Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


26. Replacement.

So it's been a month and Jackie and Liam decided to move in next door. They just move in so they have to unack, while I have to show Chala the ropes and she's got all my nerves already and it's only 9 a.m. The boys leave for tour tonight, and I'm sad but I am glad Jackie is right net door and Megan is going to stay with me till I leave for tour, then she's gonna watch the house for me. And as for Cannon he will be staying with Niall's mum when I leave. He is now 9 months old, he just crawling and is getting in everything we had to baby proof the house. Niall has been having issues with the baby locks on things, it's kinda funny to watch him struggle.

"Excuse me can I have a water." Chala said snapping her fingers at someone.

"Our your leg's broken." I snapped.

"No, but it's their job to serve."

"Yea the boys not you!" I said feeling my body filling with anger.

"Hey gorgeous!" Niall said pecking me on the lips.

"Hello." The boys said, hugging me and pecking me on the cheek.

"Hi." I responded with alittle of annoyence in my voice.

"You ok?" Niall asked pulling me on his lap.

"Just peachy." I answered with a fake smile.

I could tell Niall picked up why I was annoyed, but he new just how to make me feel better. He pulled myy out of the room and in to another. He started kissing me, and then the kisses trailed down my neck and my chest and he took off my shirt and then my pants. I took of his shirt, and his pants as he kept kissing me, he lied me me on the ground it was colded so I arched my back.

"Cold." I said inbetween kisses. He just giggled and started kissing down my stomach and then, he gently entered me.

I let out a moan as Niall and I were rocking are hips back and forth.


We walked back into the room and everyone wass gone but Chala.

"Uh where's the boys?" Niall asked.

"They all left to get ready for tonight." Chala answered filing her nails.

"Oh I should probaly go do that too." Niall said kissing me passionalty before leaving the room.

"You know Niall's hair looks really hot messy." She stated standing up. I just rolled my eyes and started packing up the stuff they will need for tour.

I finshes pack and someone came and picked it up to take to the van. The va went to pick up the boys while, another van toook me and Chala to the airport. Our van pulled up next to the boys, and I could feel my eyes getting teary. I got out of the Van fast and hugged Niall.

"I'm gonna miss you so much." I started to get chocked up.

"I'll miss you too." Niall stated.

"Promise me, Chala won't replace me." I said looking him in the eyes.

"Never." He said, sealing it with a kiss. And then of course Chala ruined it with a cough.

"Let's go."

Niall and Zayn were walking in front of me in the airport, so i started to talk to Harry, Lou nad Liam.

"will you guys keep and eye on her?" I asked.

"Of course." Liam answered.

"Anything for you." Lou answered next.

"Thanks, I know I can always count on you guys." I exclamied. I caught up with Niall and he grabbed my hand, and it made me think of how I'm gonna miss is gentle touch and being in his arms.

We heard this lady come on the loud speaker, letting us now that there plane is boarding. Megan and Jackie just showed up, just in time to wish the boys goodbye.

"Bye, I'm gonaa miss you and Cannon. And just remeber I love you and only you." He said kissing me hard.

"I'm gonna miss you too, try to call mme when yo can and skype me as much as you can." I replied, with tears streaming down my face.

"I will be home in 2 and half months, just in time fore Cannon's birthday." He said as Chala came and grabbed his wrist to lead him towards the plan. But he ripped his hand from her grip, and she had a shocked look on her face,  thought it was pretty funnny.

"So guys what do we do from here?" I asked them.

"Well I have to clean up the house alittle if you wanna help?" Jackie asked, with a cheeky smile.

"Sure." Megan answered, and I nodded.

We got in Jackie's car, and headed home. I was feeling alittle better knowing I won't be alone, because I have the best friends in the world, and the cutest son to rome the earth. We pulled into Jackie's driveway and we climbed out of the car, she unlocked the front door. And we headed to the right which is the kitchen, Jackie made tea.

"Uh I will sweep, vacumm and dust. Danielle you will do the laundry, and Megan you can clean the bathroom since I know you love to do it." Jackie demended.

"Yea it's my specialty, I have been doing it since I could walk." Megan said with sarcasm. Megan used have to clean the bathroom every weekend when she was younger, so she's pretty good at it.

I headed to their bedroom and put their whites in a hamper and took it to the laundry rrom. I threw them in the wash with ditergent and shut the lid. I left the laundry room and saw Jackie sweeping the kitchen so I headed back up the stairs to the upstairs bathroom.

"So megan how have you and Hazza been?" I asked.

"Great, were thinking bout getting a flat together." She answered.

"I'm so happy for you." I responded.

"Thanks, just imagine us in 15 years." Megan started to clean the tub.

"I see myself with 4 kids, with Niall of course in our same home. With Jackie next door with her own kids and Liam, you across the street with like 50 kids and Harry. You guys better get started." I laughed, running out of the bathroom because he started to throw stuff at me.

