Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


15. No.......way!

"Hey girl how's things going with you and Jackie?" I started.

"I don't she left to go grab coffee." She answered.

"Oh Ok anyways, so I am with the boys and there was a girl."

"Tour point is...?"

"Oh yea well she looks like you." I replied.

"What do you mean she looks like me?" She asked.

"Like the hair the eyes the body shape, like everything you need to get down here." I claimed.

"Ugggg ok on my way." She said, hanging up the phone.

I turned around because the music stopped and saw the boys had a little break while they were waiting for someone to get back with the breakfest. I saw Harry and Zayn on there phones and Liam sitting resting his head in his hands and Niall trying to tell him it's gonna be alright. Where's Lou? I thought and then I saw him with the light girl. Uggg no he is gonna ruin my plan, I ran up to Lou and said that someone was backstage for him.

"Alright be back in a minute." He said walking away and of into the wing of the stage.

"Hi, I am Aylssa." She said.

"Hi, I am Danielle." And I grabbed a bottle of water and made sure no one was looking and pretend like I tripped walking away and the water went all over her.

"Omg my god I'm so sorry you should leave and go get a dry shirt." I said.

"Good idea brb" And there she went off stage and out of sight. Louis walked back on stage.

"No one was- where did she go?" He questioned.

"I don't know!" I stated walking away really fast and then I got a call. Megan.


"I'm here, but the STUPID gaurd won't let me in!" She sighed.

"Ummmm ok on my way." I said putting my phone in my pocket and turning around and running right into Harry.

"Sorry." I said.

"It's ok so where you off to?" He asked.

"Got to go let Megan in." I answered, sliding past him.

"Oh I'll come with." He said tagging along behind me.

We walked off the stage and out these double to a hallway full of windows and of course was fans everywhere. I smiled and waved but Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me into another door.

"What's the big idea?" I said pulling my hand from his.

"We have to go get Megan we will stop and chit chat later." He replied pulling me down another hallway and out the door we came in.

"Danielle, Harry over here!" He yelled.

"She's ok she's my girlfriend." Harry stated and I looked at him and then Megan. He let her in and the walked up to Harry,

" I'm not your girlfriend."

"Oh playing hard to get, I like it." He teased.

"Any who, Harry go back to practice we have to go do something." I explained.

"Ok bye Megan." He said hugging her.

"Bye" She said hugging back, then he walked away.

"Ok Megan this way to the garden." I told her pulling her around the corner of the building and to the Garden.

"Why here?" She asked, but I ignored her because I was to busy looking aaround.

"Oh Julia!" I screamed, and Julia look up and walked over to us.

"Megan meet Julia, Julia meet Megan."

"Hi" Julia started.

"Hello" Megan replied.

"You guys look so much alike!"

"I don't see it." Megan and Julia said at the same time. I put my hnd on my hip and laughed.


"Who are your parents?" I asked the fimiliar stranger.

"Well you see I was adopted."

"Oh, well my mom died last year and who know where my dad is." I explained.

"That's too bad know we will never know!" Danielle said poutting.

"Know what?" I asked.

"If your twins!" Danielle responded.

"Why would my mom only keep one of us, that's just silly." I stated.

"Hey Julia by any chance could your mom meet us here and we could just talk because I am getting to the buttom of this, you guys look too much alike!!" Danielle questioned Julia.

"Ummm yea she is just inside, she kinda owns the place." She said, walking away and we followed.

"Her office is right inside this door!" She said, opening the door. "Right here." She added pointing to a door label, 'Mrs. Dasher'. She opened the door.

"Mom you have a second?" Julia asked.

"Yea come right on in." Her mom answered motioning us to a couch.

"Hi I'm Danielle and this is Megan." Danielle started.

"Wow I could have easily mistaken you for Julia." She pointed out. Danielled glared at the both of us with a i-told-you look.

"Ummm can you tell me who you adopted Julia from?" I asked skipping straight to the point.

"Hold on I have the papers over here." She said walking over to a filing cabnet and opening the 2nd drawer and pulling out a file. "The only name I can give you is the mom's." She added.

"That's ok." Danielle said, quick to answer and on the edge of her seat.

"Alana Smyth..........."

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