Say What?

seventeen Bleh boring no end to home work my sanctuary? my guitar. Sorry this blurt stinks im not good at summaries


2. H-h-h-hayley?

*sorry for the shortness of the last chapter i will make this one a bit longer*

annemarie's point of view

"AC? Helloooo? anyone in there?" I say knocking on her head. "Ooopsies sorry! I was thinking about the last concert." she said. "ok but we have to get ready for school and dont forget your project on my counter okay? Also take extra gl-" she cut me off saying "Geeeez lady you're even worse than my mom!" "Sorry...." i said. that's okay. anyways lets get outta here!" she says running to the kitchen to get a bagel and her 'project. Alright lets go" i said chasing after her. we both grabbed our posters and ran for the bus.10 mins later outside of school. "ac lets go scare nialler k?" i said. "sure" she replied. we walked up behind him and with our fingers counted 1,2,3 and screamed "HI NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  "what the hell was that for???????" he yelled at us. I said "we were bored" and ac finished "so we scared you for amusement" you are both very heartless" he told us. we gave him the puppy dog eyes. "fine you win...." he said in defeat.  "yay! anyways are you excited for tonight?" i asked him. "yea we'll have so much fun!' he said beaming. "whats tonight? are you two dating? stop keeping things from meeeee!!!!!!!" AC yelled. "girl chill i told you i got paramore tickets." i said nonchalantly. she gave the scariest look on earth and  said "you didnt tell me that was tonight AAS". (btw if you didnt realize AAS are my initials). "Well soory i thought i told you......." i said while walking inside of zoomed by and i aced the timeline project as well as annika and niall. after school we all went to my house to get ready for the concert. 

*at the concert* 

while we were running through the hall ways we bumped into a girl.when she fell down we stopped and helped her up. But when she looked up it was hayley williams!!! " H-h-h-hayley? i am really sorry for knocking you down." i said stuttering. "Ah its alright. anyway whats your names?" she asked. AC said " hi im annika." and so on and so forth."well you guys seem like a cool group come hang with us after the concert in parking lot p alright?" she said/asked. "yea totally" we said. "bye" she called as she went to get ready. AC spoke up and said "well that was a little unexpected...." We let it sink in for about a minute then yelled "o my gawd we are going to hang out with paramore after the concert!". we went off to the main hall. it was just about to start. after the concert we went to parking lot p and found them rocking out to music. Hayley called us over and introduced us to the band since we already know them. We spent the night talking and stuff and before we left Niall was talking to hayley and kissed her on the cheek. when he came back over i said "so you got a new girlfriend eh?" i asked. He turned a bright red. then he just continued walking. we all slept over niall's house.

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