Just us in the Mirror

My name is Ava. I live in a world with no love, with no passion, and no desire. No one to talk to and no one to care for. I'm stuck in the Otherworld -Nightshade-. I grew up there as a prisoner, forever roaming. People are scared of what I can do, when I don't even know what I can do myself.I was created from the hollow but I'm not the only one. Everyone has something to tell...mine's just something different.

My name is Shady. I will not deny my insanity, I know I'm odd, I know I'm different but I need to know why. What was I made for? People say time heals all wounds... but not without a price. It all started the day I found the mirror. The day I found out who I truly am from looking into my reflection. I can't trust anyone, except my reflection. It's just us who can save me and everyone else I know.

Just us.......


3. Touch


I spent the whole night, searching the Otherworld, so far all different kinds of information came up. Some more violent than other. There were multiple sites babbling about the same things, how that's where the creatures that go bump in the night live, they seduce us humans into following them there, in which they do to us what they please, either as food or a prisoner. Very few escape or are freed. That's not a pleasurable sign. I wasn't planning on going back down to the mirror again and nobody was going to make me.

Today is Saturday, that means no school and a full day to do absoluting nothing. My parents went out grocery shopping without asking me this time, but it's not like I wanted to go anyway. They're most accurently ashamed to be spotted in other people's perspireal vison in public with this almost killer lunatic.  I couldn't find anymore important information. I didn't know what was true or what some metal person wrote down about a theory they had.  I shut my laptop hard, frustrated that none of this made sense to me. I didn't get much sleep and that left me to form into my cranky, tired self.

I pushed back my rolling chair adrupitivly, stretched my sore muscles, pushed my crown of black-purple hair out of my face and into a sloppy bun. My floor boards creaked as I slowly shuffled over to the door, hesitating before I crossed the thresh hold of the room that I was up and spent all night in.

My stomach growled for me to go get food and just step through the darn door. I crossed over, and slide down the railing all the way down to the bottom of the stoop and ended it with a loud thud. I twirled into the kichen, opened up the fridge, imeadiatly spotted waffles, delish. I grabbed a chocolate, perfect, yellow waffle. I went over to the cherry wood cabnets, swung it open and scoped the cabnit for the syrup.

"Huh, where did they put the syrup?" I questioned out loud. I peered at the fridge,"Maybe they put in the fridge." I muttered to myself again.  I pulled open the fridge easily with a flick of my wrist and scanned it for the syrup. I shuffled and flung micolaneous stuff to the side, scavenging for the damn syrup,  I defeatingly didn't find. I found myself drooling over meat, raw bloodly meat. I ripped open the plastic, scooped up a pile of crimson meat and tossed it in my mouth and chomped on it.

Half way through the package I spit it all over the counter, disgusted at myself. I slid over the hard wood floor in my black socks, and puked, chunky, bloody crimson vomit all over the counters. I gagged, helplessly trying to scrub the flavor from my mouth. Truthfully,  I didn't want the taste out of my mouth, it taste exotic, wild and flavorful. I was horrified. Why did I eat that? And why did that taste so great?

I finished gagging and scrubbing my tongue out with soap when I felt that my taste buds were numb and very much tasteless. I didn't have very much planned for the rest of the day, I decided on skipping up the stairs and accomplishing drawing something exotic and extordinary. I walked down the dim, shadowy hallway as this feeling bombarded me. It felt dark, resentful, sorrowful and oddly like it was.....dangerous. It started at the pit of my stomach, and ended soon after.

I awkwardly slid into my bedroom, lifted up my mattress and grabbed my drawing pad. I keep it in their for my privacy, I don't exactly draw butterfly's and sunshine's. No, I draw more gruesome and gory stuff. I found an ordinary pencil, flipped open it to a new, crisp clean page.

I knew exactly what I wanted to draw. I picked up my pencil and started sketching the mirror, with Ava on the other side. I drew the chains, her facial expressions, each and every brick and most importantly, me.  I put everything that I could remember from the two short trips I've taken down there and drew it all from a side view at an angle. All of this was very precise and time consuming, by the time I was finished with every objects outline, and two hours have already gone by. I spent endless hours drawing scenes, pictures, portraits, but never were they this consuming. I skipped lunch, I couldn't find the will to stop.

By the time I finished shading and perfecting the details, I thought this was the most meraculous drawing that I ever drew. It's like everything seemed exactly as if it were a picture, as if I was there, right now.

I glanced at the clock, shining brightly at me, mocking me. It read 9:01 P.M. Every other person in school would be out with their friends, but I'm here, and will always be here. Doing nothing. Wasting space.

That's what I am. A waste of space, usless. Unimportant.

I spent a whole day, drawing one picture. One meanlessly, mindless picture. What was I doing?

