Your My Prince Charming

"Who are you? Are you like my Prince Charming or something?" I asked the stranger who just saved my life. "Maybe, I can be someday." This strange and mysterious person asked me. "How may I repay you?" I asked in my thick British accent. "No need, princess." He said. Oh only if he knew that I was a princess. "Well, thank you Prince Charming." I said with a curtesy at the end. "Anything for you princess. "Anything for you, princess." He said with a bow at the end. "Wouldn't you like to know my name?" He asked. "I think Carming suits you." I smirked. "Well, I must be on my way. Thank you again." I said before running off.
What 'Prince Charming' and Princess Lillian didn't know, is that they won't be able to forget about each other. They'll look high and low for each other. But one coffee stop will change that.


9. Fights


"We won!!" Harry squealed. I giggled. "Harry, I think your making Lily uncomfortable." Liam said. "No, I need some fun in my life." I said. I pulled out my phone and looked at the time. I had a lot of miss calls. "I need to go, like now!" I said. "I'll drive you home." Niall said. I said good bye to everyone and we walked to Niall's car. I climbed in and looked over at Niall. He was beautiful. I looked down at my phone and saw a message from grandma that said, 'U need to get home.' "Shit." I said. "What?" Niall asked. "Nothing. My grandmother just said I need to get home. She was covering for me." I said. "Your grandmother seems cool." "You have no idea." I said. "Where should I drop you off?" He asked. "Buckingham Palace. I can walk from there." I said. "I can drop you off at your house." He said. "No, Buckingham is fine." I said. He nodded. We pulled up at Buckingham Palace. "Thank you Niall." I said. "Will you, um, go out with me? Like to dinner sometime?" Niall asked nervous. "I would lover to." I said. "How about tomorrow, at 7. I'll come pick you up." He said. "Perfect." I said. I kissed Niall's cheek and climbed out of the car. I watched Niall drive away. I turned around and saw Tony walking over to me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the gates. "Go." He ordered. I ran to the door and pushed it open. 

"Where have you been?" Dad asked angry. "I was with some friends. We were at a football game." I said. "With who?" He asked. "Just some friends." I stated. "Why are you home so late?" He asked. "It's only 9. And I'm going to dinner with someone tomorrow." I said. "No you aren't." He said. "You can't control my life!" I yelled at him. "I CAN!! YOUR ONLY 16!!" He yelled. I took a step back a stared at him. "You've missed to much of my life to tell me what to do. And you weren't even here for my 17th birthday party." I said. Dad tried to take a step towards me. I just turned and ran to my room. The tears were pouring down my face. Rosie and grandma walked in. "You know he tries." Rosie said. "He needs to try harder." I said. "I think I'm just going to go stay at a friends house tonight." I said. "Who?" Grandma asked. "Niall, if that's alright." I said. "As long as nothing happens." She stated. "Of course." I said. I picked up the phone and dialed his number. 

"Hello?" Niall asked. "Hey it's Lily. Um, could I stay at yours tonight? Me and my dad got into a fight." I said. "Yea, where do you want me to pick you up?" He asked. "Buckingham." I said. "When are you going to let me see your real house?" He asked. "How do you know that you haven't already?" I asked. "I'll be there in a minute." He said. I hung up.

I packed my bag and said good bye to Rosie and Grandma. I walked over to George, another guard, and he escorted me out. Niall's car pulled up and I hopped in. We drove in silence, not awkward silence a nice silence. We pulled up at a big house and he ran over to my door and opened it for me. "Thanks." I said shyly. I stepped out and we walked inside. I set my bag down and we sat on his couch. "Tell me what happened." Niall said. I told him everything, apart from who my father is. By the end I was in tears. Niall brought me into a hug and he let me cry into his chest. "Shhh, it's going to be okay." He tried to sooth me. After a while I stopped crying. "Thank you. For everything." I said. Niall removed a strand of hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear. "Anything for you princess." He said. He started leaning in and so did I. And then he.....

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