Say What?

seventeen Bleh boring no end to home work my sanctuary? my guitar. Sorry this blurt stinks im not good at summaries


3. Niall's Girlfriend?

*authors note* sorry my lovelies that i have not been updating i have been very busy lately!


(at nialls house the morning after the concert)

"hey ac wake up i'm going to make breakfast wake niall up in a little bit kay? i said. "mhm..."she said drifting off to sleep. By the way niall's parents are never home, so me and ac usually help him out and stuff. I went into the kitchen. I took the eggs out of the fridge and the pancake mix out of the cabinet. As i started making the pancakes I heard Niall and AC pummel  down the stairs to the smell of pancakes and eggs. I laughed at my crazy friends. "I figured making something that smelled good to make you guys get up." I said smiling. "FOOD ANNEMARIE! GIVE MEEEEE FOOOOOOD" Screamed Annika. "Hmmmm too bad i just made them smell good but taste bad......"I tipping them off their rocker. Niall turns around and yells "WHAT HOW DARE YOU! DON'T LIE ABOUT FOOD! YOU MADE ME GET UP FOR NOTHING!" "Niall i was joking with you......" i said. He turned around took a pancake and inspected it. At the same time AC and I asked "what are you doing?" "inspecting for poison" he told us. so i took a pancake took a bite out of it and pretend to die on the floor. niall screamed "seee it was poisoned!" "Nye i was messing around im not dead"i said. " i knew that" he said. Then he took a plate and ate six pancakes while annika ate 3 and i ate 2. "Anyway who is Nialls girlfriend?" I asked AC loud enough for niall to hear. He turned bright red and stopped eating. 

(i am going to change the format next chapter)

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