Shaking my head, I left gliding down the stairway railings for food, stomach growling feircly. Yawning, I reached in the fridge, grabbed yogurt, bottled water and jelly. I shuffled over to the pantry, scanned it for bread and peanut butter, slid open the drawer closest to me and reached for a butter knife and began slathering the peanut butter and jelly on to peices of squisy, white bread. I finished spreading over the last of the jelly, tossed the knife in the sink and sauntered in the hallway not caring that I left everything out where it last sat.

I crept back into my room without bothering to turn back on the light, already stuffing my face with the food I brought up into my room and I slide over to my small, crammed desk to the stereo sitting to the right of it, my fingers effortlessly locating the ON button, finished downing my food, and kicked back on my cold, lifeless bed, and let the music drift me off to sleep.


I felt my body move, leaving me behind, but at the same time I'm still there, in my body. Hovering around it like a shadow, a ghost or a spirit. I still had my eyes closed in a death hold, shut tightly, like I didn't want to open them to see what was making me feel like this. I didn't want to see what was happening to me, to my body.

What is this? Is this some kind of dream? What is this pulling and tingling sensation I feel?

Questions that swirled endlessly in my mind.

"Open your eyes," A voice hissed fiercly at me, coming somewhere from the back of my mind, like my subconsious, except it sounded different. The voice sounded like me, but it's voice was higher, and carried more knowledge and history than I ever knew. I took what I thought was a deep breath as I felt my body being pullled, streched and sucked into a different direction that I thought to be down. Or is it up? No, maybe to the left?

It's like all my sense of direction was pulled and proded right out of me. As I blinked them open, a bright white light took the place of the darkness. The light dimmed down and grew black, that looked foreign and like it shouldn't be there.

When my eyes adjusted to the dim outline of objects, I took a sharp breath. I was in the basement, standing in front of the mirror. I was standing in front of Ava. She sat there, looking agorvated and chewing on her bottom lip, nervously.

She took in a quick breath and spoke harshly, "It's about time, I thought you were never going to open your eyes."

I stood there, dumbfounded. Not moving. Barely breathing.

After mere minutes, she broke the silence."Well, are you going to stand there all night gaping at me like a lunatic or are you going to say something? I have important information to recite for you."

 Still shocked I asked, "H-how am I here? How did I-I get here? What was that light, and that feeling that empowered me? Could I have been harmed" I thought back about that dark, cruel black stuff, ozzing into the light. I wondered if that was bad news. I shivered at the thought.  

She let out a loud exhausting sigh, glaring irritated daggers at me, "Must you ask all these questions? I just told you I have important stuff to tell you."

"Answer my questions, Please." I pleaded and averted my eyes away from the petrenizing glare that is upon me. 

She let out another loud, irritated sigh. "Very well, I used my special abilities. Don't ask how they work because frankly I don't know and I don't care. I don't know if it could damage you in any way but I was willing to take that chance. What you felt in that state was probably just a feeling that goes with it, since I was minipulating your body."  She stated unsurely and uncaring whether it could cause harm to me or not.

I stood there, mauling this over. Could I really have been hurt? Could I have died? I shook those dark thoughts away. "Well, I'm down here, where you want me. What did you want to tell me?"

"Finally, we are getting somewhere. I heard some important imformation that I over heard from my cell."

"And....What does this have to do with me? I didn't want to be down here. Accually, I never wanted to come back!" I said, rising my voice in anger and fear.

"Come down, I found out why we might look so much alike. It's because were sisters!" She stated excitiably.

I stood glued to the spot, how could I be her sisters? From what she said shes not even from this world at all. "We're s-s-sisters?"

"Well, thats what I heard, more precisely, we're twins."

"No, I can't be your sister, let alone twin! This is terrible news."

"Well, yes it is."

I looked at her disbelieving,"Just a second ago you sounded like this was good news."

"Well, yes because I am hoping you will help free me from here." She glowed.

"And how am I going to do that?" I asked, shaking my head, hopefully giving her false hope, then maybe she will leave me alone forever.

"Come here," She demanded, and I automattically followed her orders unwillingly. She crawled along the floors as close to the mirror as possible. Her rusty chain clanging along as she went, reached out her hand and touched the dusty, framed mirror. "Put your hand right against mine, I want to try something." Mischeviously glint in her eye, I forcefully followed suit, unwillingly.

My hand shook forcefully as I tried to regain my body back, and stop reaching forward, toward the mirror.

"Stop it! If you keep struggling it might not work! Or worse!"

I pulled and struggled harder. The harder I pulled, the more I felt my body be ripped apart. I held my mouth firmly shut, biting back a scream, as tears streamed down my face. I felt a strong searing pain rippling across me. I didn't want to feel like this, so I let go and my hand touched the mirror in seconds and a white light burst out and then I could see anymore. As what I felt like what was me being pulled into a black abyss.

I didn't have to open my eyes to know where I was. I could tell by the way everything smelled damp, wet and hollow. And how I got goose bumps and felt like my skin was crawling.

I was on the other side of the mirror and so was Ava.


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