I'm on My Own

Krista lives a life only few people know about, living with her mom's abusive boyfriend after a bad fight she gets kicked out. Estranged from the only family she knows now Krista has no where to live. When she finds out the truth about her love Isaac she's all on her own. What do you go when the only person you have to rely on is yourself?

"The only place where I feel safe now is in my dreams. Where only the people that can hurt me are only imaginary. And I can wake up at anytime and It'll all be over."


3. Don't Wake Me up

The only place where I feel safe now is in my dreams. Where only the people that can hurt me are only imaginary. And I can wake up at anytime and It'll all be over. I turn to my left and the space in the bed next to me wasn't filled with Isaac's presence. It was a Saturday though, thank God it was the weekend. I still hadn't come up with an excuse to tell everyone else when I got to school about why I'm staying with Isaac.

I get out of bed and put my sweat pants back on and go out into the living room. Isaac is sitting on the couch with a man. Probably one of his mom's new boyfriends. The new flavor of the week. Or whatever you want to call it. "Hi," I wave sitting next to Isaac. He turns and smiles at me and so I kiss him on the cheek.

"This is your girl friend?" The man asks Isaac. His voice was familiar. The raspy harsh scratchy tone. 

"Yeah, her name is Krista." Isaac announces. I know exactly who he is by the way he looks me up and down. 

"Looks like you had a rough night,want me to make you a bowl of ceral?" He says getting up and reaching out his hand. "The names Joe by the way." 

"Sorry I don't shake rapists hands," I say snottily. It's funny because that makes him go into Isaac's mothers room. 

"You got a little bitch on your hands there Isaac, hope you can tame that one." He says.

"Bite me," I snap.

"Krista, you want to talk about something?" Isaac asks.

"I don't feel like wasting my breathe, because when I tell you what really happened you won't believe it." I say going back to his room and closing his door behind me. I pull my shirt over my head and I slip out of my sweat pants. My body is so sore its not even funny. Isaac busts into his room.

"What's going on with you Krista?" Isaac says, but I could tell he wanted to take back his words when he say the bruises on my body. His mouth hits the floor. "Who-who did this to you?" 

I now feel violated. I'm just going to put on new clothes and get out of here. I reach over to my bag and put on a sweater with some leggings. "Krista...don't tell me that he di-"

"Isaac! Please stop it, I'm just going to go," I say crying, "Can you give me a ride to Fab's house," I ask wiping my tears.

"Wouldn't you want to go home?" Isaac says.

"No, I got kicked out. Not allowed back," I say dryly.

"Why don't you just stay here?"

"Ok you really want to know why? Last night I tried calling you because I didn't want to walk into your trailer park alone...I called you twice and you didn't pick up the phone. And when I was walking here I got raped by your mom's boyfriend and his drug dealer. Happy now?" I cry.

Isaac gathers me in his arms and holds me tight. Then suddenly there was a knock at his window. I thought I was the only one who went to his window to sneek in. He lets me go and goes to his window. It was Fab. What was she doing here? Isaac opens his window. "Not now Fab Krista's here."

"But you told me to come here," Fab whines.

"Fab just go, please we're busy..." Isaac pleads.

"Isaac. Who is it me or her, I'm not going to play this game anymore," Fab says.

"Ok seriously, what's going on?" I say walking over to Fab and Isaac.

"You want to know?" Fab says.

"No Fab don't!" Isaac yells. I throw my hands up in the air in frustration. I roll my eyes and look at Isaac but he refrains from eye contact with me.

"Isaac you didn't" I say turning his face to me. He only looks at me for a second before he looks at the ground again. I nod my head in understanding.

"Yeah he did with me," Fab fires at me.

" I know that," I say ignoring her ignorance. "Seriously, with her?" I laugh and go into my bag and take out my cigarettes and I light one up. I inhale it and keep it inside of my chest and blow it all out."Fine," I slap Isaac across the face. "And hunny I feel sorry for you, because he's bound to cheat on you too." I pick up my bag and I climb out the window. I walk off his deck and soon enough I'm out of his trailer park. Now I really have no where to go. I refuse to live on the street though. Not after what happened to me last night. That could happen to me every night if I lived on the streets. You wanna know what...I'm going to go back to my house. I finish my cigarette and I pull another one since I'm so stressed out. I know my mom has work today and Nick is probably already at a bar starting his drinking binge. So that's where I'm going to. My 'home' or my old house.

It takes me awhile but I arrive at my old house. It's the same as I left it. I mean how diffrent could it be anyway? I only just left last night. My dogs bug out since I sneak in from the garage, but I calm them down calling them their little baby names. My puppy Tilly looks at me with sad blue eyes. I hold her face in my hands, "I'll see you again soon," and I kiss her nose. I walk to the back of the house where my room is located.

I should take my blankets just in case I do end up living on the street, but I decide not to. I don't really know who else to call though. Maybe Kyle. I know he dropped out last year, he might be living on his own...but I don't know his number, and the last person I want to call is Isaac. That asshole. Ugh the thought of him just pisses me off. And Fab, the nerve of her. How could she do that to me?

I touch my walls and the pictures and drawing cluttered on them. Then I find a letter on my wall with  three thumb tacks stuck through it. I places my hand on it. Najsha. That's who the letter was from... It was about how she was moving in June. To Georgia. Wonder what she's doing...maybe I could live with her for now. It would be a risk though. Her grandmother hates me already, and is the reason why Najsha is moving in June anyway. But I have no where else to go.

She did leave her number at the bottom of the letter though. I go get the house phone and call her. Her grandma picks up, "Hi, may I please speak to Najsha." 

"Yeah, hold on...-Najsha!! Telephone!" Her grandma says. I hear Najsha scamper down the stairs and she picks up the phone out of breath.

"Krista?!" She says excitedly.

"Hi Najsha...look I got kicked out of my house...I need a place to stay."

"Oh shit...well come over. Your going to have to sleep in the shed though. I'll set it up for you, I won't go to church tomorrow so you can tell me whats going on."

"See you soon."

*****     *******      ********     *******       *******       *******       *******       ****





I arrive at the church she goes to. Her house is just behind it but she told me to meet her here. It's only two in the afternoon. She wants to spend a little time with me before she has to go in the house. I'm only waiting at the church for about ten minuets when I hear her call out my name. She runs and jumps into my arms."What's up?"Najsha says.

" Nothing just waiting for you," I say taking a cigarette out of my pocket.

"Put that away," Najsha says smiling. "When you leave you can smoke again." 

She said that because she knew I wouldn't last long. "Thanks Najsha, love you too." I smile even though I wanted to rip my hair out. But she smiles back. She doesn't get it. She'll never get it.

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