Just us in the Mirror

My name is Ava. I live in a world with no love, with no passion, and no desire. No one to talk to and no one to care for. I'm stuck in the Otherworld -Nightshade-. I grew up there as a prisoner, forever roaming. People are scared of what I can do, when I don't even know what I can do myself.I was created from the hollow but I'm not the only one. Everyone has something to tell...mine's just something different.

My name is Shady. I will not deny my insanity, I know I'm odd, I know I'm different but I need to know why. What was I made for? People say time heals all wounds... but not without a price. It all started the day I found the mirror. The day I found out who I truly am from looking into my reflection. I can't trust anyone, except my reflection. It's just us who can save me and everyone else I know.

Just us.......


2. Reflection


I tilted my head and smiled " Well don't we look a lot alike." I said to my reflection. She looked exactly like me, except she had purple in her hair instead of red, she had pericing dark, blue, ocean eyes and I had dark, pericing, chocolate eyes. Why do we look so much alike?

We stared at each other for probably an enternity, with confusion in both of our eyes, trying to make the light bulb in our head turn on. Each of us never wanting to be the one to ruin the way we were examining each other, making sure she was real and if we had any other differences, so far, we looked like twins, mirror twins.

Is this an enchanted mirror? I thought. Maybe, they didn't get my reflection right, she doesn't look exactly like I do. I already talked to her, she didn't say anything back. This enchanted mirror sucks. It doesn't even work. She can't talk to me. Maybe that's why it was put down here in the dungeon, because it's broke. I moved forward to get a better look to only get yanked back by my chains that held me together. I hate being a prisoner in here. I'm stuck in the Otherworld-Nightshade, stuck here in the dungeon by myself while everyone else roams freely. I've been here since I was born, or in this case created from what I've heard traveling down  through the floors, dripping like rain into my ears. Occasionly, I slip out of my chains and run freely into the night. I used to be able to roam freely, but since the incident I can't anymore.

It started when I was 13, I was roaming the castle where the most powerful creatures lived. A vampire was trying to drink from me. He said one little taste won't hurt, I didn't want him drinking from me and when I touched him, I looked into his eyes and I killed him. Without doing anything. From there on people have been afraid of what I can do, when I don't know what I can do myself.  Some even try to kill me saying that they are stronger, but we know who wins this battle. Me. Some how, some way, I always do. I can never summon whatever force I used against them on my own free will.

I stare probably creepily, at my reflection, begging, that she'll do something other tthan stare. I hear a faint noise and look over to my reflection in the mirror. My reflection's  head was turned, looking up. My reflection finally moves to leave, but not before putting a cover over the mirror, that was connecting us both together. I crawled back to the corner of the dungeon thinking about the mirror, why it's boken, what mysteries it holds, if only I knew. I can sense something different about this enchanted mirror, it hold's a lot of magic, I need to know who created it.


I heard a noise coming from the upstairs, one I knew to well. The front door. My parents were here and I"m not even supposed to be down here. I quickly get up, get a cover and put it over the mirror; covering the connection to me and my reflection. I hurried up the stairs, walked out of the doorway, quietly shut the door, spun in a half-circle, only to be caught by my adoptive parents. I let out a big, tired sigh.

"Nothing,  I-"

They cut me off with gasps, they were staring down at my wrist, I looked down at it too. I forgot I cut myself and it was still oozing blood. Ah, crap. "You were cutting yourself!" Exclaimed my "mom".

"No-Yes, I can explain."

"Damn right you will! After we make an appointment to a physcrist!" My adoptive dad- Bill-, yelled.

"No, I already go there once a week." I whined.

"To bad, go to your room, now!"

I formed a growl type thing in my throat, I let a little bit of it slip out, that just got me a -are you crazy- look from my "parents." I stuck out my lower lip, pouting, stomped up the stairs into my room at the end of the straight, narrow hallway, opened the door, ran inside and slammed it shut. I know childish, but I wasn't in the mood, I started seeing the red haze again, better that than hurting them. I jumped on my bed, probably making the chandiler downstairs underneith my bedroom shake like it was in the middle of an earthquake. I kept jumping heavily on my bed, eventually, I got tired and sat down, drifting off to sleep occationally.

I awoke at 10:30 at night to Bill and Chard-my adoptive parents-, arguing. I got up, fixed my clothing that I slept in from school today, pressed my ear to the door and listened.

"What are we going to do with her Bill?" Chard asked.

"I don't know, let's just see if it gets worse before we go to that option." Bill replied. Wait, what options are they talking about?

