Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


19. Right from Wrong!

I woke up at the crack of dawn and sat in bed and thought about what happened last night and what I am feeling right now. Niall was still asleep, I didn't want to bother him so I got out of bed and grab a jacket and decided to go on a walk. But before I went on my walk I stop at Harry's hotel room. I knocked on the door and there was talking.

"Hello anyone awake?" I asked right as the door open.

"Uh Hi Danielle." Harry said with a smile fixing his hair.

"Hey can we talk about-" I started till I heard a girl in the background.

"Harry who is it?" She questioned. I was stunnned after he kisses me he hooks up with a girl. And it's not even Megan.

"Who is that?" I asked putting my hand on my hip.

"A girl down the hall."

"Oh Ok i see how it is you kiss me and then sleep with a girl when you have a almost girlfriend." I stated, I started to walk away but he grap my wrist.

"Danielle it's not like that, I had mixed feelings about you and Megan I just-" He tried to explain.

"Had to sleep with another girl?" I asked sarcasticlly.

"No I went to the bar downstairs and ran into her." He finished.

"You know you can't always blame it on the drinks, Harry you still control you actions. You didn't have to take her home if you didn't want too." I lectured.

"So are you here about what happened last night?" He questioned trying to change the subject.

"Ummm yea will you walk with me?" I answered putting my hands in my pockets.

"Yea." He said grabing a jacket and closing the door.

"What about....her?" I asked walking down the hallway.

"She can find her way out." We walked outside and he tried to hold my hand but I pulled away.

"Is something wrong?" He asked worried. I sat on a bench and he sat next to me really close.

"Stop!" I said scooting down.

"Stop what?" He questioned.

"Harry, I am engaged with Niall, and pregant with his son." I whispered.

"And that's going to stop what we have, isn't it!" He stated.

"Harry we don't have anything, we never did and never will. I'm sorry." I responded standing up and walking down the sidewalk. Before I turned the corner I looked back and saw Harry sitting there all alone, and honeslty it broke my heart. I continued on walking, I thought to myself and how I was going to tell Niall and how he was gonna act. Or should I even tell him? I should, I have too. I was deep in my thoughts looking at the ground then running into a fan and then running into more they were coming from every direction.

"Why were you with Harry." "What about Niall?" "Are you having an affair?"

I started getting dizzy and felt like I was about to pass out. Until I felt someone tug at the back of my t-shirt, I turned around and saw a girl standing in the opening of a narrow alley. I turned around and followed her down the alley till we got to the end and a few fans were following us.

"This way!" She said climbing up a ladder. I followed her up the ladder till I got to the top of a roof. See pulled up the rusty ladder and set it down on the roof.

"Thanks you!" I said hugging her.

"Uh no problem I saw you were in trouble and I felt bad." She said hugging back and then released.

"Yea sometimes they just don't know when to stop and leave people alone, I mean come on-" I went on and on about then released i was rambling on about stuff she probaly doesn't care about.

I chuckled to myself, "I'm Danielle!" I added sticking my hand out.

She giggled too, "I'm Kendall." She said taking my hand and gently shaking it. Her jacket sleeve came up a little and I saw cuts.

"Why?" I said looking at her cuts. She pulled her hand away and yanked her sleeve down. "Why would you do that to yourself?"

"I have nothing better to do, when people tell you that your fat, ugly, and useless who cares what you do to your body." SHe explained.

"Your not fat, and your not ugly." I said brushing her hair out of her face.

"You don't need to say that, we all now your pretty and your getting married to the hottest guy in the world. Why waste your time talking to a teen runaway, who has no family." She replied, getting teary eyed.

"You ranaway, where do you stay?" I asked looking at her.

"Here." She said motioning her hand towards a corner of random stuff.

"Sweetie how old are you?" I questioned feeling really sick inside. And i thought I had it bad.

"14" She answered. I hugged her.

"Would you like to stay with me?" I asked, that slipped out of my mouth but it felt so right.

"No I would feel like i'm-" Before she could finish I cut her off.

"But first we our going shopping!" I insisted grabbing her healthy wrist, and putting the ladder back so we can climb down.

Before we left the alley I made sure all the fans had evacuated. We spent all day shopping and I got to know her and she is a really nice person. I gave her a new hair style then she put on mascara and she was really pretty it just took a little time.


~4 months later~

Grandma Rave flew out for the wedding, it was taken place in Ireland since I don't have any family but Grandma Rave. And Jackie and Liam got a pitbull named Jasper and he is the cutest thing alive. Harry ad Megan are happy together finally and he is over me.

"Omg Danielle, today is the day!" Jackie said jumping up and down.

"Yea i know I can't believe this is happening!" I stated looking in the mirror and admiring what I see.

"You look beautiful, are you ready?" Megan asked.

"Yes." I saidd, grabbing my flowers and then the music started. Jackie and Liam walked down the isle first since Liam is Niall's best man and Jackie is my maid of Honor. And trust me it took us forever to choose them. Then Megan and Harry, Louis and Julia and then Zayn walked me down the isleway. I stood there starring into the man of my dreams bright, ocean blue eyes. And the minister started to talk but all I was lost in Niall's eyes. Oh god his smile, kills me everytime.

"Niall do you take Danielle to be you lawfully wedded wife?" He questioned.

"I do" Hs answered with a smile, then a gentle squeeze.

"Daneille do you take Niall to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He questione again.

"I do." I replied with a smile.

"Then you may kiss the bride." He said, closing the book.

I leaned in and kissed him, it's like the first time we kissed. It felt like fireworks and sparks were flying everywhere. It was just plain perfect.


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