Hair, Make-Up, and Love

Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!


20. Bye Flat!

After the wedding me and Niall decieded to not go on a honeymoon, yes i know sad but it's because Cannon is on his way. So after the wedding we had are dinner reception and it went great. There was a lot of dancing, and memories being made, I got a lot of pictures, and we had someone record it so we have videos we can watch. It was fun until I started throwing up and it went downhill from that, but it ended and we went to our flat and as soon as I walked in I saw all these boxes.

"Ummm whats going on here?" I asked, looking around in the boxes.

"Well, I bought us a home, since we are starting are family I thought we should get a bigger house." He explained, walking up to me and wrapping his arms around my waist, but they didn't go fully around like they did before we meet.

"Awww thats so sweet." I said kissing him, softly. "Hey how about you make us some tea, and we can sit on the couch and talk about the old times."

"Ok." He said giving me a quick peck on the nose then off to the kitchen we went.

I stripped out of my dress and shuffled through the boxes and found some sweatpants, and a hoodie. I took down my hair and it was all curly so I put a beanie on. I walked out to the living room and Niall was sitting there waiting for me. I sat down on his lap, and pick up my cup of tea and took a sip.

"You look so beautiful." He said looking me up and down, which made me insecure because I knew I looked fat because I am like 8 1/2 months prego.

"Really, I probaby look fat." I responded patting my belly. And then the baby hit back.

"No you don't look fat, I knew that's suprising since you are prego." He said trailing off as I picked up his hand and rest it on my belly. Niall's eyes got real big and his grin was from ear to ear.

"Do you feel that?" I asked, looking him in the eyes.

"Yea." He said, his eyes tearing up.

"What's wrong." I questioned resting my hand upon his cheek wiping the tear that fell on to his face.

"I never imagined my life to end up this amazing." He answered, he was so sweet. I started to tear up.

"Why are you crying?" He asked, holding my hands.

"Because your so sweet." He laughed and I start to giggle. Then he kissed me.

"Ok so let's start when we first met!" I said taking a sip of my tea but my eyes not leaving Niall's face.

"Ok well yo walked in and I thought wow she's beautiful. Then I got to know you and I fell in love then and there. It was like a zing, but when I saw you walk back in the room with Harry I thought you and Harry had a thing which made me sad. But when you sat me and rested your head on my shoulder I could tell u like me." He said getting cocky towards the end.

"Awww, I love you." I responded setting my tea down. Then I pecked is cheek and before long we were talking about old times and having a blast, and we ended up falling asleep on the couch.


I woke up and it was like 5:30 and I didn't feel so good. I got up and went to the bathroom and threw up, and threw up a couple more times till I fell asleep on the bathroom floor.

"Danielle...." Niall whispered, gently gripping my arm helping m on my feet.

"Oh morning." I said giving him a hug, slightly opening my eyes.

"I hope your hungry I made you breakfest." He added, leading me to the kitchen.

"I'm starving!" I responded, while following him into the kitchen, itching the back of my neck. I sat down at the table and started nibbling on some bacon. Then I moved on to the eggs and toast, I got up and got a cup of coffee and saw it was 7.

"What time are the movers coming?" I asked, shuffling back to my seat.

"Uh now." He said answering the door. 'Come in' he said ushering the movers into the house. I know I looked like crap, but I really didn't care at the moment. I was just to excited to see our new house. The men started with the boxes labeled living room, then bathroom, then bedroom, and so on and so forth. I said my goodbye's to the flat and to be honest I got a little choked up because I had a lot of good memories here. But it was time to make new oones in my new house with my new family.

"You ready." I heard an irish accent say, intrupting my train of thought.

"Yea" I answered turning around before I shut the door and blew a kiss then closed the door. I walked past a for sale sign in the yard, seeing all these girls flooding the side of the roads as we left.

"Put this on." Niall said handing me a blindfold.

"Really?" I asked looking at the blindfold in my hand.

"Really, it's a surprise." Niall stated, watching as I covered my eyes.

"We almost there? You know I am not gonna know how to get here if I am not watching the road signs." I claimed, trying to lift up the blindfold, but Niall smacked my hand. "Ow!" I groaned, rubbing my hand.

"We are almost there!" I started to jump with joy in my seat. Like  minutes later I finally heard the 2 words I have been waiting for.

"We're Here!" I jumped out of the car and was took off my blindfold and my chin dropped on the ground. It's was huge, it had a fountion in the front and a pool and hot tub in the back with a lot of land. And our house was surrounded with trees and there was a gate at the end of the driveway, so no fans could get in. I quickly ran in past hte movers, and the foyer was huge with to sets or stairs leading to a hallway upstairs. I ran around the whle house until I saw every inch of it. There was 8 rooms, which one for me and Niall,and one for cannon, leaving geust rooms. My room and 3 other rooms had a bathroom and walk in closet. We had 2 kitchens one has a dinning room and the other is like a bar, kinda hang-out place. Then we have a family room and a living room, arcade room. All the bedrooms had balconies and it was just an amazing house, I caught back up with Niall in the foyer. And it was in Ireland around all his family since I really don't have family except grandma rave who is staying in a hotel because she was at the wedding. And the boys were here because they had a meet 'n' greet coming up this month so they were staying in Ireland for awhile. I kissed him so hard,

"This is amazing, big for only the 3 of us. But hey I am not one to complain." I said, looking him in the eyes.

