Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


32. Tour Bus Drama

"Chala." I shivered at the name.

 "Uh your back." She stated the obvious.

 "Yep." I stood up. "I'm tired, I'm heading to bed. Night boys."

"Night Danielle." Lou and Harry said in unison.

 "Sleep tight." Zayn added.

I smiled and headed back to my bunk, I shared with Niall. I grabbed my phone and dialed Megan's number and started talking to her and telling her about Chala and how I have no clue why she's here and we talked for what seemed like forever, then she fell asleep. I heard the boys and Niall come in and climb in there bunk, Niall climbed in next to me.

 "I'm glad your here." Niall whispered.

"Yea me to." I agreed. curling up next to him.


I rolled over and Niall wasn't there, I pulled back the curtent and saw all the boys still in there bunk. I rubbed my eyes and got up and walked to the kitchen were I saw Niall making pancakes.

"Whatcha doing?" I asked, snacking my arms around his waist.

"Cooking us some breakfest." He answered.

"What about the boys?" I questioning, then resting my head on his back.

"They can make there own breakfest, plus it's 7:30 so they won't be home anytime soon." He stated.

"Ok." I said, going and sitting at the table. And Niall brought over a plate of pancakes, with chocolate chips and chocolate milk.

"Thank you. I love you." He slid in next to me and kissed me.

"I love you too, beautiful." I rested my forhead on his.

"I could never see myself some where else with someone else." I said, looking into his eyes. He smiled and nodded, I started eating when my phone buzzed. It was Lou tagging me in something on instagram, I unlocked my phone and a phtot popped up and it was Niall and I's forheads touching and the caption read 'When I think of True Love, they always pop in my mind'. I showed Niall and he smiled, I got up and went into the bunk room and jumped on Louis bed, I hugged him real tight.

"I love you Lou." I pecked his cheek.

"Yea, yea, I know who doesn't love me." He smiled a cheeky grin from ear to ear.

"So why is Chala here?" I whispered.

"Oh no one knows, Management just told the bus driver to pick her up." He answered.

"You know I never really like management." I stated laughing. He giggled too.

"Ok now go, I'm going back to sleep." Lou shoved me out of his bunk.

I walked back out and Chala was there, sitting right next to Niall all up and close. Niall gave me a look that said 'Save me'.

"Excuse me, that's my seat." I put my hand on my hip.

"I didn't see you sitting here." She snipped.

"Move!" I snapped back, giving her a nasty look.

"Don't have to be rude." She got up, and sat on the bench on the other side other the table.

I sat down next to Niall and whispered in his ear,

"Where is the first concert, I need to get off this bus with her."

"Tonight, in California we will be in Cali, in about 8 hours and don't worry we will have our own hotel room, for a couple days." He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. Harry and Liam walked in, they sat down on the couch.

"How's Megan doing?" I asked.

"Good she's recovering, she get's to go hoe tomorrow." Harry answered.

"Oh has she talked to Jackie.?" I questioned.

"Yea Megan is staying with Jackie till we get back." Harry explained.

"Ok I'm glad they have each other, I miss them already." I said.

Lou and Zayn finally joined us an it was around 9, we had till around 3-4. The boys were playing Xbox, I was sitting behind Niall on the couch and I was playing with his hair and playing on my phone. While Chala just sat there being annoying and stating stupid stuff. I put my phone away and wrapped my arm around Niall's neck and watched them play there game.

"Hello gorgeous."

"Hello." I kissed his cheek.

"I was just thinking about it, and every concert your at is a good one. I think your my good luck charm." I smiled.

"Aww Niall, I love you." I hugged him tighter.

"I love you too." He turned and kissed me.

"Oh get a ro-." Chala started to say, but Lou threw a pillow and it hit her in the face.

"You guys are to cute." Lou said,

"Great Couple." Zayn added.

"Thanks guys." I was smiling from ear to ear, Life couldn't get any better.


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