Your My Prince Charming

"Who are you? Are you like my Prince Charming or something?" I asked the stranger who just saved my life. "Maybe, I can be someday." This strange and mysterious person asked me. "How may I repay you?" I asked in my thick British accent. "No need, princess." He said. Oh only if he knew that I was a princess. "Well, thank you Prince Charming." I said with a curtesy at the end. "Anything for you princess. "Anything for you, princess." He said with a bow at the end. "Wouldn't you like to know my name?" He asked. "I think Carming suits you." I smirked. "Well, I must be on my way. Thank you again." I said before running off.
What 'Prince Charming' and Princess Lillian didn't know, is that they won't be able to forget about each other. They'll look high and low for each other. But one coffee stop will change that.


15. Paint War

~Little Things is just amazayn!! How can you not love it?!~

Niall grabbed a few paint cans and brought them up to a room up stairs. "What color are we painting?" I asked. "I don't know, your the girl!" Niall said. "How about multiple colors? When ever she gets older you won't have to change her room color, because it's multiple colors." I said. "Perfect." Niall said. Niall ran down the stairs and came back with a few paint brushes. They were all different shapes. I smiled at him and tried to open a paint can. "I got it." Niall said. I smiled and handed the can to him. He used this little tool thing and opened it. He opened the rest of the paint cans as well. There was purple, red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, and green. I dipped the paint brush into the blue paint. "Where should we start?" I asked Niall. He turned around and accidently got paint on my face. "Lily I'm so sorry." Niall said. "It's alright Niall." I said. I took the blue paint and painted a straight line on him face. He gasped. He wiped the paint away from his eyes and looked at me. I screamed and ran down stairs. I ran into his backyard. 

Niall came down a few minutes later with  two paint cans and a few paint brushes. He looked at me and moved a little closer. I moved back and tried to keep my distance. He set the can down and took one brush. He dipped it in the purple paint and moved closer to me. "Niall." I said. "Yes?" He asked cheekily moving closer. I was pinned against the fence. Niall moved a little closer. Before the brush could touch my face, I kissed him. He looked a little taken back but kissed back. I moved my hand to his and grabbed the brush. I pulled away and painted his face. "Gotcha." I said and ran. "LILY!!" He yelled. I giggled and dipped the brush in the blue paint. Niall grabbed the other brush and dipped it in the purple paint. We had a full on paint war. 

I had red all over my face and Niall had blue all over his. Niall kissed me and when we pulled back we both had purple all over our lips. "I don't have any clothes." I said. "You can use some of mine." Niall said. I nodded. Niall smiled and we walked inside. Niall gave me some of his sweat pants and an over sized t-shirt. I walked to the bathroom and got into the shower.

I stepped out of the shower and put Niall's clothes on. They were really big on me. I walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs. I heard Niall talking to someone. "No she's just... perfect." He said. I walked in and noticed he was on the phone. "Hey." I said. He jumped and turned around. "Let me call you back, Tulisa." Niall said. He hung up the phone and smiled at me. "Who's Tulisa?" I asked. "Tulisa Comtostavlos. She's a friend of mine, we call each other brother and sister." He said. "And, who were you talking about?" I asked. He blushed. I jumped up on the marble island that was in the center of his kitchen. Niall walked up to me and smiled at me. He put both his hands on either side of me. He leaned in and kissed me slowly, but passionately. I blushed and kissed him back. "Who do you think I was talking about?" He asked against my lips. "You tell me." I said pulling away. "I love how you still blush everytime I kiss you, even though we're dating." Niall said. I smiled and hopped off the counter.

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