Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


3. Who doesn't like there job!? :)

"Maybe we can go there to relax before are concert tonight, if you would likd too?" Niall asked looking out the window, then looking at me.

"I would love that" I replied bitting my bottom lip.

'Everyone take a seat and buckle up the Jet is preparing to land' The man in the cock pit explained.

We all sat down and buckled up, i feel happy and all tingly inside.I found my ming wondering off onto the topic of my parents, even though thats going to be hard because everytime i feel or think about hair I think of her, my creator, my caring and loving mother. We landed and and my mind wondered back on track. I stood up and I grabed my bags, but the body gaurds insisted they took them just incase on whatever circumstances I would need to pick up my own weight and run. We walked around the building to the front of the hotel, and i couldn't even her my own thoughts.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH One direction!" They were all screaming over and over.

"Thank you!" The boys would reply to every fan they had a chance to!

We finally approached the to golden see through doors and the body guards opened them. They ushered us up to the front desk, we got three key cards. Looks like I have to share with one of them.

"I hope you don't mind sharing with on of us!" Harry asked with a smirk I took the key.

I turned and started walking then i turned around and replied "I hope one of you don't mind sharing with me!"

"Ok boys rock, paper, sci- wait where did she gt? Where's Niall? Oh no they didn't!" Harry said racing to the elevator. By that time me and Niall were already in the elevator.

"Why me?" Niall asked me.

"Beacause 1. I need to practice on your hair. 2.I feel closer to you and 3.You understand me, kinda." I explained.

"Well I'm glad you did because 1. Harry likes to party. 2.Zayn snores. 3.Louis talks in his sleep 4. Liam, well Liam and be a bore at sometimes, but you got to love thm they are my best mates!" He said, taking off his hat to flip his hair. I think he noticed me watching him because

"You have alot of work." he said laughing, i joined in.

"You have an amazing laugh!" I stated, walking out of the elevator and to the door of are room. I unlocked it and we sat there and waiting for are bags to come, when the boys barged in.


"Cheaters" Louis yelled, he all were laughing and then are bags came.

"Hey you guys! After we all get comfy you want to head down to the beach?"

"I'm in" Danielle said grabing her suitcases.

"Niall" Harry asked me, but i was to busy imagianing Danielle in a bathing suit.

"Huh? Oh yea i'm in!" I snapped back, coming back to reality.

"Ok what bed do you want?" I asked, being the gentlemen i am.

"Ummmmmmm the one by the window." She replied , stepping back from her bag and looking at the beds.

"Ok. Well i'm done packing!" I said picking up my swin shorts, heading to the bathroom. I walked in and changed, I came out of the bathroom and threw on a sleeve this shirt. Grab a hat and sunglasses, will Danielle went into the bathroom and changed. I waited for her to walk out, and then i heard the door unlocked i picked up my phone pretending to be on it when she walked out and said,

"How do I look?"

I turned my head to look, I was blinded she was gorgeous.

I mangaed to stutted "Beautiful!"

She looked down and then walked over to her bed and slipped on some light blue jean shorts with a white tank on.

"Let's go" She said grabing her phone, a towel and the hotel key card. We got in the van with the other boys and off to the beach we went. We turned on the radio and was singing to every song that came on.

"We're here!" Liam yelled. We all hopped out of the van, we set up some beach chairs, I was helping Louis  un fold his chair when I heard Danielle yell,

"Come on boy's" She was already in the water, waving at us. We all raced to take off are shirts to meet her in the water. Well almost until some girls started hitting on us. I saw Danielle get out of the water and grab a towel and walk over drying here hair.

"What's taking you boys so long?" Danielle ask, but i could tell we were all sidetrack by her body sparkling in the brode daylight.

"Who are you?" The one blonde asked, you could tell she was the leader of the 4 girls behind her. Danielle walked up and got in her face and said


"What are you dating one of them?"She asked with all of the girls behind her laughing.

"Yea actually" I heard Danielle say with my own 2 ears.

"Oh yea sure you please" One of her 'followers' said.

"She is she's my girlfriend" I said standing up for her.

"Stop, please it hurts." They said laughing in unison.

"She more beautiful then you will ever be!" I stated walking away from them.

"Niall, Thank you!" Danielle said hugging me then pecking me with her soft, pink full lips. Then she ran into the water I just stood their in shock.


When Niall stood up for Danielle I thought to myself that should be me! But i felt like my body was froze on the beach, even though it's hot as hell out here. Why didn't I stand up for her?


Danielle, looked so beautiful in her blue bathing suit. She probaly could pull off a sweatshirt and sweatpants..... I want her I need her........ does she fell the same?


When I first meet Danielle I new she was hot, but now that I got to know her she's beautiful. I'm gonna ask her out, soon,but i'm still scared about what she thinks about me. Does she want me as bad as I want her?


Danielle boy, Danielle that name brings up a lot of good and bad memories.But when I met Danielle she changed all the memories into the past. I'm just to scared to talked to her. Does she even Notice me?


It felt sogood to stand up for a girl, even though i know she could stand up for herself. She kissed me, maybe she wants me as bad as I want her. I'm gonna try to make my move tonight and ask her on a date. I hope she says yes, and we could become more then friends. But what if it doesn't work out would work be akward, would she hate me, would she quit? I'm to scared to make my move.



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