Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


29. O...M...G

Danielle's POV.

Niall and I were getting ready to go to Nando's and meet up with everyone. I haven't talk to any of them in awhile and I just can't wait to see them. I put on dark wash shorts and a teal tank top, with some black flip flops. I straightened my hair and put on some mascara, I walked out of the bathroom and to Cannon's room.

"Grandma's coming to watch you tonight, promise to be good?" I asked picking him up. He just nodded his little head.

"Tomorrow's your first birthday. I can't believe your one." I was just thinking of the past year, and the more great memories still to come. My thoughts were interupted by the door bell.

"Niall it's probably your mom. Can you get?" I yelled acrossed the hall.

"Yea I got it." He answered walking out of our room wearing a blue Jack Wills shirt and black shorts with a grey snapback. He walked down the staIirs and ansewered the door, while I quickly changed Cannon's diaper. I carried him down the stairs as I meet up with Niall and Maura in the kitchen.

"There's my little guy." She said,as I passed Cannon to her.

"Thank you, for doing this." I said, kissing her cheek.

"No problem, can't wait to have another." She said touching my stomach.

"Yea." I said, waiting to tell everyone I'm having two tomorrow.

"Well were off, bye mom." Niall said kissing her cheeks.

"See ya." She waved as we walked out to he car.

We drove to Nando's and it was quite, but not an ackward silence but a sweet silence. We walke through the front door and I saw Megan, Harry, Tiana and Zayn sitting at a corner booth. Niall and I walked over and sat down.

"Hi guys, I have missed you all so much." I stated as I sat down.

"I know I miss you too." Megan added, as the others agreed.

"Where's Jackie, Liam, Lou ?" Niall asked.

"They are on there way." Zayn answered.

"Oh ok. So how are you guys?" I asked.

"Great, execpt I have to go to Paris for work. It really sucks, but he will be on tour anyways."

"Oh yea that reminds me when do we go back on tour?" I questioned.

"2 weeks, our you sure you wanna go?" Niall asked.

"Yea why wouldn't I?"

"Well I don't know the babies." Niall answered, letting the word babies slip. I hope no one will notice.

"Babies?" Harry asked, yep they notice but right then and there everyone else showed up, so I scooted closer to Megan to make room. So the order from left to right was Zayn, Tiana, Harry, Megan, Me, Niall, Liam, Jackie, and Lou.

"Hi everybody!" Jackie said, really loud.

"Shut up." Megan said playfully, but Jackie gave her a WTF face.

"Excuse me?"

"It's just you were loud and everyone looked. I was just kidding." Megan said, getting defensive. Oh lord pregant ladies.

"Oh shut up, who cares if people stare!?!" This is just a great way to start a runiting of friends.

"I have to pee anyone else?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Yea I do." Megan and Tiana said in unison.

We got up and headed towards the bathroom, there was only 2 stalls so me and Tiana went first. I heard another voice which sounded like Jackie. Oh golly here we go again, I heard then yelling and so I excited the stall  and quickly washed my hands.

"Guys stop, you guys are fighting about nothing."

"Oh shut up Blondie, why don't you stop sticking up for Megan!" Jackie snipped.

"I'm not standing up for anyone, I wasjust simply saying this is not the time or place to fight." I snipped back.

"Even if she was siding she would side with me!" Megan stated, giving jackie a shove at the shoulders.

"No need for getting pyhsical." I tried to get in between them, but Jackie pushed Megan back but harder and Megan slipped on the wet floor and fell on her side, and hit her head.

"Jackie!?!?!?!" Me and El yelled.

"Oh my god." Jackie covered her mouth with her hand. The boys came rushing over.

"Someone call 911!!!" Harry yelled, getting fired up.

"I'm so sorry!" Jackie screeched nozzling her head into Liam's chest.

"I think it's best if you u just go home." I said to Jackie.

"But...but she's my friend." Jackie said.

"Then why would you do that to her??" I said getting alittle more mad.

"I don't know."

"Go home." I said a bit louder, Liam and her looked alittle shocked.

"But.." She started to argue.

"I SAID GO HOME." I yelled at her, as Niall walk towards me and wrapped me in a hug.

"I hate these hormones." Niall chuckled.

The ambulance arrived and took Megan and Harry to the hospitial. Everyone got in their cars and headed to the hospitial.

Jackie's POV.

I can't believe what just happened, she had no reason to yell at me like that.

"t wasn't all my fault." I said.

"No, but you guys were alittle out of control." Liam stated, I knew he was right but I still can't believe he's saying that.

"I can't believe your on there side!!" I opened the car door and got out.

"Jackie, get in the car." Liam yelled.

"No i'm walking home."

"Home's not for another 5 miles."

"I'm not getting in the car, Liam" I stated.

Harry's POV.

I'm sitting her waiting till i can see Megan, I hope she's ok. I sat there with everyone waiting, and waiting for about and hour till the nurses informed us that we can see her.

"Hello Mr.Styles?" The doctor asked, shakingmy hand.

"Yea how is she?" I was anxious.

"She is in a coma and she has a couple broken ribs." He answered.

"Will she be ok? When will she wake up?"

"She will be fine and in a week or 2, she didnt hit her head that hard." He said leaving the room.

"Wait!" Someone spoke up, I turned my head to see Danielle.

"Yes." THe doctor stopped and looked at her.

"What about the baby?"

"What Baby?" The doctor asked, and my heart sank. I could feel tears rush to the surface, I forgot about the baby how could I forget that.

"She was pregant, I know she doesnt look it because she's miss skinny." Danielle said.

"Well if she was pregnant then the baby is for sure gone." The doc stated


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