Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


33. Normal Day.

Is was around noon and we made a stop to eat, we pulled into the parking lot and I started walking through the parking lot and it was freezing.

"Here." Niall said, wrapping his jacket around me, I put my arm around his waist and he put his arm on my shoulder.

"Thank you." I pecked him on the lips.

 I looked over and Chala was just staring at us. I don't know why she is so rude and hateful towards me and I still have no clue why she's here. I looked back, I looked at Niall and he smiled and said,

"Just focus on me." I smiled and nodded, we entered the restaurant and sat down. The waitress walked over and she looked at us all and took a deep breath to collect herself.

"Hi, I'm Heidi and I will be taking your orders today, and anything else you need." She look at Niall and Harry and winked.

"Did you see that?" I whispered to Niall.

"Yes, but a lot of girls do things like that it's ok, calm down." Niall rubbed my thigh.

"Uh, it's just now sinking in that girl's everywhere love you and some girls are gorgeous, funny and-" Niall cut me off.

"But none of them compare to you." I relaxed in my seat a little and ordered water and engaged in some conversation until our food came.

"I don't feel so good." I rushed to the bathroom and ran into a stall, I threw up, boy didn't I miss this part of being pregnant. Not.

"Danielle." Someone said, I was suspecting it to be Niall but it was a girl voice.

I lifted my head and stood up, I went to the sink and and cleaned of my mouth. I searched in my purse for a tooth brush and tooth paste.

"Why do u carry that around?" She asked.

"For this reason, I learned a lot from being pregnant the first time." I brushed my teeth real fast.

"Chala." I stopped her from walking out the door.

"Thanks for checking up on me." It kinda hurt to say thank you to her.

"No problem." I followed her back to the table and sat down. My salad came, it didn't really fill me up but I'm having two babies know and my body might not be the same after. Niall put his hand on my stomach,

"My body might not be the same after I have these twins." I whispered to him.

"I don't care, I will still love you." Niall kissed my head.

"I don't feel good, I'm gonna go and lay down." I got up and walked out the door, and there were fans everywhere. They were screaming and it was making my headache worse and then they started encircling me.

"HEY!! LEAVE HERE ALONE! SHE DOESN"T FEEL GOOD." I turned around and heard Chala yell. I hurried on to the bus followed by Chala.

"Thanks." I flashed her a small smile.

"There like vultures." She giggled, I laughed a little to. "Uh I'm gonna make some tea, you want some?"

"That would be great." I looked out the window, and saw all the fans. "I love the fans, but they really don't understand that we need privacy too."

"Yea." Chala agreed, she poured some tea into some cups and passed me one. I took a sip.

"Thanks, it's good." Oh lord did I just comment her. I think I'm gonna be sick again.

"My grandma secret recipe." She stated.

I finished my cup of tea, and put the cup in the sink.

"I'm gonna go and take a nap." I walked to my bunk and slipped past the cloth hanging beside the bed for privacy and lied down. As soon as I knew it someone was shaking me awake.

"Were stopping for some dinner." Niall looked into my eyes and kissed my forehead. "How you feeling beautiful?"

"Better could really go for some pizza." I licked my lips, Niall laughed.

"Well we were planning on going somewhere nice, but me and you could get a pizza and staying on the bus and watch tv.

"That sounds great." I pecked his nose, and we climbed out of the bed. We walked back in to the living room/kitchen.

"Look who's awake!!" Harry chirped.

"Sleepy head!" Lou added and ruffled my hair.

I laughed and saw everyone dressed up all nice, "You all look nice."

"Yea, and I wish I could say the same but I would be lying." Zayn commented.

"Wow, ok low blow, low blow. But that's ok because Niall and I our staying here and ordering a pizza and going to watch a movie." I wrapped my hands around Niall's waist.

"Ok then I see how it is." Lou looked all upset.

"Were going to get going." Liam ushered the boys out of the bus, once the door closed Niall looked at me.

"I'm going to order the pizza." He pulled his phone out and put it to his ear, I walked into the living space with all the game systems and TV.

I sat down and turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels when Niall walked in and sat down next to me.

"It will be here in 30 minutes." So I cuddled up to Niall and he pulled a blanket over us and he started watching a show.

