. I threw all the cloths into my closet and rushed over to my makeup table. I heard Amanda walking up the stairs. I jumped on my bed and grabbed my book. The door burst open and Amanda stood there. "Reading? Seriously, there's so much more to do then read." She sassed. Her long, straight, blonde hair flowing down her back, her blue eyes trying to figure out what I was reading, and her outfit that was a long dress with a beautiful tiara. "Reading makes you smart. Ever heard of it, it might help you." I sassed back. I stood up and place my book on the side table. She walked over to me and slapped me straight across the face. "How dare you talk to your mother that way!" She shrieked. "Your not my mother!" I spat back. "I am now." She said before walking out of the room. 

Rosie was up in my room with in a matter of seconds after the evil witch left. I sat on my bed and Rosie examed my face. My room was pink with a huge walk in closet and bathroom. I had a HUGE bed and a big flat screen telly. Rosie's black hair fell perfectly along her back, her piercing green eyes that could figure you out in a moment. She was a very fit woman. She's about 39. "I saw him Rosie. I saw my prince charming." I smiled. "You did. That's great. What happened?" She asked. "His name is Niall, he's lovely. We couldn't really talk because it was nearly time for Amanda to be home." I said. Rosie kissed the top of my head and said, "I'm sorry honey. Get some rest." And with that she left the room. I laid down and felt around my neck. I sat up with a start and started searching my neck. I ran to the mirror that was in my room near the telly. No necklace. I started crying. I lost it. "I'm so sorry mummy." I whispered walking back over to my bed. I laid down and closed my eyes. "Please come back to me."

Niall's P.O.V.

"Boys, I think this was important to her." I said holding up the necklace. "Wow, that looks like it would cost a lot." Zayn said. I nodded. "Well, you need to find her. She's probably looking for it." Liam said. "Yea, but how do I find her again?" I asked. "How did you find her last time?" Harry asked. "I looked for her." I stated. "THEN WE'LL LOOK!!" Louis yelled. 

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