What Can I Say?

Austen was your average 17 year old, that was, until she found out she was going to spend 6 weeks by herself in the beautiful country of Ireland. Austen was expecting to experience new food, music, and culture, but that's not all she got when she became acquainted with rising pop star Niall Horan.


1. Prologue.


Austen's POV.

Before I tell you all the story of my extremely dysfunctional realtionship, I should tell you a little about me; my name is Austen Jane Carter, I'm now 19 years old (this story begins when I had just turned 17). I have light blonde hair and very blue eyes. I have 2 siblings and no parents, and I grew up in Memphis Tennesse. But most importantly, I'm in a commited relationship with Niall James Horan, of One Direction.
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