Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


14. Wedding Planning!

"OMG REALLY MEGAN!!!!!" I heard someone yell from down the hall.

I got off and shuffled to the door and before I opened I thought to myself do I open the door? I'm about to marry the must amazing guy ever and have a baby! Do I need this drama? Before I could answer any of the questions I slowly opened the door and took a step into the hall. I saw no one and heard nothing, I was about to walk back into my room when I heard more yelling. I walked down the hall and to Jackie and Megan's hotel door. I was about to knock when the door flung open and someone ran right into me and I fell over, I'm clumsy in the morning.

"Oh Danielle, I am sorry I didn't see you there!" I heard this deep husky voice say.

"Yea it's ok." I said trying to get to my feet. When I finally got to my feet I asked Harry "Ummmm what's going on in there?"

"Ok well you know how Liam accidently kissed Megan, well he did it again tonight!" Harry explained.

"Wait like on purpose."

"So when he kissed Megan she was in the right bed, so he wnt  go to the left bed thinking it was Jackie but they switched beds!" Harry stated.

"Wow he's in deep...." I said huffing and pushing past him and walking into the room with Jackie locked in the bedroom and Liam trying to get her to come out and Megan on the bed.

"Meg, what's going?" I asked taking a seat by her.

"I'm sure Harry told you, you guys are pretty close!" She said giving the cold shoulder.

"Oh so now this is my fault!" I reply.

"It always was, I try with Harry but he can't forget about you." She made very clear.

"How do you know he's thinking about me?" I asked.

"Well i don't maybe when your sleeping with him and you wake up to him saying Danielle 'I love you' that is a hint!" She snapped back.

"He's trying just do something to make him love you!" I responed.

"Like what?" She question, turning to look at me.

"DANIELLE!" Jackie yelled from the bathroom.

"I'll give it some thought Jackie's calling!" I said hugging her then standing up.

"Liam you shoud go and get some sleep you guys have a concert tomorrow!" I demanded sounding a lot like Paul.

"Ok" He said looking at the ground and leaving.

"It's just me!" I said and she flung the door open and pulled me in and then closed it.

"I just wanna say i'm not mad at you or Niall or anyone well other then Megan and Liam! I mean how could they do this to me behind my back, what if I went around kissing Harry or anyone she ever liked? She is being-" She started ranting but I cut her off.

"I'm gonna cut you off before you regret anything your about to say. Now did you even listen to Liam's side of the story?" I said know sounding like Dr.Phil.

"Well no but do I need to he kiss my best friend." She proclaimed.

"Exactly your best friend who you have been through thick and thin with! And you love Liam so get on it!" I stated smacking her butt and running back to my hotel room.

I walked into the room and saw Harry and Niall talking. Niall was getting dressed, and Harry was helping him by handing him his shirt.

"What's going on?" I asked sitting on the bed.

"We have to go practice, we have a privae concert tonight." Niall explained.

"Awww what about wedding planning?" I asked with my pouty face.

"You can go!" He replied walking towards the door.

I walked up to him and gently touch his chest "That's no fun, I can wait.......I geuss! Well since I have no plans can I go with you guys!?" I questioned looking deep into Niall's eyes.

"Sure...." Niall answered sounding like he was in a trance.

Harry cleared his throat and said "Ummmm sometime today!"

"Oh right, I gotta gt dressed." I stated running to the closet and grabbing some white skinny jeans and a blue tank top with a black jacket over it. I started to take off my shirt when I heard Niall yell.

"Dude turn around."

I just giggled and continued changing and then I thrw my hair into a mess bun.

"Let's go!" I stated walking up to Niall who wraped his hand around my waist. He's really touchy when were around Harry.

We walked out of the hotel and you know fans and the paps, were asking a million questions.

"Is it true that you are engaged?" One girl questioned. 

"Yep sorry." I replied.

"Why are you sorry." Niall asked.

"Because one less amazing single guy in the world ." I answered. He kissed the top my head as we continued walking to the car. I smiled and waved to the fans and they all waved back. I fell asleep on Niall's shoulder and I dreamt of how I imagined are life turning out to be. There was Niall and me and a handsome little girl and she look exactly like Niall.


"Mommy, Daddy look at what I can do!" She shouted as she did a summersalt.

"That's great Carter!" Niall stated picking her up and tipping her upside down and she started to laugh and it was a cutest laugh I have ever heard other then Niall's.

"Who wants lunch?" I asked.

"Me" Niall and Carter said in unision.

"How about a picnic!" Carter suggested.

"That sounds like a great idea." I stated.

~Back to the story.~

"Babe, Babe wake up." Someone said softly, while shaking me.

"Carter, time to eat!" I yelled, sitting up. Niall gave me a weird look.


"I had a dream and we had a little girl name Carter." I explained.

"What happened to the other names?" He asked.

"Well yea I like them, but I think I like the sound of Carter Lynn Horan." I responed getting out of the car.

"I like that name to, no offense but I didn't really like the name Lydia mae." He said kinda tensing up.

"Phew, me either." We giggled and then walked into the concert place and walked on stage were the other boys were sitting and lying down.

"So much for work." I said, walking across the stage onto the otherside with the other hair and makeup people.

"Hello Danielle, good morning!" Someone said, and I turned around to find a girl, short, brown short thin hair, brown eyes. She kinda looks like..........Megan.

"Ummmmm Morning, do I know you?"

"No, I know you because your on the internet. You and Niall are everywhere, I love you guys mostly Louis. He's so dreamy, oh i'm Julia by the way."

"Oh ok and well Lou is single, just let me see what I can do."

"Really that would be amazing!" She screamed, hugging me.

I giggled "So what's your job?"

"Oh I am here because I was hired to draw the garden outside, and I came in here to find the manager and ended up here." She explained but was watching Lou goof around like always.

"Oh ok well you can stay if you want." I offered.

"I can't I have to get this drawing done, but Thanks oh and here's my number if you need it." She said handing me a peice of paper, and winking.

I had to call Megan because this was just weird, they look so much alike.

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