The show was over when the pizza man was here. Niall got up and walked off the bus towards the guards to pay the pizza man. I watched from the door right as Niall got off the bus, the bus started to move backwards really fast. I ran to the front off the bus to tell the driver, but he was no where to be found. So I jumped in the seat to hit the brake but it they weren't working, someone must of the cut the brakes. I looked out the front window and saw all the fans and people watching as the bus was quickly rolling down the hill. Niall and some guards were chasing the bus, but in my head I knew they were never going to catch it and I was going to crash and most likely die. The bus was still rolling, I saw a tear escape Niall's eye, and then I felt my body being ejected forward and my head hit something. I was trying to keep my eyes open long enough to say goodbye to Niall. Niall rushed onto the bus and ran straight to me.

"Danielle it's going to be ok, stay with me." He lifted my head into his lap.

"Ni-" I gasped for air.

"Shhh, don't talk. Save your breath." Niall pushed my hair out of my face.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Niall's tears were like streams.

"Goodbye." I managed to let out.

"No, no, no!! Danielle!! Stay with me!! I can't let you go!!" He screamed and all sound faded, and it became all dark.

Niall's POV.

How could I let this happen, this is all my fault. I stared at the ground waiting for a doctor to come out and tell me good news. But what if there is bad new that means that my 7 month year old kids and my beautiful wife could be gone.

"Hi Ni." Lou sat down next to me.

"It's my fault." I mumbled.

"No it's not. Did you pushed the bus and cut the brakes." Lou reassured

"No, but if I would have been on there with her....." I tried to find the words I was looking for.

"You both would be in the hospital." He stated.

"I guess your right, but Lou." I looked at him. "What if she doesn't make it."

"She will. She's a strong and brave independent woman." Lou patted my back.

"Where are the boys?" I asked.

"They went to call the girls." He answered. I nodded and rested my head on my hand and drifted off to sleep.

I opened my eyes to see Lou talking to the doctor. I immediately stood up,

"What's going on?"

"Mr.Horan.....would you like to see your twin girls?" The doctor asked and a smile appeared on my face from ear to ear.

"Yes!" The doctor lead me down the hallway to a room with two babies.

"They are so little." Lou awed.

"Yes they were preconceived. But if we didn't get them out they would have passed." The doctor explained. The nurse passed me one and one to Lou.

"What would you like to name them?" The nurse asked, I had no clue I didn't want to make that dicision without Danielle. Danielle.

"Uh, how's Danielle." The doctors face drop.

"She hasn't responded and she has a very slow heart beat. There is only a slight chance of her making it."

"Uh what should we name them Lou?" I changed the subject because I didn't want to think about loosing the one thing I loved the most.

"Uh I like the name Caylie Rose." Lou suggested.

"I love it. And I know Danielle would love it too." I looked down at the one I was holding and she yawned and it looked like she stuck her tongue out at me. "And Danielle always wanted to name her girl Carter Rose."

"Okay then." The nurse smiled and left.

"Looks like you have a 'C' theme going on." Lou pointed out.

"I guess so." The nurse walked in with little wrist bands and put them on the girls.

"Ok well we have to take these cuties. But you can see them throw that window over there.

"Aww when can I hold them again?" Lou questioned.

"Later on, but they need tested and feed." She picked them both up and left.

"So what our you going to do with them?" Lou asked as we walked back into the waiting room.

"What do you mean?"

"Like were you going to put them? Can they go on tour with us." His eyes got real big.

"I guess we have no choice really." I shrugged.

"Yay, yay!!"

"There a lot of work though they need changed and fed constantly, plus they cry in the middle of the night." I made clear.

"Our we getting a dog? OR CAT?" Harry asked as all the boys enetered the waiting room.

"No Haz were getting 2 babies!!" Lou answered his question they all looked confused.

"Follow me." I lead them down the hall to the window that peaked through to the nursery. I pointed to Carter and Caylie.

"Lou, Ni you can't just take those babies." Zayn stated, Liam face palmed. Then he patted my back,

"Congrats man." He's the only smart one.

"OH...." Zayn and Harry said in unison.

"They are so cute." I heard someone asked behind me.

"Yea." I turned and saw Danielle.

"Your ok?" I hugged her.

"I think the real question is are you ok?" Zayn asked. I opened my eyes and I was hugging Chala.

I let go real fast, I shook my head. "Sorry."

"Well I was just here to let you know that you guys have to go and get ready for your concert."

