Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


5. Suprise!

I walked in to the hotel room and headed to the bathroom. There was sand where sand really shouldn't be, so I jumped into the shower. I took a good 30 minute shower and I forgot my clothes they are on my bed. I opened the door and lookde out making sure Niall wasn't in the room yet. So I walked out and towards my bed when the door opened.

"Ummmm Hey" I said grabbing my towel real tight.

"Oh sorry" He said, turning around to walk out the door.

"No your fine, I mean this is your room too" I said walking to the bathroom.

"Ok." He said walking back in and turning on the tv, and sitting on the bed.

I went back in the bathroom and thorw on some jean shorts and a One Direction shirt. I left the bathroom and asked Niall.

"Look good?"

"Always" He said standing up and gave me a peck on the cheek then walked into the bathroom and I could tell he was taking a shower.

I sat on the bed and saw the tv on I started watching it and a show was about to come on. It was the news, and this lady was reporting from outside of are hotel. I opened the window and peaked my head out, the fans started screaming. They probaly thought I was one of the boys,

"They are really loud" Niall said walking across the room in just a towel.

"Yea just a tad bit." I said looking back out the window. I felt Niall standing behind me, he put his hands on my waist and leaned out the window.

"HELLO" He yelled.

I heard the News Reporter on the news talking about a girl in Niall Horan's hotel room. I told Niall and he said

"They will find out soon enough your my Hair Stylist" He replied waving bye to the fans and closing the window. Now come on we have a concert practice at 4, then are concert starts at 7. So we have to gt a move on." He added pulling me out of the room and meeting up with the boys in the lobby.

"Hey, boys" I said with a smile.

"I saw you on the news" Louis said laughing.

We walked out of the hotel and into the van. It wasn't that long of a ride, but I was so tired from the beach. I don't see how the boys can practice for like 3 hours, then do a 3 hour concert. We arrived, and we went around back, to the dressing rooms.

"Ok Danielle, this is Niall's dressing room. Just do his hair and cover up after he gets dressed." Kaleb explained.

"Ok sounds good." Harry walked in.

"Niall, time to practice. Let's go!" Harry stated.

"You can come in watch so your not bored down here for 3 hours!" Niall suggested.

"Ok, sure." I responded, tagging along with the boys.

We walked up these stairs and the boys made a turned. And we got to the point where we started crawling.

"Where are we?" I asked, looking around.

"Under the stage!" Zayn said looking over at me.

"Ummmmm, shouldn't we be on the stage?" I said, feeling stupid.

"Yea, this is how we get up there!" Louis said, and they were all about a foot apart and I was on my knees next to Niall. I noticed there were holes above each of the boys, and the ground started to move.

"Whats going on?" I questioned looking up.

"Stay still" Niall said pulling me close to him.

The ground, finally stopped moving and I looked around and we were on stage.

"That was cool" I said smiling and looking at Niall and the other boys.

"Yea" They said in unison.

"How can you see anything?" I asked, squinting.

"You get used to it!" Harry answered.

I walked off stage, so the boys could practice. I sat on a chair and played on my phone, and listening to the boy's voices. They were angelic, they were amazing, they were peaceful. They made me feel happy and warm inside. I couldn't stop smiling. Time flyed it was 6:00, and I stood up and walked back to the dressing room waiting for Niall to get dressed. At least 10 minutes went passed, and Niall walked in.

"I'm ready" He said sitting down.

"Ok close your eyes, you will make me nervous." I said looking at him.

"Ok" He sighed closing his eyes.

I started by taking a comb and brusing his hair and then I brushed his bangs up and put a small drop of gel in my hand and rubed it in the comb and brushed through his bangs and I finished up by putting on a little cover up because he didn't really need it.

"Open" I stated.

He opened his eyes, "See i Love it, you didn't need to be nervous!"

"Ok well go you go on soon."I said, practically pushing him out the door.

"Ok well you have to come too" He uttered before walking out the door.

"Yea I know, I have to gather my stuff." I have to tag along just incase he needs his hair of make-up fixed inbetween a song.

I heard the boys start, so I ran up the stairs and onto the side of the stage. I looked out to crowd and they were all going insane and so girls were even crying. I thought wow, did I ever look that stupid at a concert. They took a intermission, so me and the other Hair Stylists were fixing there hair, and cover-up.

"You enjoying it sa far?" Niall asked.

Then i over heard Zayn ask Harry about the girl in the front row he was staring at the whole time.

"What does she look like?" I asked being a nosey rosey.

"Striaght beautiful long brown hair, light gorgeaous brown eyes, and she just blew me away." He said gazing into outerspace.

"How can you see all that, with those bright, and i mean bright lights shining in your eyes!" I stated, giggling.

"Ok guys back on stage" Louis said, walking out on stage followed by the other four. The girls went crazy, I watched Harry trying to see what girl he kept making eyecontact with, but it looked all black. Then I thought maybe I'll meet her after the concert.

The concert was finally over, the bags under my eyes were so heavy i could have feel frontwards.

"So Harry did you invited this girl backstage." I questioned with a wink.

"No Liam did, Ithink she likes him." He said frowning.

"I'm sorry, she's crazy not to like you" I replies hugging him. But Liam is a nice guy too, i thought.

I went down to the dressing room and I walked to Liam's and there everyone was.

"Hello everyon-, Megan?" I began.

"Danielle" She said standing up and hugging me.

"It's been forever!" I proclaimed.

"I know" She agreed. "How's Jackie?" She added.

"Jackie, that's it Jackie, Harry Jackie" I yelled picking uo my phone and dialing Jackie's number."

"Jackie" I said, all excited.

"Yes" She said, sounding scared.

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