Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


9. Home, Sweet, Flat?

I walked in the front door and just looked around, it was go beautiful inside, and out. I walked into the kitchen,

"So what do you want for lunch?" Niall asked.

"I'll just have coffee." i replied, I'm not really hungry after the hospitial. I sat there and watched Niall make him some lunch and get me my coffee.

"Here you go." He said passing me my coffee.

"Thank you." I said taking a sip. It gave me a warm feeling inside. And was silent for a couple minutes until Niall took are dishes and dumed them in the sink.

"You want to watch some telly?" He asked walking back to the living room.

"Yea sure" I replied, blinking really slow. He turned on the tv ad grabbed a blanket and coverede us up. I rested my tired head on his shoulder. I took to deep breaths and then fell asleep and started dreaming.


I was in a dark, isolated room. There was only one light and it was the moon shining from the window.

"Were together again as family." A woman from the corner of the room said.

"Huh? Who you?" I asked standing up.

"Danielle we missed you!" A man stated from the window.

"Who are you!"

"I haven't been gone that long" The mad said turning to face me.

"Dad..... Mom" I whispered. And when I blinked they were gone and was alone yet again.

"Dad?!? Mom?!?" I screamed.

I woke up in a frantic, and then I relized it was just a dream. I looked around and I was alone, and then I found a note,


             I went out with the boys for a little, be back soon.

                                                                                 Love you,


I wonder where they went, so i decided to hop in the shower.


"So why did you call me?" Liam asked.

"Well I need to get something for Danielle." I explained, looking around the store.

"Like?" Liam asked.

"A necklace."

"Oh Niall, how about tis one?" Liam pointed out and it was a four leaf clover.

"Perfect" I whispered,"Excuse me I would like to buy this one!" I told the woman behind the desk.

"Oh my gosh, Are you One Direction?" She asked handing me the necklace.

"Yes" Liam answered.

"Can I have an autograph? It's for my cousins, friends, sister" She said standing up straight.

"Does you cousin's, friends, sister have a name?" I asked.

"Maggie." She replied, I hope she doesn't think she fooled me, I mean at least cover up your name tag.

"That's a pretty name." Liam stated signing the paper.

"I'll will tell her you thought so." She responed putting the paper in her pocket. We walked out of the store and Liam climbed in the driver seat and sat on the passenger side. I decided to give Danielle a call. I sat there and dialed her number and all it did was ring and ring. I tryed again, nothing. By the third time I was freaking out.

"Liam step on it!" I told him, looking at how fast we were going.

"Niall, what's going on?" Liam asked, looking almost as worried as me.

"I'll explain later!" I stated, getting ready to run to the flat.

"Ok here you go!" But i was already in the house, before I could reply.

"DANIELLE,DANIELLE!" I yelled, looking in the living room then the kitchen.

"Danielle" I said calmer, looking in the bedroom.

"Danielle" I whispered walking up to her motionless body lie there on the bathroom floor. I picked her up and walked out and Liam was still here, I climbed in the back with Danielle.

"GO!" I demanded Liam. Come on Danielle, ugg this is all my fault I shouldn't have left her home alone. Why am I so stupid, I thought. I felt multiple tears run down my face. We pulled up to the hospitial ad I jumped out, carring Danielle Bridal style.

"Someone help!" I yelled looking around, soeone came and they rushed her to a room.

"Sir yoou can't go any farther then this." The man explained.

"I can't leave her." I said, trying to push through him.

"Niall, she will be ok!" Liam said putting his hand on my shoulder.

"You don't know that. This is all my fault!"  I stated sitting down and pulling out the necklace.

"I'm gonna call the guys" Liam said walking off on the phone with one of the boys. My phone buzzed it was Simon.

'Sleep tight! Have 3 interveiws tomorrow.' I didn't even care to text back. I am not leaving here without Danielle.

~2 hours later~

Me and the boys all in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to come back with the results. Liam was talking to Danielle on the phone. Harry was texting someone and geussing it was Megan because everytime he read it he would smile. Zayn was sleeping, and so was Lou.

"Mr.Horan" A an in a white Jacket said.

"Yes" I said standing up and walking up to him as fast as I could.

"Right this way!" He lead me into Danielle's room. "From what we know she lost a lot of blood from her last visit that when she was throwing up, she was throwing up blood. Which probaly made her dizzy and she passed out. Also it looks like when she fell she hit her head to hard, so when she wakes she will need to take this and this once in the morning and once at night."

"Thank you, so much." I replied taking the medicine.

"Oh and I'm sorry about your baby!" He said shaking my hand.

"What baby?" I asked, thinking he was mistaken.

"She was pregenet. Didn't you know?"

"No, how far along?" I wondered.

"Probally a couple of days" He answered.

"Ok" I said as he walked out the door. I was gonna have a baby, how,how, how amazing and scary. And it's now all my fault it's gone. I saw Danielle's hand move, I rushed to her side.

"Danielle" I said, shaking her gently. Her eyes flicked open.

"Ummm Who are you?" She asked and my heart sunk.

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