Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


16. Told you!

"But that can't be that's my mom........." I claimed.

"And it was mine." Julia added still looking at the floor.

"Why didn't my mom tell me?" Megan asked, getting chocked up.

"When I adopted Julia, your mom couldn't even pay for food for her but she said she couldn't bare to loose both so we had to give one up." Mrs. Dasher explained, resting her hand on Julia's shoulder.

"Still doesn't answer why she didn't tell me." I stated.

"Maybe she didn't want you to go and try to find Julia, and then her having to try and explain to Julia why she gave her up."

"Yea Maybe but maybe not." I said, looking down and I felt wet drops fall into my hands.

"Megan don't make it something it's not." Danielle said to me.

"Danielle you don't fucking understand how it feels too loose your mom a year ago and find out you have a twin who is in fucking England!" I said standing up and putting her hand on her hip.

"No your right I only know the feeling of loosing my mom AND brother at 12 and then your dad kills himself, and leaves alone with your Grandma who could sie any fucking minute." Danielle screamed and ran out the door. Julia and her mom just stood there in awe.


I continued running down the hall, eyes filled with tears thinking of all the good times I had with my family, unitl it all ended when I bumped into someone.

"Danielle just the girl I'm looking for they need you for hair and make-up." Paul said, pulling me into this room, I saw all the boys.

"Hey where ave you been?" Lou asked.

"I don't want to talk about it." I said getting the chills and crossing my arms.

"Hun are you crying?" Niall questioned, walking up to me.

"no....." I answered looking away from him.

"Don't lie to me." He said, putting a hand under my chin and facing my face to his.

"Yes." I corrected myself.

"Why?" Zayn asked.

"Megan just found out she had a twin and then she told me I didn't understand how it felt to loose a mom and never now your dad." I explained.

All the boys came over and gave me a group hug.

"Ok, ok thank you guys, but I have some hair to do." I made clear, breaking the hug.

Niall went and sat down and I started working on his hair it was quite and no one said anything for awhile until Niall broke the silence.

"Hey tomorrow you wanna go wedding planning and what not."

"Yea sure, why not." I shrugged.

"You don't sound so excited!" Niall replied, standing up.

"No I am trust me I am I was just thinking about my family." I stated looking down at my ring.

"Don't let it bug you." Niall said putting his hands on my shoulders.

"Yea, your right." I said and then he pulled me into a hug.

"Your on in 5." Paul said coming in the room and leading the boys up the stairs anf of course I followed. We walked up the stairs and waited on in the wing of stage for the announcer to announce the boys.

"Good luck!" I said kissing Niall and giving the boys hugs.

"And here are the heart throbs we have been waiting for. One Direction!" And the boys ran on the stage.

I swear I couldn't hear myself think. I waited backstage and watched the show, until the boys took a break to answer the twitter questions, the stage men carried the couch out.

"Ok well let's start, shall we!?" Liam asked, looking at the boys who all smiled and ndded their heads.

"Are first question is......." They started, but I lost focus when someone tapped my shoulder.

"Hey." Jackie said hugging me.

"Hey when did you get here?" I asked.

"Just now" She answered.

"So what are the boys doing?" She asked looking on the stage.

"Answering those questions from twitter." I answered.

We both focused are attention on the stage as the boys continued answering the questions.

"So who's single?" Zayn read.

"Me" Harry quick to answer.

"Yea me too" Zayn said walking over to him.

"Yea same here, team single" Lou chanted.

"Are you and Liam?" I asked confused.

"No he never like asked." She shuggered.

"Well I have been meaning to ask someone, but I haven't really found the time." Liam started.

I thought to myself and thought how I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't pushe her on the stage, so I told her to come here and we walked closer to the stage and I pushed her on. Her eyes got so big and she just frooze.

"Oh well Jackie" Liam said walking up to her.

"Ummm will you go out with me?" He asked. Jackie still in shock managed to say "Yes" He hugged her and he walked her to the middle of the stage.

"What about you Niall?" Some girl yelled in the crowd.

"Well you see I am engaged to, well you guys might now here she's backstage." He answered, walking up to me. Oh hell no, I tried to run but they stopped me, I grabbed the curtain. Niall wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me up and carried me on stage.

"Well Hi." I muttered, feeling so embarresed because I looked like crap.

"This is my fiance, Danielle."

"Ok next question." I said, trying to hurry this up so I could get off stage. They started to read the question and I was about to walk off stage when Niall pulled me over to him. Shit.

"Who can do a split?" And all the boys quickly looked at me and Jackie.

"Oh i lose i am not felxable at all, but Danielle is." I looked at her and I just wanted to jump on her.

" I can't" I stated trying to save my butt.

"Oh come on." Someone yelled from the crowd.

"All right" I said glancing at Jackie, wanting to rip her head off so bad. "Here goes nothing." I whispered and then jumped into a split. All the boys moaned it was pretty funny.

"Since I did a split I want to see you guys do a ummmmm......." I said trying to think.

"A cartwheel."

"Oh come on." Zayn groaned.

"How do you do one?" Lou asked.

"Well I am not good at it, so Danielle can so show you." Jackie seems to not be able to do anything tonight.

I got a little headstart and then I did a one handed cartwheel.

"How in the hell." Harry said.

I just laughed as all the boys attempted to do them. But after that they had to continued the concert so me and Jackie exited the stage while they finished up. Before we left to go out for some grub, I heard someone mumbble

"Danielle, Jackie."


Author's note:

So how do you guys like the book so far?
I had to add the cartwheel thing in bc I am in the mood to do some and I love watching guys trying to do them! Haha :D
And the split thing is all I did all day so decided to add it too.
                             ~Danielle~ <3xx

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