Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


10. Nosey People!

"It's me, Niall, don't you remember?" I asked, my eyes filling with tears.

"Well no, sorry." She said, cracking a smile and laughing.

"Whats so funny?" I questioned.

"That you actually believed me! I think I should be an actor!" She responed wrapping her arms around my neck.

"No you don't deserve a hug! I actually thought you didn't remember me!" I replied backing away.

"Whatever, so what did the doctor say?" She said sitting up.

"That you have to take this medicine once in the morning and once at night, oh and that you ummmm well lost our baby." I explained.

"Uggg I hate medicine- wait did you just say I was pregnant?" She said looking confused.


"Yes" Niall replied hugging me.

I was pregneant and then the baby died because of me. I was gonna have a baby, I want to be a mom. I'm not sure if Niall wanted to be a dad....

"What if I still had the baby?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Would you want to be a dad?" I said a little more clearer.

"Of course, I would be nervous but yes I would." He answered.

I just smiled and hugged him.

"Niall, I really do love You with my whole heart." I said, looking him straight in the eyes.

"I love you to the moon and back!" He replied kissing me and then pulling out a necklace and put it on my neck.

"Niall it's perfect." I looked down at it, it put this huge grin on my face.

"Just like you." He stated, kissing me

"When do I get to go home." I asked breaking the kiss.

"Not soon enough." Niall answered.

"So that's when?" I asked, huffing.

"Tomorrow, they need to finish up the tests." He said, standing up.

"Great! Ugggg Where you going?" I questioned, sitting back since I was going to be here for awhile.

"I got to go for interveiws today." He said kissing me bye.

"Ok, bye. I'll miss you, Love you!" I said waving.

"Love you." He winked, walking out the door and closing it.

I sat there and started reading a magizine, and I was just flipping when I saw a One Direction. I was reading it, it's amazing what people say about them. I good to the part were they asked if they were single and it they weren't who they were dating.

Zayn: Dating Perrie Edwards. Well duh we all knew that.

Louis: Dating Eleanor Calder. Ok common sense.

Harry: Single and Ready to Mingle. Not for long because he loves Megan.

Liam: Complicated. Not it's not your clearly dating Jackie.

Niall: Dating Danielle Sigman. I knew that haha.

Awww I feel special my name is in a magazine. So i flipped throught the rest of the magazine, and it was boring. I turned on the tv and I texted Niall and asked what channel the interveiw was on and he said 7.  flipped to channel 7, and the interveiw just started. They were talking about the album and the tour coming up. And I would be sad about the tour but then I thought don't be you get to go with them. Oh my gosh I will miss graduation, oh well I already have job and they can just mail me my diploma.

"So any of you One Direction boys single?" The interveiwer asked, winking at Niall. Ah hell Nah. I now I probay shouldn't do this, but I'm gonna. I got out of bed and got dressed, I feel fine.

"So harry you start." She stated.

"Well I love someone, and I like someone." He started and I saw Niall get tense.

"Oh Niall what so that?" She asked looking at him.

"Nothing just got chills." He quickly replied.

"Well you seeing anyone?" He asked him, blushing and fixing her hair.

"Yes actually." And the interveiwer sunk in her chair and went down the line.

I snuck out of the hospitial and grabbed a cab to the studio they were doing the interveiw at. I arrived and opened the door and found the set. I stayed on the sidelines, and I saw the way she was looking at Niall. And Niall looked over and saw me.

He got up and sayed "Excuse me.".

He walked over to me "What are you doing you shouldn't be here."

"Well I wasn't going to leet that slut flirt with you." I put my hand on my hip.

"Well who's this?" The interveiwer asked.

Niall pulled me on camera and I look like crap because I just got out of the hospitial. I sat between him and Harry. Harry put his arm on my theigh and whispered "Missed you."

I moved his hand and smiled.

"Niall, this is your hairdresser right?" She asked.

"My hairdresser and loving girlfriend." And with that he put his hand around me and pulled me close to him.

"Oh this is her." She said giving me a nasty look.

"I should go." I said kissing Niall with fire and gave her a smirk and walked to the sidelines. I showed her who's boss.

Then I felt someone cover my mouth and pull me out the fire exit. They let go and i turned around ready to curse this person out.

"No way, Jackie, Megan, I missed you these few days have been tough." I said hugging them.

"Yea, I know we heard all about it on the News." Megan stated.

"Ugg that bugs me, Nosey people are so annoying." I stated. "Wait come on follow me." I added, pulling them back inside and on the side of the set and started dancing and spazing out, terying to get the boys attention. Harry saw and said

"Come here." and motioned us on the set.

"I missed you!" Liam said, pulling Jackie on his lap.

"So liam is this who your dating?" Liam looked at Jackie. And Jackie with her big mouth said "Yes"

"And who are you?" The lady asked looking at Megan.

"The one I like!" Then pulled Megan beside him and looked at me, oh god we made eye contact. I quickly looked away and found my self staring into the ocean blue eyes, I have fell in love with even though the saying is 'You can love, don't fall in love, because everything that falls breaks' (Taylor Swift)

"So then who do you love?" She asked confused. And Megan was lost aswell. And me and Jackie, Liam, and Niall all looked at each other. Will Lou and Zayn were talking about Perrie and El coming on set.

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