Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


6. Dates Reaveal.....A LOT!

"So what you doing at the moment?" I asked.

"Being a couch potato, watching tv and eating chips!" She replied, and the only thing i heard was her burp.

"Ok well get a flight to L.A. and meet me and Megan here!" I explained.

"Ummmm ok getting dressed now, see you in like 3 hours." She said hanging up.

"She's coming with an hour and she only know's Megan's here not you boys so we will all meet at 11,at Nando's. Lou bring El, and Zayn bring Perrie, Liam i assume you will take Megan?"

"Yea" He said looking at her smiling, but i know inside she's crushed because she likes Harry. I mean she likes them all but she has a huge crush on Harry.

"Danielle, will you go to Nando's with me?" He asked laughing and everyone laughing too.

"Yes!"I said all formal.

"I'm alone." Harry said looking at Megan.

"Your won't be the only one, you will have Jackie." I stated.

"True" Harry responed. I saw Megan take a deep breath then bite her lip.

"Well, I'm going to go hotel and shower and rest before we go out, you should all do the same." I demanded.


Today I asked Danielle to Nando's and she said yes. Maybe I can steal a kiss tonight, I have already dreamed we were perfectly twine. Like all these days and weeks and even months I dreamed of a girl like her. And all those sleepless nights I picture me laying next to her. I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl. And I'm not ashamed to tell the world. I'm am truley, madly, deeply in love with her, I know we just met but I am foolishly, completely falling head over heels for this girl. She has beautiful Blonde hair, and green eyes, she's funny and confident. She's perfect in so many ways, I want to be there when she makes her cute, or even big mistakes. I don't think I have ever thought like this, exspecially about a girl. Maybe in the morning I should put coffee and pancakes on tray and bring them to her in bed. And tell her all the words I haven't said. Because here is the tragic truth if you don't feel the same, my heart would fall apart if someone said you name.

"Niall" I heard faintly.

"Niall" I heard clearer and someone was shaking me.

"Huh?" I mumbled opening my eyes and saw Danielle's beautiful face.

"We're home." She said, smiling real big.

I thought home "Home?"

"Well for now until we leave to somewhere else. Anywhere you are is my home,come on" She said pulling my arm and into the hotel doors.We walked into the elevator, and she rested her head on my shoulder until the elevator doors opened. She unlocked the door and went straight to the shower, boy did she look good in that towel earlier. I slowly layed on my bed i was a little sore, i turned on the tv and drifted into a deep sleep. I woke up to find Danielle in my arms, her eyes were all red. I shook her and she sat up and rested her head on the back board of the bed, her eyes looked more red and puffy then when she was sleeping.

"What's wrong, love" I said, sitting next to her and putting my arm around her.

"I don't know, I kinda miss my grandma, she's been there for me and now I'm leaving her."

"No, no I bet she understands!" I stated, trying to comfert her.

"I hope" She said resting her head on my shoulder. Her hair smelled really good.

"Come on cheer up!" I said standing her up.

She grined and stood up and "What time is time?" She questioned.

"Time for are Date aslong as everyone else." I giggle and so did she.

"I love your laugh!"

"I love you" I stated, staring into her beautiful green eyes. Then I leaned him and kissed her, she didn't pull away nor did I. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her body closer to mine. She had her hands on my head and she was playing with my hair. *KNOCK* *KNOCK* The kiss still didn't break, *KNOCK* *KNOCK*

"I'll get it!" She said then kissed me one last time. She opened the door and in walked Megan.

"Oh so you share with Niall, huh?" Megan asked, moving her eyebrows up and down.

"Yep, you ready to go?" Danielle asked her.

"Yea let's go" Megan kinda yelled.

"Niall, why don't you go get the other guys and we will meet you in the lobby!"

"Sounds good!" I replied.


Me and Megan were waiting for the boys in the lobby. And she asked me

"Did I interupt?"

"Huh?" I asked.

"Don't act stupid, you share a hotel room with a hot boy and your telling me you didn't do anything!" Megan exclaimed.

"Thank you!" I heard Niall say from behind us. I looked over at Megan and she was blushing, and trying to hide her face.

"I don't kiss and tell" I laughed.

"Oh so you did kiss!" Harry said excited.

"It's a secret" I said turning to face him and and pretened to zip my lips.

"You ready?" Liam asked putting his arm around Megan.

"Yea kinda tired." Megan stated.

"Same here"I agreed not turning around, I just kept walking hand and hand with Niall.

"You want a piggy back ride?" Niall asked stopping to look at me.

"No, I weigh to much" I said trying to keep walking put he stopped me and threw me over his shoulder.

"I perfer the piggy back ride!" I whinned. Niall set me down and then I jumped on his back. And a few seconds my phone beeped.Pulled it out of my pocket and unlocked it, it was twitter. I was metioned in a picture? I opened it and it was a picture of me on Niall's back. And there was a conversation on the picture between to girl.

'Who is that'
'His hairdresser'
'She's pretty ugly'
'You can't even see her face'
'She needs to back off'
'Leave her alone you just Jelly'

Then i saw Niall commented 'She's gorgeous, so get used to it you will see us together a lot, she's my hair dresser and maybe more?'

I hopped off his back and faced him and everyone stopped "Yes more" and I kissed him and he kissed back not caring who saw. It felt like we were the only 2 people in the world.

"Awwww" Everyone chimned in the background.

We broke it keep one walking, are hotel was close to Nando's so we walked because me and Megan wanted to look around.

"It's Beautiful" Megan added.

"Just like you" Liam said and grabbed her hand. I saw Harry mocking him,

"Hey catch up with them I need to talk with Harry." I told Niall, she pecked me on the cheek then walked up to Zayn and Lou.

"Hazza, what's wrong?" I asked walking next to him.

"I lost you to Niall and Megan to Liam" He said bitting his lip.

"Harry, you didn't lose me I'm right here" I said lifting his chin.

"Yea, but your not mine." He said angerly.

"Harry, look at me I am yours! Your my best friend!" I explained kissing him on the cheek.

I ran up to Niall, I turned around and winked at Harry. I saw him smile alittle. He walked in to Nando's, we sat in one of those circle booths it went El, Lou, Zayn, Perrie, Megan, Liam, Niall, Me, Harry.

"Heyy" I heard someone yell, I looked up from the Menu and saw my little freckle freak. She came and sat by Harry, but it's like he didn't even notice because him and Megan's eyes were locked.

"I missed you guys" She said, not even noticing who she was with. Then her jaw dropped and she added "Breath" And giggled.

"So Harry, this is Jackie" I said kicking him a little.

"Oh Hello" He said not even looking away from Megan.

I added Megan and Harry in a group text.

'Guys don't be obvious, Megan your here with Liam, and Hazza she's here with Liam.' -D-

'Yea but I wish I was here with Hazza' -M-

'Really?' -H-

':o' -D-

I sat there and thought what am I going to do.

"Liam my friend Jackie likes turtles"

"I do?" She asked.

"You do" I said kicking her too.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yep" And that's when here and Megan switched seats. Are late night meal was over and we started walking back to the hotel.

"So where are you guys staying?" I asked.

"Me and Megan are getting a hotel room together." Jackie answered.

"Ok well Night" I said walking into my hotel room.

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