Your My Prince Charming

"Who are you? Are you like my Prince Charming or something?" I asked the stranger who just saved my life. "Maybe, I can be someday." This strange and mysterious person asked me. "How may I repay you?" I asked in my thick British accent. "No need, princess." He said. Oh only if he knew that I was a princess. "Well, thank you Prince Charming." I said with a curtesy at the end. "Anything for you princess. "Anything for you, princess." He said with a bow at the end. "Wouldn't you like to know my name?" He asked. "I think Carming suits you." I smirked. "Well, I must be on my way. Thank you again." I said before running off.
What 'Prince Charming' and Princess Lillian didn't know, is that they won't be able to forget about each other. They'll look high and low for each other. But one coffee stop will change that.


21. Helping A Relationship

"OH SHIT!!" Louis yelled when he saw me. "God damn Lily. You scared the shit out of me." He exclaimed. I stood up and looked at him. "Go pack." I demanded. "What?" He asked. "You heard me. Go pack." I said again. "Why?" He asked. "Just go pack!" I said sternly. "Only because you're scaring me." He said walking up the stairs. I dialed Eleanor's number. 

"Hey." She said. "Have you already got a plane ticket?" I asked. "No. I was about to buy one." She said. "Don't I got it." I said. "No, I can't do that." She said. "Eleanor, you can and you will." I said before hanging up.

There was a laptop on the table. I walked over to it and opened it. I looked up plane tickets and found two afordable tickets. I bought both of them and shut the laptop down. I felt proud of myself. Louis came down the stairs with his suit case. "Ready?" I asked. "For what?" Louis asked. "A vacation." I answered. I put Louis' luggage in the boot of my car. "Princesses actually do labor?" Louis asked. "Not all of them." I smirked. Louis climbed into the passenger seat and I got into the driver's seat. 

I drove to Eleanor's house. "Stay here." I said. I got out of the car and went into Eleanor's apartment. "EL!! Come on!!" I yelled. Eleanor ran out of her room with her suit case. "Ready?" I asked. She nodded. I smiled and we walked outside. I put her luggage in the back. Eleanor got into the back of the car. She gave me a confused look, and kissed Louis. 

I pulled up at the airport. I climbed out of the car and got their luggage out. "What are we doing Lily?" Louis asked me. "You two are going on a vacation." I said. "Why?" Louis asked. "To save our relationship." Eleanor answered. "Here." I handed them each a plane ticket. "Have fun you two. Use a condom." I said before jumping into the Audi. "LILY!!" Louis and Eleanor yelled at the same time. I closed my door and drove off. 

I got home and changed into my PJ's. I dialed Niall's number and walked out on my terrace. "Hey babe." Niall said answering the phone. "Hey." I said cheerfully. "What'd you do after you left?" He asked. "Saved a relationship." I said. "Really? How?" Niall asked shocked. "Don't be so surprised Me. Horan. I bought Louis and Eleanor a vacation." I said. "How much was it? Why did you pay? Was it expensive?" Niall asked. "No Niall, it was afordable. And I did it for my friends, they would do the same for us." I said. "How much did you pay? I'll pay you back." He said. "Niall your not paying me back." I said. "I never did ask you. What does your dad do for a living?" Niall asked. "He's a um... doctor." I said. "That's a lie." Niall said. "You'll find our one day." I said. "What's with all the secret's Lily? It's like you don't tell me anything." Niall said. "If I could tell you I would." I said. "Just tell me! A relationship is built on trust! And when you trust someone you don't keep secrets from them!" Niall said. "You want to know what my dad does?" I asked angrily. "Yea." Niall said calming down. "Meet me a Buckingham tomorrow." I said and hung up. 

What have you gotten yourself into Lily?

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