Say What?

seventeen Bleh boring no end to home work my sanctuary? my guitar. Sorry this blurt stinks im not good at summaries


4. chapter 4

AN sorry bout the chapter name could not think of anything and if you guys could tell me anything to help with the story that would be great! Love ya! Also these ' indicate a thought.

AM: 'Oh my gosh he stopped eating'

AC: "Niall? hello? anyone home?"she said knocking on his head.

Ni: "Yea I am fine"

AM: " Yeah right! You stopped eating. there is something wrong. I will give you 2 choices: you tell me or I make you tell me. Alrighty?"

Ni: " Nothing is wrong it, it, uh just please stop teasing me."

AC: "I can do that Niall."

Ni: "Really?"

AC: "Yea, if you tell me whats wrong"


AM: "Alright if you say so............."

Ni: "thank you!"

AC: "ya sure what eves.."

*******SATURDAY NIGHT********


AM: Annika he left for a phone call come on!

AC: Yea maybe we will get why he is so secretive.

They both put cups up to the wall and listened: "Alright babe love you too.." "you heard babbling on the other side of the phone. "yes  hayley I love you."  "Yea see you later k?" "alright bye."

I heard open up the door so me and AC started to talk.

AC: Yea I heard he is free now... Which means extreme hitting on you!

AM: I know this sucks....... Oh Hi Nialler.

Ni: hey guys I'm gonna go hang out with Louis and Harry kay?

AM: Sure! Have fun! *under breath* With hayley*

Ni: Did you say something?

AM: Nope not at all.

Ni: Alright bye guys!!!

AM + AC: Byeee Irish Boooiiiiiii

Then Niall walked out the door.

AC: Sooooooooooo lets go to Harry's flat shall we?

AM: Heck yea!

AC: Really? You wont curse?

AM: I ain't no cuss-er Miss Chan or misses HORAN!!!!

AC: Oh shaddup.

AM: mmmhmmmm

AM: weeeeeelllllll I will go to Harry's flat and you go to Louis' flat.



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