Say What?

seventeen Bleh boring no end to home work my sanctuary? my guitar. Sorry this blurt stinks im not good at summaries


1. Mystery

" Annemarie you wake up this instant or i will pour water on you!!!!!" "ah shaddup already im up" Ok good" 

So who am I you ask? Im Annemarie Autumn Scavan. well im seventeen and my bestfriend on earth is Annika Chang or AC for short. But she is not short at all. Arghhhh i need to stop babbling! anyway today is my timeline project due date.. Bleh. I really hate this stuff. Anyway back to the story. 

"so what should we wear?" I say. "i have no clue!!!!!!" she says flustered. seconds later we both yell "THE PARAMORE SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Girls please lower your voices Benny is trying to sleep" my mom shouts up the stairs. "Sleep?" we asked each other. "he is sick by the way girls" mom says again. "Geeez hypocrite anybody?" I say to ac. "yea......" she says dazing out. "ac are you ok" i ask her. "Nooooo jack broke up with me!" she says starting to cry. "where is my bat???? It is softball time" "annieee no." Whyyyy" i whine messing around with her. "I still care....." Hey come on dont be so sad. I got paramore tickets......" i say softly. She turns around "no f-ing way" "yea f-ing way and you Niall are coming!' I say cheerfully. "just like the old times" she says remembering good old times. " well come on get ready" she says.

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