Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


36. Trying again


We have been home for a little and Danielle decided to stay in one of the guest rooms.

"Harry....stop! I'm gonna hurt you!" I heard Danielle scream from the other room, and I knew I had to interrupt. I got up and walked up to the door, I saw them kiss it made me weak in the knees and sick in the stomach.

"Uh I'm going to bed, goodnight."

"Night." She replied confused. I walked steadily to my room and plopped on her side of the bed, I face planted and I got a big sniff of Danielle's conditioner. I really do miss that smell, I miss everything about her, her touch,her look,her laugh,her voice.....her.

I heard a knock on the door and Danielle walked in.

"Niall can we take a walk." I jumped at the offer,


I grabbed a jacket and slipped on some shoes and followed her out the door.

"Look I know ever since, my head got all messed up and I haven't been the same. I have been unfair to you." I nodded I liked wear this was going.

"And I just really wanted to explain to you I felt bad for Harry and I want to give him a chance, but that doesn't mean I gave up on you or us. I loved you first and I always will please remember that." I leant in to kiss her when I felt a jerk on my shirt, it was a dream.....

"DADDY! I"M HUNGRY." I heard Cannon scream into my ear.

"ok,ok hold on. I'm coming. How did you get out of your crib?" I rolled out of bed and stood up rubbing my eyes.

" I slept with mommy last night I had a nightmare." I ruffled his hair and carried him down the steps,

"What do you want to eat?"

"Boo Berry." I laughed. I opened the cabinet and pulled out a bowl and poured some cereal and milk into the bowl.

I helped him to his high chair and set the bowl on the tray. I got a cup of coffee and sat down at the table beside Cannon .I was scrolling through twitter when I saw Harry tweet a picture of Cannon and Danielle. Possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen but it enraged me that Harry was the one to post the picture and not me. I snapped back to reality when I heard the twins start to cry, I ran up the stairs and picked Carter up and quickly changed her diaper and set her back in the crib will I changed Caylie. I picked Caylie up off the changing table and picked Carter out of the crib, I headed down stairs and walked into the kitchen. I saw that Cannon spilled his cereal all over the floor, just then the babies started to scream and cry.

"You have got to be kidding me." I set the twins in the play pen, and started to clean up Cannon's mess. I placed the bowl in the sink and picked Cannon out of the high chair and he was beyond a mess. I decided to feed the twins then give them all a bath, I walked back into the living room to see Danielle holding the twins.

"You know they look like you." I stated,

"Yea I guess so," she giggled.

"I was about to feed them, wanna help?"

"Yes please." She smiled, I handed her a bottle. She slowly brought it to Caylie's face, I took Carter and started to feed her. Cannon came running in the room,

"Mommy! Daddy! Can we watch Boo's Clues?? Please! Please!" We both started to laugh and snicker.

"Yes, but after bath time." I answered,

"Can I" She asked.

"Of course you can their your children to." I smiled, she took the bottles into the kitchen.

"Ok Cannon upstairs." I pointed at the stairs, I picked up the twins and followed him up the steps and into my bathroom in my room.

I started to run the water and I filled it with bubbles. Danielle walked in carrying towels and clothes and diapers for the kids.

"Cannon you up first kido." I helped him into the tub and Danielle grabbed a wash cloth and start to bath him I took a picture and posted it on twitter 'Family Time xx' I sat back and watched until he was fully cleaned, she took in out and dried him off.

"Come here time to get dressed." I told him to come here and ran right past me and climbed up on my bed and started to jumping around. Danielle ran after him,

"Come here you little monster, I'm gonna get you." She started tickling him, I grabbed him and got him dressed in a flash.

We started bathing the twins as Cannon sat on the floor playing with toys.

"Daddy?" Cannon asked.


"When is Christmas?" He questioned totally random.

"In about a month, why?" I responded, finished up Carter so Danielle could dry and dress her.

"Because it was on Boos Clues." I smiled and started to wash Caylie.

"Oh well he get to go visit grandma next week for thanksgiving, So Danielle are you going to come with us."

"Yea, I would like that." She smiled which made me feel so warm inside, I smiled back.

"Danielle, there you are." Harry walked into the bathroom with sweatpants on and no shirt and his curls a mess.

"Good Morning Harry" She got up to hug him and he leant in for a kiss but he dodge him. He gave her a questioning look and then she walked out of the room and he followed.


I walked in to the guest bedroom and looked around the room and started to pace, Harry followed me into the room.

"Babe what's wrong?" He asked trying to snake his arms around my waist.

"Stop, Stop!" I smacked his hands and walked to the other side of the room. "I can't believe you did that! What's te hell is wrong with you!?!?" I screamed so angry.