"Ok, I won't call social servives yet but I will if it gets worse, we need to know who left her at our door, maybe she'll be better if she's with her birth parents." What? They were going to send me there for my birth parents? No, I don't want to know who my birth parents are, they left me here, abandoned me, I am not some toy you leave around at some ladies doorsteps. No if there doing that, I'm leaving.

"Let's talk about it later, right now lets go to bed, we have work tomorrow."


I heard them get into bed, I leaned against the door and slid down it, breathing heavily. I just sat there, not moving, afraid I would wake them up.


I waited til 12 o'clock and I heard snoring from their room. I crept open the door, snuck out, gently shut the door, still causing it to creek. I heard no disturbance from their room next to mine. Good, they were still asleep. I tip toed down the hard wood staircase, turned, slowly around, trotted on my toes to the door behind the staircase, shook the knob and it didn't open. It was locked, but considering they didn't think I was smart, I knew how to pick lock these types of doors with a butter knife. I walked into the kichen opened the drawer with the butter knife's and went back to the door behind the staircase.

  I turned the knob, opened it slowly, quietly and bounded down the wooden, straight staircase that leads to the dark, depths of the basment. I stood at the bottom, walked solemly over to the mirror in the corner, took off the cover the exact time and movement my reflection took off her cover. I  stared at her intently.

"Why do you look different than me?" I spoke to my reflection, at the same time she said the same thing to me.

"So, you do speak. I thought this mirror was broken. No wonder it's down here, you don't look exactly like me, close, but not quite." My eyes got wide, how could she talk without my saying it? She's my relection?

"Wha-at? I have always be-een able to tal-talk. Why can you talk without me saying it first? You're m-my reflection!" I managed to stutter out.

"Ahh, excuse me but you're my reflection, if you hadn't noticed. Uh, another flaw in this enchanted mirror." She huffed out an overly exagerated sigh.

"No, wha-what's an enchanted mirror. No, this is my mirror! I found it in my basement! How can you talk! You can't talk in where I live!" I replied. "Unless they made some new mirror. No, to vague, this is an old mirror. Maybe someone playing tricks on me." I muttered under my breath.

"Not likely, what dimeson do you live in?"

"What dimeson? The only one that exist!" I yelled in a hushed tone.

"What dimeson would that be! Tell me!" She shouted at me. Desperate to find the answer that she seeks, that I can answer.

"Shhh, is there a volume on this so called enchanted mirror?"

"Just tell me what dimeson you live in or else I will wake up everyone is that world of yours!"

"Ok ok, just be quiet. I live in the United States."

"Where is that?"

"Earth. What are you? Why do you want to know where I live? Who are you?" I asked, pondering questions filling my mind, endlessly.

"Earth, interesting" She whispered more to herself than to me. She looked back up at me," My name is Ava. I am from the Otherworld, know as Nightshade. I don't know what exactly I am, but I'm something different. That much I can tell you. "

She smirked at me, probably from my eyes almost poping out of my head. "Th-there is an Otherworld? I thought that was made up, just a story from books."

"Ha, yeah well that's what happens when humans learn of Nightshade, they think it's fake and write it off as a story." She smirked at me in pity.

"I-I don't believe you." I whispered.

"What? You don't believe me? Why not?"

"This! How can I believe you! You might just be a dream! Just a figment of my imagination!" I gestured wildly at the whole mirror.

"Well, we look alike, maybe you're like my twin or something, because you look a lot like me. To much like me."

"Maybe that's a coincedence." I started to stand up, streching my sore muscles.

"Let me tell you something, have you ever done anything weird? Anything at all? Like-" My eyes got wide as I went back to the dream I had last night, of all the times I've hurt someone on accident. Ava's eyes got big too, along with a big smug look. She must have read my eyes because I somehow knew that she knew too.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I lied, I it was just too much to take. I didn't know if I believed it or not. I spun on the tips of my toes, headed towards the stairs, planning to sleep on it.

"Meet me here tomorrow." She called out.

I stopped in my tracks, twisted my head to the side, tilted my head up defiantly, so I could see her out of the corner of my eye, and called back,"And if I don't?"

"You will." She gave a little chuckle and I heard movement and the rustling of chains, sounding like an echo, assuming that she was moving away. I continued up the old, creeky stair beams, traveled side by side just like a shadow, along the stairs that led up to my room. I walked to the end of the hallway, passing the one, lite, dim light bulb, making shadow's dance across my face and into my room. I tip toed over to the right side of my room, over to my desk, sat down in my rolling chair, trying not to make it whine under all my pressure. I lifted open the top part of my laptop, went onto google, typed quickly, almost stumbling on my words and typed in "Otherworld." Guess whose doing their research tonight? Me.



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