Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


37. denying it.

I opened my eyes slightly as saw the sun peeling there the curtains, I sat up and put my feet on the ground. I stood up headed towards the bedroom doors, I opened one then shut it. I slowly walked down the stairs and I rounded the corner to the kitchen. I got myself and a cup if coffee and a bagel, I topped it of with some cream cheese. I sat down at the table, I propped one knee up and decide to scroll through twitter. There were a lot of things like

'Are Niall and Danielle done?'

'Is she with Harry?'

'Love Triangle?'

And honestly I didn't know how to answer those questions, I think I needed to talk to Niall. Niall, where is he? I decided to text him,

'Good morning, where are you?' I waited for not even a second and he responded

'Dropping the kid off at my mom's. Be home soon.' I set my locked my phone and walked to the couch, I was watching the boring news when I fell asleep.

I woke up and looked at the time it's been about an hour since I texted Niall. I tried to call him when the tv caught my attention.

"Terrible crash on route 73, car was hit my a semi an swirled into the rails on the side of the road. Hood was in flames and the driver took most of the impact trying to shield the passengers in the back." The news reporter announced and they showed live footage on the wreck the car was just a metal frame.

"More news in the driver has a couple broken ribs and a broken leg, it seems to have go caught in between the steering wheel and the seat when he tried to jump to the backseat. The passengers were 3 children, no older then 3." My mouth was so wide, Route 73 that's the highway we take to get to Niall's moms house. I tried and tried to reach Niall, but I go no answer.

"Why god why us, what have we ever done wrong to deserve this!" I screamed. I paced,

"That's not my family l, that's another family. Niall is just hanging with his mom ad his phones in the car and that's it. Yea that's what's happening, I'll go and check on them right now." I stood up fast and ran out the door to my car, I gripped the steering wheel so tight.

I was speeding until I finally reached Route 73, I passed the crash and I closed my eyes hoping and praying that was not my family. I was on Route 73 for about 10 more minutes till I took an exit and turned on to Maura's road, I pulled in the drive way and didn't see Niall's car.

I turned the car off and ran to the door I barged in and saw Niall on the couch, I started to breath again. I started to cry, not head tears but happy.

"Niall…" I dropped to me knees, I saw the kids though the sliding glass door playing in the yard.

"Danielle! What's wrong!?" Niall rushed to my side.

"I thought you were died, there was a a crash on route 73. You weren't home when you said you would be! I called you didn't answer, your cars not in the driveway!"

"Danielle, were okay. Sorry Greg took my car to go get a table for thanksgiving, and my phone is in the car." She lifted me onto his lap and rubbed my back.

"Niall I wouldn't know what to do if I lost you guys." I struggled to get the words out and breath at the same time.

"You will never have to worry about that!" He lifted my chin and looked into my eyes, and all that guilt started to come back.

"Niall I'm so sorry, do you think maybe we can restart?" I suggested, sniffling into his chest.

"No." I was a little surprised,

"What?" I jerked my head off his chest.

" I don't want to start over, I love our life, our kids, our memories. Even if some were bad."

"I wish I could remember...."

"You will eventually, you know we don't have the kids tonight. We should go out tonight." He offered and I wanted to say yes, but what about Harry? You know I don't think this dating thing is a good I sea at the moment.

"Okay" I smiled, "but just as friends." He nodded.

His mom walked into the house, "oh Danielle how great of you to join us, I was about to make some tea would you like some?"

"Yea that would be great, thanks." She smiled and turned into the kitchen.

"Hey I have an idea why don't we invite everyone else to?!" Niall questioned,

"Yea that sounds good nothing like a friends night! We should go watch a movie then go get ice cream and all hangout afterwards!" I added.

"Sounds even better!"


Sorry it took awhile to update, I'm debating if I should start my essay. But I probably won't till tmrow! I'm such a procrastinator! Bye kidos!!!

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