I had another 30 minutes till the clothes were down, so I went and seperated  there other clothes. I also made the bed and straightened the room up. By the time I was down, the washer dinged so I took the darks down and threw them in the was as I put the whites in the dryer. Megan was cleaning their bedroom bathroom, as Jackie started cleaning the family room and living room. I was bored and I started to miss Niall really badly, so I decieded to text him.

To: Niall<3 Hey:) I miss you:(

From: Niall<3 Hi,babe:) I miss you too.

To: Niall<3 So how's the plane ride?

From: Niall<3 Tiring, I'm gonna sleep. I will text you later.

To: Niall<3 Ok:) Love you<3 oxox

From: Niall<3 Love you more ;) <3

I was in the middle of reading the text as the dryer ding, I ran down and put the clothes in the basket and Ran back up stairs and started folding clothes. Jackie was just starting to clean the spar rooms and things, as Megan was still in their bathroom.

"This thing takes to long to clean, it's to big. I say they should just hire a maid." Megan claimed.

"I know I have one that comes everyother day."I replied, while putting their clothes away. I started with putting Liam's things away in his drawers when I dropped a sock. I bent down and picked it up and I saw something under the dresser so I gradded it. It was a black velvet box, I opened it and their was a big ring my jaw dropped.

"Megan, come here." I screamed, but not to loud that jackie could here.

"What?" She asked walking in the room.

"Look." I shoved the ring in her face.

She was speechless, I think she was in shock. Then, she finally said,

"Danielle, I can't I love Harry." I started laughing. I put it back where I found it and then grabbed my phone.

To: Liam:) You need a better hiding place.

From: Liam :) What do you mean?

To: Liam :) i found your present!

From: Liam :) Still not following you.

To: Liam :) The ring!

From: Liam :) Don't tell Jackie please!

To: Liam :) I would never, I promise.

From: Liam :) Thanks! :)

To: Liam :) No problem. :)

We all finally finished cleaning so we ordered pizza. We talked and gossiped like we were in middle school again.

"I should probally head out, Cannon will be home any minute." I stated, standing up

"Yea I'll come with." Megan agreed, following me out the door.

"Aww ok, Night guys." Jackie said cosing the door behind us.

Me and Megan walked down the long drive way and the up my long driveway.

"I think we walked a mile." Megan stated ploopping on my couch.

"Yea." I giggled, we turned on the tv and the movie pitch perfect was on so we started watching it. And shortly after the doorbell rang. I opened it and I saw Maura holding Cannon, she handed him to me.

"You wanna come in?" I asked.

"I would love to, but I have to go to Greg's and help him." She answered, giving me and hug then a kiss on the cheek and left.

K set Cannon's diaper bag in his rooom, and then went back to the living room, were Megan was playing with Cannon. I grabbed my phone and had 3 unread messages.

From: Lou :D your lucky I like you!

To: Lou :D Why? lol

From: Lou :D Because Chala was about to room with Niall,but I offered.

To: Lou :D Awww:) Thanks Lou :) I owe you!

Then the next one was from Harry.

From: Hazza Niall truely does love you.

And it was a picture of Chala trying to kiss Niall's cheek but he pushed her face away.

To: Hazza that's my Niall ;)

and last but not least Niall.

From: Niall <3 wanna skpye babe?

To: Niall <3 Of course!

From: Niall <3 good I need to see your face. :)

"Hey I am headed to bed." I told Megan.

"Yea me too." She said standing up.

I picked Cannon up and heade to my room. I pulled out my laptop and sat on the bed with Cannon. I called him and he answered with a big smile.

"Hi. Helloe Cannon I miss you." He started. I looked down and Cannon was smiling.

"So how's everything going?" I asked..

"Good, rooming with Harry." He said pointing the camera on Harry, and he was skyping someone.

"Who is he skyping?" I questioned.

"Uhh Megan." He answered.

"Oh haha HI Megan." I screamed.

"I thought you were sleeping?!?!" She yelled back. I just laughed.

"Oh I miss you guys already." Niall said smiling and laying back on his bed.

"Come in!" Harry yelled in the background.

"Who's there?" I asked Niall.

"Chala." He said making a pucking face. I giggled.

"Daddy funny huh?" I looked down, talking to Cannon.

"Daddy." Cannon said, oh my god he just said his first word.

"Did he just say daddy?" Niall asked.

"Yea!" I said with a big grin.

"I wish I was home with you." Niall said.

"Why your with me?" I heard Chala say, sitting on the bed.

"No, no I'm not." Niall said pushing her off the bed.

I smiled, "I'm going to bed, I love you babe." I sad.

"I love you too! I love you Cannon!" He answered.

"Daddy." Cannon said again.

We hung up and I pt the laptop on the ground and I put pillows on the edges of the bed because I was letting Cannon sleep with me. I laid down and pulled Cannon close to me and I started rubbing his bed. And I felt hair growing, I looked at it and it looked brownish. He's gonna have his dad's brown hair and blue eyes. I drifted to sleep with Cannon in my arms.



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