Till Death to Us Part

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3. Hold On

"Zara!!!!!" I called.

I then saw her holding onto the rail. The last boat fell before we could get on, ao we were stuck on the sinking ship.

"Li-Liam!!!" she sobbed.

I held her hand tightly, "Don't you dare let go!"

"I won't, I promise..."

"Zar I love you.... You hear me?! I love  you!"

"I love you too!!!"

Suddenly a huge wave came up. It crashed on top of us.

My grasp tightened..

Her hands were slipping through.

Her tears falling.... I know... even if we're underwater.

A roll of the wave whiplashes us...

And her hands slips from mine.

20 minutes later I feel someone tug me into a boat from the water.

"Liam... Liam wake up!"

I opened my eyes, "Zar?"

"No.... it's Zayn.... my sister... she didn't make it..."

"No... your-your lying... she was with me. I was holding onto her hand..."

"Liam... she didn't make it." said Harry.

I looked around to see the lads, Janice, Deja, Perrie, and El, but no Zara...

Hold on, Zar....

I'll find you...

Just hold on....

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