Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


18. Party!

We were all sitting in a circle, the girls were having some wine, the men were drinking beer and I was drinking water.

"Come on Danielle have a glass!" Jackie said passing me the wine bottle.

"No I'm good." I said setting it on the side table.

"Fine party pooper!" Megan said spitting everytime she said the letter p.

"I think you both need some water too." I said passing them my water bottle. But instead of drinking it, Jackie spilled down the front of her.

"Shit. my shirts wet." She said looking at it them started to take it off.

"I don't think so." I said pulling it down.

"Come with me and I will get you a t shirt." I said grabing her arm to make sure she didn't fall over. I helper her into my room then set her on the bed.

"Stay" Then I went and grabed a shirt out of my closet. I turned around and Jackie was passed out. I turned out the light and  closed the door and went back to the living room.

"Where's Jackie?" Liam asked. He was sober i think, he kinda seemed drunk.

"In the bedroom she passed out, Hey Liam have you been drinking." I asked kinda worried.

"No, well maybe, yes but just a little."

"Liam it doesn't matter how much you shouldn't be, are you ok, tell me if you don't-" I started to say and then I got a little quizzy so I ran into bathroom and threw up. Niall rushed to my side and was rubbing my back.

"Are you ok?" He questioned a little worried.

I nodded, "Can you get me a water?"

He walked out of the bathroom and everyone went back to the living but Heather.

"So how far along?" He askind looking in the mirrior fixing her make-up and then adjusting her boobs.

"Excuse me?" I said a little confused.

"You know the baby?' She said, I pulled her to the ground.

"Shhh." She looked disguted and then shuffled around in her purse.

"Here." She said passing me a peice of gum.

I felt a little embarassaed so I looked away and put the peice of gum in my mouth.

"Please don't tell anyone." I said begging.

"Trust me I won't I am so drunk I won't remember anything." she said with a wink and off she went. I got off the bathroom floor and went to my bedroom where Jackie was still laying.

"Liam!" I yelled.

'Yes!" He said running in my room.

"Take Jackie and go home." I said, and he picked her up and then they left. I climbed in bed and an hour later I felt Niall climb in bed next to me.

"How you feeling?" He whispered in my ear.

"Ask me in the morning." I answered, and I wiggle close to him and he wrapped his nice, and strong arms around me.

"Morning Beautiful, how you feeling?" Niall said sitting up beside me.  sat up and look at him then my stomach and let out a sigh.

"Honestly, I fell like crap. I am getting fat, and I am craving grapes and I don't even like grapes. I am a mess." I said letting it all out.

"Your doing great just 4 months till were married and 5 months till...." He stuttered.

"Oh yea we still have to go wedding planning and I have to go to a Dr.'s appt."I said finishing his sentence and standing up and showering. I heard Niall walk in the bathroom.

"Are you ready?" I asked him.

"Yes." He answered.

I finished up washing my hair and then I got to my body and as I was washing my belly, I could see the stomach coming in.

"Niall, when are we gonna tell everybody?" I questioned grabing my towel then stepping out of the shower.

"How about this after wedding planning and your dr.'s appt. we all go out to the fair in town and we tell them." He responded looking at me and grabbing my hands.

"Ok, now get out so I can get dressed." He left and I got ready and walked out. I was wearing skinny jeans,boots,a tank and sweatshirt. I grabbed my phone and off we went.

"So where first Dr.'s." I instructed leading him down the street. We were holding hands when I felt like I had to throw up. I taped his shoulder, and covered my mouth. He lead me to the side of the walk way and I threw up in the grass.


"Yes, but I need to stop and get a drink." I said walking into starbucks and grabing a hot cocoa, and Niall got a coffee. We left walked a few more minutes till we arrived at the Doctors.

"Hello Danielle, the Dr. is ready for you." The secertary gesture towards a door.

"Thank you." I responded with a little head bow. I climbed up on the examining table. While we were waiting I got a text.

Jackie: Hey ummm sorry about yesterday!

Me: It's ok but you and everybody be ready by 6 were all going to the fair!

Jackie: Yes ma'am!

As soon as I put my phone away the doctor walked in and made small talk.

"Ok so you ready to find out the gender?"

"Yes." I said squeezing Niall's hand as the doctor put on the gel it was cold. He started to move the thing around on my stomach and I saw the baby and then it finally happened.

"It's a boy! Congrats!' He said shacking are hands and wiping my belly.

"Any name ideas?" He asked.

"Ummm Yea Cannon Scott." I answered.

"That's a great name." He said leaving the room. I got up and hugged Niall.

"Ok let's go we have some wedding planning to do." I said ushering him out the room. After a long walk we entered the cake place and meet are wedding planner.

"Hello." She started. We spent 3 hours sitting in this little cake place, until the papz came. We have decided are wedding colors are blue and green and it's gonna be on the beach on June  17th and we are gonna have chocolate chip, chocolate fuge, choclate cake with chocolate icing and then we are also having a vanilla cake with butter cream icing and much more. I ordered my dress and my brides maids dresses. My dress is a white ankle length sweatheart neck with lace, and I will wear some straip up flip flops, my hair will be in an updo. And my bride maids (Jackie and Megan) will be wearing ankle length dress with noodle straips and they will be wearing some flip flops and there hair will be up and curled with a blue and green flowers.

We left and meet up with everybody at the fair. We rode a few rides played a few games, and Niall won me a bear. We all sat down and were eating nacho's and pretzel's and I thought it was a good time to tell everyone.

"Guys I gotta tell you something." I started.

"It's a secret kinda." Niall added.

"Ok here is goes, i'm kinda well you know prego." I said with a nervous smile.

"No way!" Jackie said falling off Liam's lap.

"When did this happen?" Megan asked, leaning in.

"4 and 1/2 months ago." I answered.

"And your just now telling us." Lou pointed out.

"Well yea." I sid looking down at my hands. I looked around the girls looked happy, Liam and Lou and Zayn had a grin on there face and were patting Niall on the back, I don't uunderstand boys. Execpt Harry he looked sad but when he saw me looking at him, he put a fake smile on his face. I told him to follow me, so we went on a walk.

"You ok?" I asked him, as we were climbing in a seat on a ferris wheel.

"Yea" He answered looking down at the ground.

"You sure?" I questioned. And then theall of a sudden the ride stopped and me and Harry were at the top.

 "Well no, actually I always thought that you and Niall were not gonna work out and then me and you were gonna, well you know." He explained.

"Oh I get it, look Harry I'm-" But I was cut offf with his soft, and tender lips. And then the ride started again, and we climbed off and we all left and all the way to the hotel and until I fell asleep all I could thing about was....him. Not Niall but Harry........

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