"What did I do?" He looked so confused.

"Trying to kiss me in front of my kids and Niall!" I answered, tears starting to build up I my eyes.

"Well your kids are gonna have to to get used to it if were gonna be together." He replied.

"Yes but not Niall, he's not ready for that! He tried so hard to find me and then when he does he lost me again to his best friend!" My tears just started to come down like the showers that are British! (Like what I did there?!?!)

"Danielle come here." He came to wrap me in his nice warm strong arms, but I broke free.

"I can do this right now!" I screamed and stormed off to Jackie's house.

I ran down my drive way and I was freezing, the cold air hit my lungs and it was like knives stabbing my throats. I reached the end of my driveway and I made it to the end of hers. The gates were closed so I used the video entrance call 'Please let me in! Liam! Jackie! Someone please!' I cried out, the gates opened and I quickly ran up hears. I knocked on the doors and my legs were weak and unstable I could have collapse on their porch. Jackie opened the door and let me in,

"Danielle you ok?" She helped me in and on to her couch,

"No I just ran down my drive way and up yours and Harry and Niall...." I started to run out of breathe.

"You know the gates in are backyard connects?!" She giggled.

"No I don't remember I lost my memory remember!" I said like a bitch.

"Okay well on that note would you like some coffee and Hot chocolate? It was your favorite when we were little."

"Oh yea I remember that the first one you gave it to me I was like off the walls!" I laughed.

"You remember?" She looked hopeful.

"Yea actually I do, I remember a lot if things when we, were younger. It's just when we meet the boys is when I start go forget things." I heard the kettle whistle.

"Okay hold that thought I'm going to get our drinks!" She ran into the kitchen and I got a text from Niall,

'I heard you and Harry then I saw you storm out is everything ok?' Why does he still care, I'm not who he wants me to be. I broke his heart many times and he still cares for me.

'Im fine thanks.' I answered.

'Okay let me know if you need anything. :)' I smiled a little and put my phone away, as I heard Jackie walk back in the room.

"Was that Harry?" She asked, I rolled me eyes.

"Nope Niall."

"Oh that wasn't a good look. What's going on?" She passed me a cup and I took a sip, yum so good. I melted a little in side, and I felt a warm surge rush through me.

"I hope your comfy." I started.

It's been 6 hours and we have watched the Pearl Harbor and the Titanic along with some snacks as in Ice Cream, chocolate and pizza. I also explained the whole Niall an Harry situation, plus we talked out when here due date is (two weeks), what's she's gonna name it, how's she's gonna decorate the room.

"Oh and Danielle know that you spilled your secrets it's my turn. Well when we went out that one night about 8 and a half months ago, Liam and I were fighting and Harry was there to help me and.......that's all she wrote." My jaw dropped and I probably caught about 100 bugs in it before I closed it.

"So Harrys the-" I was like screaming.

"Shhh keep it down." She pointed up the stairs.

"Sorry, so Harry's the dad." She nodded.

"How or when are you gonna tell Liam." I asked.

" I don't know probably when were in the hospital so he can't really get mad and leave me." She laughed,

"Most important how you gonna tell Harry?" I was eager to know the answer.

"I never thought about that…" Her eyes looked so lost.

"It's okay I will be there for you if you need help." I smiled and she slightly smiled back.

"You know he's such a man whore he has slept with are whole girl group." She stated and it was true, except me. I wasn't gonna let this happen.

"You and your Megan, not me! I'm not letting this happen!" I protested. "Well it's late and I should head home." She got up and walked me to the door, I gave her a hug and she closed the door behind me.

This time I remembered to use the gate door, I walked in through the sliding glass door and slide it opened and then shut it. I took my shoes off and tip toed up the stairs, I walked into the room turning on the light hoping Harry might have stayed. I turned to look into the hallway to see Niall standing there,

"He left Danielle, I'm sorry I told him to stay." He treys to reassure me, twiddling his fingers.

"Oh Niall." I ran and wrapped my arms around his waist. He was unsure to do so he just stood there. "You know you could hug me back." He laughed and hugged me back and it was so different from Harry's hug. Niall's were more comforting and friendly, making you not want to let go.

"If you don't want to be lonely you can always come back to OUR bed." He offered.

"I would like that, just make sure you stay on your side and keep your hands to yourself." He laughed.

We walked into the bedroom and I got on my side and he got on his, the lights were off and I lied there aching for his body to be close to mine.

"Niall..." I whispered.

"Hmm." He groaned, it was really attractive.

"On second thought, cuddling would be nice." I felt the bed shift and his nice warm hands touch my bare midriff. I drifted of to sleep with his warm bare chest on my back and is knees in crease of my bent knees.....and everything just felt…felt……normal. I like it.

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