Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


2. Road to Happiness:)

"Ummmmm i'm kinda in the middle of something" I told jackie

"Well it's gonna have to wait so whem i read your text it said niall horan's hairdresser!"

"Your point?" I asked.

"Oh god you really are!" She said in shock "OMG YOU REALLY ARE" she said screaming that time.

"Bye" I said, thinking about how rude i am being.

"No wait....." she said but i hung up anyways.

I walked back in the room no one has moved it looked like and everyone is still watching my like im gonna pull out a gun. They went on with there chit-chat when Kaleb pulled me out of the room and into one down the hall.

"Ok this is where you will be doing Niall's hair, and like powder, and ummmmmmm that should be it if you need anything don't be afraid to ask!" Kaleb informed me on.

"Ok sounds good" I replied with a huge smile on my face.

He left the room i looked around and saw his outfits and suitcases. I sat down in this chair facing the mirror and closed my eyes to rethink and make sure what is happening is real and not a stupid daydream.

"Hello love"  Someone said opening the door.

I opened my eyes and stood up.

"Hello Harry, how are you" I said staying calm, making sure not to fan girl out on him.

"Great" He said with a smile, "Why don't you come talk with us.

"OK" i  replied fast.

He lead to the room i was just in,

"Guys look who's back" Harry said leading me to a couch were i was sitting inbetween Niall and Harry.

"So tell us a little about yourself" Zayn said, coming closer and sitting on the ground in front of me and followed was Liam and Louis.

"Ummmmm, when I was 12 my mom died, my dad when i was 13 went insane and was put in a nut shack till i was 15 and he was released then killed himself to be with my mom, he left me a note and said We will be a family again. So i'm here with my grandma, who i love to death!" I took a deep breath and let out a sigh. That felt so good to tell them and get it out of my chest.

They were all looking out me, and they were all on the edge of tears.

"I'm so sorry" Niall said grabbing my hand. I looked up at him and squeezed his hand back and said "Thank you !"

I was still holding his hand and i found my head slowly falling on his shoulder as the conversation went on. And when it finally hit his shoulder i felt his head rest on mine. I found out that they are just like us just is more known around the world. Just then Kaleb walked in.


"Yes" I replied standing up and fixing my shirt.

"Pack up, we are leaving for a concert in L.A."

"Ummmm ok"

"I will go with her" Niall said standing up and behind me.

"Well hurry we leave in 30 minutes." Kaleb explained.

We got in my car and I started to drive when i looked over at Niall and I saw him looking at the picture.

"That's my mom and Dad" I said, pointing my eyes back on the road.

"Huh" He said looking up from the picture.

"The picture" I said looking at it.

"Oh..." He said, looking down at his phone.

"Ummmmm I probaly should get your number." He said looking up at me.

"Oh yea what for" I said trying to play hard to get.

"I don't know maybe if I have a bad hair day!" He responed, thinking on his feet.

"Oh like that could ever happen" I said with a giggle.

"It  does! Thank you" He said joining along laughing.

" Ok" And i told him my number.

My phone vibrated in my lap. I looked at it and it was Jackie, I thought i wonder what would happen if i had Niall answer it.

"Niall and you grab my phone and put it on speaker" I said with a smile.

"He grabed it out of my lap and answered it "Hello" Oh my god i love that accent.

"Who are you?" Jackie said all snobby I was laughing so hard.

"Niall Horan"

"Oh my god I am so sorry" She said probally feeling like a jerk.

"Oh please save it for someone who cares" I added in. "What do you want?"

"Nevermind! Bye" She replied followed by a beep.

"I swear she needs some help" I said pulling in to my grandma's driveway.

We cimbed out of the car and I unlocked the door we walked into the house and to my bedroom.

"This is a cute cottage." Niall stated, with those ocean blue eyes still wondering, untill they set upon the cookies on the table.

"Thanks she painted it white, but i would have kept it brown." I said, turning around to see him drooling over the cookies. "You can have one after i make you some lunch." I added.

"Ok mother, ill make us some sandwitches" He said, looking for the bread. I just stood there and watched him open every draw and cabnet in the kitchen.

"it's right here" I said picking it up off the counter, right in front of him. "How about i make the sandwitchs, and you can take my bags out to the car." I said handing him my bags, with a big smile.

I got the bread out, i put the meat and cheese on. I grabed out a knife and was about to cut the sandwitch's when someone came up behind me and said

"They look great, just like you"

"Well Thank you i said turning around, OMG grab the sandwitch's we need to go" I gave him the sandwitch's grabed the cookies and locked the house and jumped in the car and off we went.

"This sandwitch is great"

"It's just a sandwitch anyone can make it"

"No one can make a sandwitch like this"

I just looked at him and smile. He smiled back with food in his mouth, i started cracking up and then I found my eyes laying upon the picture of my parents. And you know i didn't even frown, i'm finally really I pulled in to the airport and we boarded the Jet.

"Welcome aboard the One Direction S.S." Louis said tipping his head and shaking my hand.

"Well Thank you Sir" I added playing along. We all were laughing and having a good time.

"You should act!" Zayn stated.

"You should sing a song" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Ok guys, Little Things, 1....2.....3...." Niall said, starting to sing and I just sat there and looked in to his cold blue eyes, evem though they made me feel warm inside. I found myself singing along, they all looked at me. And when the song ended I said

"Don't Judge, me because i can't sing as good as you"

"You right, because your better" Liam responded.

"No" I said, and if Jackie was here she would probaly say i was blushing even though I don't blush!

"Hey guys look we are here!" Louis yelled like a little boy.

"Look at the beach." I said in ah.

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