Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


27. Tour</3


It's already been 2 months and it's killed me, being so far from Danielle and Cannon. Cannon's almost one and a month ago I recieved a video of him walking, and it kills me knowing I missed a big mile stone in my son's life. I am just glad I will be there when he turns one.

"Nialler, wake up babe. We have a interveiw today." I heard a female say shaking me.

"Danielle......5 more minutes." I said rolling over and pulling the covers, over my head.

"Excuse me! It's Chala!" Chala rudly informed me.

"Why are you in our room?" I asked sitting up quickly.

"I offered to wake you up. You look so cute when you wake up. Especially since your only in your boxers." She answered, scooting closer to me.

"I think you should leave." I stated oushing her up off the bed and to the door.

"Niall, you can't tell me you don't find me attractive." She said turning to face me.

"No your right....." I said stepping closer, so our noses were touching. "I find you repulsive." i continued shoving her out the door.

I heard here stomp down the hallway. I picked up my phone, and saw a text from Danielle<3, i unlocked my phone.

Danielle<3: I Have great news!

Me: What is it?!?!?

Danielle <3: Can't tell it's a suprise!

Me: Awww:( ok.

Danielle <3: Just wait till tonight, you will be home! So excited!

Me: I know I can't wait either, well I have to go and get ready for an interveiw, love you bunches!

Danielle<3: Ya ya love you too, bye!

I can't wait me and the boys get to get on a plane and head home after the interveiw today, but only for a month then me and the boys, plus Danielle are back on tour. Chala will be leaving thank the lord, because she has been driving me insane she trys so hard for me to like her it just makes me hate her even more. I heard the boys in the hallway so I finished getting dressed and caught up with them in the elevator.

"You guys ready to go back home?" Niall questioned the other boys.

"Yea and Megan has a suprise for me!" Harry yelled.

"Same with Danielle! I respondded.

"No way Jackie too!" Liam added.

"What do you think it is?" Lou asked.

"I have no clue." Me and the boys said, shaking our heads.

"I don't wanna go back, because then I have to leave you." Chala butted in getting really close to me. I heard the boys behind me all hive- five and sigh of relief.


I woke up this morning feeling like crap, but I managed to stumble down the stairs into the kitchen where I saw Megan and Jackie. They both had big grins plastered on their faces, Jackie passed me a cup of coffee.

"Why so happy you two?" I asked, taking a sip of coffee. They exchanged looks and then Megan started.

"Well you see when a girl and boy love each other very much.......skip the crap. I am Pregnant!" My jaw dropped so many things were going through my head right now.

"No way, me too!" Jackie screamed standing up and hugging her. My jaw dropped another 3 feet.

"Danielle.........." Megan said waving her hand in my face.

"Me 3." I muttered.

"Wait what?"They asked.

"We're all 3 pregnant. Is this real, all 3 at the same time!?!" I questioned.

"Wow, I mean I know we do a lot together, but this is taking to the extreme." Jackie said, making us laugh.

"Oh I know since te boys are coming home tonight, we should have some type of party. Like a welcome home party mixed with a we're all pregnant party." We all started laughing more.

"Yea I got it, how about we go and get a cake that says I am pregnant and then have them geuss which one is pregnant!" I suggested.

"Yea because they would never guess all 3 of us!" We all high-fived and then go ready and left, to go cake shopping

~3 hours later~

We had the cake and everything set out on the counter, and waiting for the boys to walk throught the doors any minute. I had Cannon in my hands, and Megan and Jackie we're holding each other. I saw the door knob twist and then the door flung open and in rushed the boys. I was so excited, I hugged Niall and it felt so good to be in his arms again! I never wanted him to leave again, the boys set down their suitcases and we showed them to the kitchen. They all looked at the cake and their eyes got real big.

"So who's pregnant?" Lou asked.

"That's for us to know and you guys to figure out." I answered.

"Megan!" Harry yelled. Megan nodded and Harry picked Megan up off her feet, and spun her around.

"Aww I was hoping it was Jackie!" Liam pouted.

" is!" Jackie yelled hugging him.

"So you both are?" Zayn asked.

"Well more like all 3 ." I said standing up giving Cannon his juice from the fridge.

"Really!" Niall yelled.

"Yea, crazy right? Megan questioned.

"Yea." The boys all looked amazed and shocked.

We all ate the cake and then we all went our seperate ways, I was tired and I could all the boys were too, we said our goodbyes and then I started to head up the stairs to put Cannon in his crib.

"Can he sleep in are bed tonight?" Niall asked with a puppy-dog face.

"Of course." I said, changing my destionation to my bed room.

Niall followed and walked in, I closed the doors and set Cannon on the floor while me and Niall changed into P.J.'s and climbed into bed.

"Night, I love you both." Niall said kissing Cannon's head, then kissing e on the lips.

"Daddy." Cannon said, rotating his body to face Niall.

"Love you too." I said, slowly closing my eyes and falling into a deep sleep.


I woke up and I noticed Liam was still sleeping, so I went down the stairs to make coffee when I found a book on the counter. I love to read and I haven't read this book before, and I had time to spare so I sat down and started reading. I reached a certian page when something fell out. I picked it up and it was a peice of paper that said 'Will' I was alittle confused. But I continued reading, until I reached another page when I found another peice of paper that read 'You' so I went searching through the book and found 2 more papers that 'Marry' 'Me?' and all together is said 'Will you Marry Me?' and there was a hole in the book that held the most gorgeous ring in the world. I ran up the stairs and jumped on Liam, he woke up and I kissed him so hard and whispered "Yes, a million times yes!".

"Huh?" He questioned. I picked up my hand and showed him, and his eyes got so big. He grabbed my back and picked me up and carried me outside.

"What are were doing out here it's cold!?" I asked.

"We're getting married." Liam yelled and the morning joggers looked at us like we were weird and the few paps, and fans there were screaming. Niall and Danielle opened the door and walked outside and were standind on their front porch.

"Congrats, now shut up so we can go back to sleep!" Niall stated.

"Can't say I didn't see it coming!" Danielle said, winking at Liam. I would have asked him what that was all about but I didn't care. All I careed about was me and Liam were getting married and having a baby, the start to a perfect life.



Ok guys I hope you like!! Sorry it's short, just got home late and really tired!

I will try to update tomorrow but I have to go to Dance and I have a track meet, but I will ry for you guys!


                                             Danielle Horan<3xx



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