"What!?! I can't go I have to be here for Danielle and Carter and Caylie!" I stated.

"Niall they will be ok. You can come back after the concert." Liam said.

"But what if something happens?"

"They can call you, just keep your phone will you." I nodded.


We entered the stage and I heard all the screaming girls, but for some reason I tuned them out. The boys and I sat on the stairs as they started talking all I could is hear Danielle repeating goodbye over and over.

"We got some great news! Niall was just recently blessed with gorgeous twin girls!" I heard Liam scream into the mic, as all the girl awed and clap. I smiled and waved, I tried to focus on the concert but halfway through I got a call. I know I shouldn't have but I pulled my phone out and saw it was the hospital.

"Hello." I plugged my other ear so I could hear what he said.

"Danielle's pulse stopped..." I dropped to my knees and I dropped my head into my hands, and started bawling my eyes out.

"Niall what's wrong mate?" Harry asked kneeling next to me.

"I lost the most important thing in my life." I whispered.

"SOMEONE BACKSTAGE, GET NIALL TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!'Harry screamed at the people off stage.

They helped me off the stage and to the hospital. I ran to the front desk and they gave me directions to Danielle's room, I ran into her room, and saw all these doctors.

"What's going on?" I was so lost and confused.

"We got her pulse and she is starting to come to." I pushed through the doctor, and took Danielle's hand in mine.

"Wake up, come on Danielle. You can do it." I stared at her face and her eyes shot open. She looked at me and screamed.

"What? What's wrong honey?" I was scared.

She looked at the doctor, "Who is he?" My heart sank, but I remember when she did this last time.

"Come Danielle, stop playing around." I smiled.

"Who's Danielle?" She asked, then looked at the doctor, "Am I Danielle?" The doctor shook his head.

"Yea and I am Niall your husband." I added.

"I'm married?" She question.

"Oh stop playing!" I laughed nervously.

"Mr.Horan" I walked to the doctor. "She's not playing." I looked at her and he looked lost. I started to tear up a little, and then it all broke lose and I lost it.

"Uh excuse me sir, are you ok?" Her sweet and innocent voice asked.

"How long?" I mumbled in between sobs.

"How long what?" the doctor asked.

"Till she remember."

"We don't know if she ever will. But it helps if you show her pictures and tell her stories. Just hope for the best." I got the chills and walked over to her, and sat on the bed next to her. I pulled out my phone and went to my pictures. My first picture was off me and the boys.

"Are those your brothers?"

"Yea you could say that, but their just my bandmates."

"Your in a band?" She looked at me and then at my phone

"Yea One Direction." I answered.

"Oh I know who you our, you guys are so good." She smiled, and then something clicked in her head. "And I'm married to Niall- I mean you?"


"How did I mange that?" She smiled.

"Well you our a hairstylist and we hired you and one thing led to another and then we were dating and then we got married."

"I'm a hairstylist?"

"Yep you have loved playing with hair since you were little, your mom would do your hair when you were little." I explained.

"Then her and my dad passed away." I was surprised she new that.


"How did you purpose?" She asked another question.

"Well I wrote you a song and then at the end I asked you to marry me." I stated.

"Oh I wish I remember." She looked mad at herself.

"Anyways," We went through my photos and she saw one of me her and Cannon.

"Is that our son?" She questioned.

"Yea his name is Cannon Scott and he's one."

"Oh he's so cute." She giggled.

"And we also have twin girls." I added.

"Really do you have a picture of them?" She looked hopeful.

"No they were just born."

"Oh, what's there names?"

"Carter Lynn and Caylie Rose."

"Such beautiful names." I nodded.

We spent another hour or so going through pictures and telling stories about her and the boys, when the boys walked in.

"Danielle!?!?" They ran and crowded her and gave her a hug.

I could tell she was so confused and scared.

"Guys! Back up! She doesn't know who you are."

"Oh no! Danielle you have t remember me! We are best friends, I love you!" Lou was all upset.

"You must be Louis." Danielle laughed.

"You remember me?!?!?" He got all excited.

"No Niall told me about you all." She pointed at Harry.

"Your Harry, Zayn, and Liam." She got it all right.

"Good job." I gave her a kiss, I could tell she was surprised but she kissed back.

"Sorry force of habit." I admitted.

"No, it's fine. I' suppose to get back into my old life right?" She smiled.

"Right." I smiled back.





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