 The movers took the boxes that said 'bedroom' on them to, well of course my bedroom which had to doors leading into it, I started to unpack my clothes, and I thought to myself after this I need to go shopping my closet looked so bare, just because it was big. I finished unpacking my clothes ad puttin gthem away and them moved on to Niall's finished unpacking his and by then are furniture was in our bedroom so I started decorating, and hanging up pictures and placing this on my vanity and on the desk and making the bed. Our room was a dark red, and then our bathroom was a creme. I finshed up in the bedroom and it was all packed and by then it was like 10:30, so I moved on to the kitchen were Niall had made us a snack, it was some fruit. I was snacking while unpacking the stuff in our kitchen, we had an island and granite counteirs and wooden capniets. We finished the snacks and the kitchen was done, besides the fact we had no food at the moment. Niall was fixing up the dinning room, and the family room, so I moved on to the living room and so on and so forth, we were mostly done and unpacked by 7. So we went and picked up some fast food and ate.

"SO what do you think of the new house?" Niall asked, taking a bite of a burger.

"I love it, Thank you!" I said kissing his cheek.

"So when do you wanna do Cannon's room?" HE questioned, swallowing.

"Uh, tommorow." I anwsered, eating a frie.

"Ok." Niall said ending the conversation, as we got up and went grocery shopping, my feet were throbbing so we left the store and headed home and bathed in my new, huge tub. It felt so good, Niall walked in and set on the rim of the tub.

"Hey, I am gonna head out to get the paint for Cannon's room, will you be ok here alone?" Niall asked.

"Yea, I'll be fine get a baby blue, ok?" I answered with a question.

"Yea." He said kissing my wet head and then left.

I sat there for a couple more minutes, then got out and dryed off, and put on some sweats and a jumper. I sat on my bed, watching tv and reading a magazine. And then someone came on the intercon, I got u pand walked up to it.

"Hello?" I asked, letting go of the button.

"Mrs.Horan, people is here to see you." The voice stated.

"Who?" I asked, not really suspecting anyone.

"Jackie McAninch and Megan Smith." He answered.

"Oh let them through." I said opening my bedroom doors and walking down the hallway, and I heard the doors open.

"Holly Shit!" Jackie claimed. I heard here say while walking down the stairs.

"I missed you guys." I said pulling them into a group hug.

"Yea because we didn't just see you yesterday." Megan said. We chuckled.

"We have your guy's wedding gifts." Jackie said.

"Oh ok, well I'll have Niall bring those in when he gets home. Would you guys like some tea?" I asked, showing them to the kitchen. And there jaws drop, I filled the kettle and placed it on the stove.

"I am in love with your house. Can I live with you?" Megan asked.

"Aw thanks, and you'll have a house one day like this, maybe even better."I replied, pouring the tea.

"Yea, Liam better get a house like this that's all I am saying." Jackie said, taking a sip of tea. We all had laughs and talked until the tea was gone.

"Honey I am home!" Niall shouted.

"Hey the girls are over!" I screamed back walking into the foyer where he stood. The girls ran and hugged him.

"We missed you!" They chimmed.

"I missed you guys too!" He giggled.

"Here I'll take the paint, while you go get the gifts out of Jackie's car." I said, as I grabbed the paint out of his hands, he then jogged outside.

"Come on, I'll show you around." I first headed up the steps to put the paint in Cannon's room, which was right next to our's. His room had a bathroom and a walkin closet.

"Wow, this kid has a better room then me." Jackie laughed.

"Yea I know, right." Megan added.

 I continued to show them, I went to my room, then the geust rooms, then living rooms, and so on. They left, and me in Niall were in the living room, opening up our gifts. We started to open other gifts, but they weren't from our wedding they were for...... aww Cannon. I haven't had time for a babyshower, so it looks like everyone bought gifts and brought them to the wedding. I got bottles, rattle, toys, etc. And there was a lot of cute clothes.

"I'm heading to bed." I said getting up from the couch and walking up the stairs.

"I am right behind you." NIall stated turning the lights off and I drifted off to sleep. Boy was I sore, and my feet sure did hurt.

I woke up the next morning, to and emtpy bed. I found my way down the steps and saw there was coffee made, I poured some in a cup and then went back up the stps to Canon's room were I heard sounds. I poked my head in the door, and saw a blue room.

"It's cute!" I said walking in.

"Thanks, I am about to write Cannon on the wall." Niall stated, holding up a stencil with a C on it.

I watched him paint a C then A then N then another N and O..N. It looked so good. I went downstairs and grabed Cannon's clothes and hangers, and started hanging them up. I heard Niall moving his crib and changing table and other things in the room. It looked great in the end. I helped Niall clean up when all of a sudden, there was a puddle of water at my feet.

"Niall, my water broke." I said in a panic.

"Ok let's go." He said helping my down the stairs and into the car, and off we were. I called the boys who were planning what mall they wanted to do the meet'n'greet in. And I called his mom and the ywere all on there way to the hospitial.

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